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The Ultra Fast-Dry Travel and Sports Towel is the hi-tech towel of the future

When it comes to gear and accessories, RVers have a common goal, to squeeze as much function into as small and/or lightweight a piece of gear as possible.
And though Leslie Hanes, the founder of Discovery Trekking Outfitters, was not necessarily thinking of the needs of RVers when she invented fast-dry towels, they fit right in with the RV lifefstyle.

Start your generator automatically based on inside room temperature or low battery

Imagine being able to enjoy a day away all-the-while knowing your living space will stay cool and comfortable and your batteries will stay charged and ready for all of the activities that make up daily life.
There’s nothing better than returning to a nice, cool, comfortable home with charged batteries after a day away. The Magnum Auto Gen Start (AGS) can make this happen.

Replace your door lock with a Mobile Outfitters keyless lock and never be locked out again

A white keyless entry system with a programmable pin pad, FOB remote and 2 sets of keys. Finally, a remote RV door lock that offers the convenience and security you have been looking for.

Keep your propane bottles out of the hands of thieves with GasLock

Maybe you've heard that propane tank thefts are on the rise.
It sems that propane tanks are stolen for the purpose of transporting anhydrous ammonia which is necessary for making methamphetamines, as well as for sale at flea markets.
Illicit drug manufacturers and plain old thieves scour the countryside looking for un-secured propane tanks on RVs. 

Use the sun to cook your meals with GoSun's easy-to-use portable solar oven

How would you like to have a camping/RVing stove that required no electricity, no solid, liquid, or gas fuel, and cost nothing to operate? The GoSun Solar Cooker could be just what you'rre looking for.   

Protect your RV's electrical system with Progressive Industries 30 Amp Permanent Electrical Management System (EMS)

Surge protection is a necessity when you own an RV, since traveling around the country leaves your RV wiring system open to power surges, lightning strikes, and all sorts of electrical issues. Hardwiring a surge protector into your RV keeps it indoors and out of the weather protecting your EMS from the elements.

Dining just got safer with the iFork line of flatware

Thirty years ago we likely wouldn't have thought twice about laying our knife, fork, or spoon beside our plate while eating, whether it was at home, an RV potluck, or on a picnic. But oh how times have changed. It seems that the germ police are discovering that nasty germs lurk everywhere, waiting to attack us at any opportune time. 

Keep your smartphone where you want it with TaoTronics Windshield Dashboard Universal Car Mount

Survive the spills, live for the thrills. The TaoTronics TT-SH07 Windshield Smartphone Holder is a simple, easy to use holder for your phone.
Using a super tight suction cup, the holder sticks to almost any flat or textured surface - put it on your dashboard or windshield and the holder will keep your phone safe and secure during those hairpin turns.
Product Features:

Transform your RV with Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring

There is nothing that takes more wear and can give your RV a time-worn feeling than scuffed tile flooring or shabby carpeting. The bulk of wear and tear inside your RV takes place right down the middle and takes abuse each and every day.

Teach your dog not to bark in campgrounds, annoying neighbors

Have you had complaints from your campground neighbors about your dog barking too much? Don't blame it on the dog. You have taken your beloved pet to a strange area with strange people and other dogs that are too close. He is just doing his job, barking to let you know that there is a stranger nearby, and he is there to protect you. 


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