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Teach your dog not to bark in campgrounds, annoying neighbors

Have you had complaints from your campground neighbors about your dog barking too much? Don't blame it on the dog. You have taken your beloved pet to a strange area with strange people and other dogs that are too close. He is just doing his job, barking to let you know that there is a stranger nearby, and he is there to protect you. 

Record all your RV and adventure trips in HD video

Enjoy digital video recording on-the-go with the Diamond Black WaterProof 1080p Full HD Sports Camera. This great little camera can be used to capture all your trips, whether you are driving your RV through the Zion National Park tunnel, mountain biking to a lofty promontory on the Continental Divide in a pouring rain, or kayaking in the backwaters of the California Delta.

Monitor your RV tires to avoid dangerous tire failure

Brakes and tires are probably the most important safety features of your RV. Driving with the wrong tire pressure will affect stability, cornering, and tire wear, as well as lead to tire failure. And though not a safety issue, incorrect tire inflation will also affect the quality of your ride and fuel economy.  

Wow your tailgate party or campground guests with smoked meat, fish, and poultry

Do you fancy yourself as a competent barbecue chef? Take a step up and tackle smoking. With the Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, even novices to the art of smoking will be able to turn out mouth-watering meat, fish, and poultry that will have your tailgate party or campground guests coming back for more.
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Protect your pet from biting insects with the Insect Shield Collection

RVers need simple and effective ways to protect their pets from insects and the diseases they can carry. PetEdge, a supplier of wholesale grooming supplies and discount pet products, is launching a comprehensive assortment of innovative Insect Shield® repellent products. The Insect Shield® for Pets product launch is also working to support shelters via the PetEdge® Profits for Shelters Program.

Cellsign Technologies introduces smart home monitoring and surveillance system for RVs

Eric Casebolt founded Southern RV Center in Manchester, Tennessee in 1997 and specializes in RV technical services and repairs. But that was not enough for Eric, so he teamed up with a couple of engineers and a criminal investigator to create the first "smart home" system for road warriors. The system talks alpha numeric code straight to a cell phone without wifi, meaning the technology is 100 percent wireless. 

Husky introduces two new Brute power jacks

Husky Towing Products announced that its most powerful new tongue jack, the 5,000-pound capacity Super Brute HSB5000R, features a completely redesigned exterior housing, best-in-class screw jack design and the convenience of remote control operation.


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