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Products for recreational vehicles.

Air-Dryr helps prevent mold, mildew, and corrosion in enclosed spaces

As seasons change, damp outdoor conditions can bring mold, mildew and corrosion issues inside. The Air-Dryr from Davis Instruments is an inexpensive and effective way to combat these problems. 

Genius announces new Bluetooth stereo headphones with premium sound quality

For a lot of us RVers, the cacophony of sound in the world around us is not something that we would care to add to. We also like to listen to our music, but if every RVer in the campground was playing a boombox it would be quite unsettling. 

Conntek's pigtail RV electric cord adapter solves compatibility problems

Power incompatibility issues can be hazardous and inconvenient for the RV owner who needs power quickly. Conntek's Ergo Grip RV Pigtail Adapters are an easy solution to these problems and provide a comfortable grip, making it simple and safe to remove cords.

Mr. Heater will keep your toes toasty warm

That season is approaching when the sun no longer keeps you warm enough. Especially in the early morning chill, think how comfortable the flow of warm air can feel at your feet. If you haven't opted yet for an installed propane heater, Mr. Heater can do the job and have you toasty warm before your coffee finishes brewing. And for boondockers, it requires no electricity - just a connection to a propane source.

Protect your RV investment from the elements with an ADCO cover

There are two kinds of RVers. Those who put their RV into storage for the winter and those that head for warmer climates like the Southwestern Deserts. But one fact is common to both kinds of RVers: Whichever choice you make, unless you store your RV at a location with inside storage (expensive) or camp in a warehouse in the desert (do they have those?) your RV will be exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays. 

Connect your gas BBQ to your RV's propane system

If you've recently made the change from a charcoal grill to a gas grill for its convenience, quick start up, and more predictable results, you may have also noticed that it can get a bit expensive cooking with those small propane gas cylinders. 

Portable inverter generator is perfect for RVing

Quiet, compact, and lightweight, the Powerhouse 2000Wi inverter generator provides clean, portable power that's perfect for campground, tailgate party or any outdoor activity where you need your own electrical supply.

Multi-outlet/light cordset from Conntek enables quick changes from lights to outlets

Who needs to buy three cords, when only one is needed? Conntek's innovative Plug'n'Glow String Light/Inline cord-set combo provides safe electrical power for tools and accessories, as well as lighting for dark areas. This three-light string kit is extremely versatile, enabling owners to use it as a string light kit or a multi-outlet inline cord-set.


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