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Multi-outlet/light cordset from Conntek enables quick changes from lights to outlets

Who needs to buy three cords, when only one is needed? Conntek's innovative Plug'n'Glow String Light/Inline Cordset combo provides safe electrical power for tools and accessories, as well as lighting for dark areas. This three-light string kit is extremely versatile, enabling owners to use it as a string light kit or a multi-outlet inline cordset.

It's nice to have a little hot air when you need it

You may not be entirely thrilled with a campground neighbor full of hot air, but an air compressor with hot air (or cool air, for that matter) - even if possessed by your hot aired RV neighbor -  when you needed it would be acceptable. But then, why depend on your neighbor to supply the hot air when you could provide your own.

EZ Oil Drain Valve simplifies difficult and messy oil changes

Have you ever changed your RV's or tow's engine oil? You know what a mess that can be, unscrewing the drain plug from the oil pan and having hot and messy engine oil drain out all over your hands.

Not pleasant, even with surgical gloves on. And if you've never considered changing the oil because of the mess, who could blame you.

LightShip provides solar-powered light to RVs

The LightShip from Davis Instruments enables users to deliver portable, solar-powered LED lighting to boats, RVs, cabins or homes at a low cost. It also serves as a safety light in case of fire or other emergency when the electricity goes out, automatically illuminating a room during a power outage.

Folding barbecue solution for limited storage space

If you have a small RV with limited storage space, and you also enjoy barbecuing, you know what a pain it is to find a place to store a bulky barbecue. Picnic Time may have a solution for you.
Great for tailgating, days at the beach, picnics, or camping, this folding portable charcoal X-Grill features a compact, easy to assemble, slim line design in durable electro-plated iron.

Berkebile's 2+2 PRC lubricant protects against rust and corrosion

The unique lanolin (Wool Wax) based formula of Protection First Class (PRC) gives long lasting protection from rust and corrosion by covering the metal with a clear wax film that will not wash off, collect dust, or dry out like oil, silicone, and solvent based products.

Take high-quality music with you everywhere with the wireless Fugoo speaker

I like high quality sound reproduction, for listening to music as well as the spoken word (news, TED talks, talk shows, etc.), but I also like compactness as most RVers do also. You can't always get both. Then I discovered the new Fugoo Sport. This little bluetooth-enabled speaker provides both, in remarkably true audiophile sound for its size.  

Towing? The CURT TriFlex Brake Controller will stop your rig faster

CURT Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer and marketer of top-quality towing products, offers the latest technology in brake controls. The TriFlex brake control rises above the rest with its features and compact design. When towing a large trailer, it is essential that the trailer be equipped with brakes and a brake control.


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