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Products for recreational vehicles.

Wobble Stopper stops truck camper sway when offloaded

The Wobble Stopper dramatically reduces camper jack/frame stress. It attaches to the front camper jack legs and camper body to prevent sway while the camper is sitting on its jacks.

Camco introduces FasTen 10-pack leveling blocks

The Camco FasTen Leveling Block 10-pack allows you to stack the interlocking blocks to the desired height for safe and easy leveling.

These blocks can be used with single wheels, double wheels, hydraulic jacks, tongue jacks, stabilizer jacks, 5th wheel jacks and tandem axles.

When you have a roadside emergency, FRED to the rescue

FRED, the Flashing Roadside Emergency Disc offers ten different LED lighting modes assuring that it will attract attention whenever it is activated. Use for emergencies, camping/outdoors, road flares, or to indicate landing areas for alien spaceships. 

Replace your outside light with a motion-activated, rotating, porch light

Porch lights are helpful not only as a deterrent to unsavory types that might seek to liberate you from your possessions, but they are also a safety and convenient part of your RV. They light up your entryway for night time access, your campsite when it's dark without having to look for a flashlight, and for identification of who is knocking at your door after dark. 

Electrically heat your hot water with the Suburban Direct Spark/Electric 10 Gallon Water Heater

Who wants to take a freezing cold shower, even in the summer? A good hot water heater means toasty showers and warm water to wash your dishes. The Suburban 10 Gallon Direct Spark Electric Water Heater's electric ignition enables turning on the hot water with a flip of the switch from inside your RV. 

Protect your RV from electrical hookup problems with a power line monitor

All campgrounds are not the same. Electrical problems are not unusual in many older campgrounds and a failure can happen at any time. Unfortunately, you can do some serious damage to your RV's electrical system if you do not detect these electrical faults before hooking up as well as after.

Clean up with this micro accessory kit

Anytime you can find a reduced size accessory that you use frequently in your RV, it can be a bonus, since space and storage areas are limited. If the smaller sized item works equal to the larger size (or better) than that is a super bonus. 

Have you ever imagined your water bottle could be so much fun?

Spring will soon be knocking on your entry door, and all those that have holed up waiting for the big thaw (what Alaskans call "breakup"), will start emerging, eyes squinting at the bright light, from their winter burrows, and a host of weird but inventive products will start to hit the market. What else do creative people do in the winter to while away all those idle hours but invent crazy products.  

Let the wind blow, but keep your awning where it belongs with Happy Hooks

What do winter and wind have in common? I'm sure you could make a list, but what comes first to mind is awning. If you've camped in winter, as snowbirds do in the Southwestern deserts, you know that the wind can come up at any time, distorting your awning support arms and blowing the awning up over the roof, possibly tearing the canvas as well. Not a pretty sight. 

Become your RV's official weather reporter with a Digital Barometer Weather Station

Minder Research's Digital Weather Station will provide at a glance all you need to know (except which way the stock market is moving) about how to plan your day's activities. Rain, snow, wind, fog, or sunny and hot - all displayed on a full color screen where you can see it at a glance.


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