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Winegard's signal strength meter is the fast and easy way to tune in local programming

Tune in local programming fast and easy with the Winegard SensarPro signal strength meter. Basic operation is simple, just select foot scan foot mode and slowly rotate the Sensar antenna until the strongest signal strength is located, then run a channel scan and you will be watching your favorite local broadcast shows in standard or crisp clear HD. 

All-Rite now offers custom opening skylights for RVs

Would you like to have a large opening skylight over your bed to help cool the RV in hot weather, to allow more light, or to look out and see the stars on a clear night? Or maybe an opening skylight over the kitchen to extract cooking odors and provide additional natural lighting? You can with a custom skylight. 

Secure almost anything with the MiniShockle, the shock cord on steroids

Stronger, tougher and more secure than a bungee cord, Davis Instruments' MiniShockle is a bungee cord on steroids. It's ideal when boating, camping, biking, motorcycle riding or anytime a load needs to be solidly and safely held in place.

Keep the dregs of winter off your RV carpets with Surface Shield

The first line that Ezra Pound wrote in 1912 in his poem, Ancient Music, was "Winter is icumen in." But for RVers it's the third line which states, "Raineth drop and staineth slop" that reminds us that winter not only brings cold and wind, but also "staineth slop" that soils our carpets and not only looks awful but also shortens the lifespan of your RV's carpeting. 

Keep your RV warm - or cool - with a Sunshield Vent Pillow

Roof vents are a terrific feature of RVs. They allow a flow of air to circulate thru the RV, light to help brighten the interior, and a vent with a cover can be left open in a storm for air flow without letting the rain in. 

Don't be annoyed if someone stares at your elephant feet

Just as small feet have been desirable in cultures going back hundreds of years, large feet on a fifth-wheel trailer are considered desirable, and could garner appreciative (if not covetous) stares from fellow RVers. 

Keep rodents from invading your engine compartment and chewing the wiring system

This is a test. Open your engine compartment. Do you see remnants of acorns. If you do, you have squirrels considering moving in with you. If you don't, you don't have any squirrels in your neighborhood or campground - yet. 

RoadPro's slow cooker enables cooking while on the road

Think about how nice it would be to arrive at your campground after a long day of driving to find your dinner is already cooked and ready to eat.
No need to go out to eat when you're tired or get out in that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans. Just kick back in your camp chairs and enjoy your dinner while watching the sunset. 

Stop pesky critters from setting up housekeeping in your appliance compartments

A potential problem with RV furnaces is their necessary opening to the outside for air flow. There can be either one or two openings to the outside. This is prime nesting area for mud daubers, paper wasps, and spiders.
The wasps build nests on the fan blades and the smaller bugs can go all the way into the burner assembly. The only way to get them out is to disassemble the furnace and clean everything. 

Eliminate the tug-of-war between your fifth-wheel and tow vehicle with the Flex Air Pin Box

The Flex Air Pin Box from Lippert Components combines its time-tested Trailair® air ride technology with the Rota-Flex® pivoting head to create an unparalleled ride, eliminating chucking and the vertical tug-of-war betwen the fifth-wheel and tow vehicle.
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