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Do your GFCI receptacles meet new requirements?

RVs need to be able to rely on modern, safe power. Hubbell introduces new GFCI devices that meet 2015 UL 943 requirements, automatically monitoring functionality every three hours or less.

T-shirt or sweats? With a LaCrosse Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer you would know

When you first awake in the morning, with the early birds chirping just outside your window, and sunbeams just barely leaking through the lower branches of the pines and firs that surround your forest campsite, wouldn't it be nice to spring out of bed and jump into your shorts and T-shirt for a brisk morning walk?

Keep the junk out of your trailer plug with the 7-way Plug Cover

If you've become a master of taping a plastic bag over your trailer harness plug to keep debris, ants, spiders, and other foreign invaders out when not towing, I hate to inform you but there is an easier way to accomplish the same goal.
Of course, it isn't as much of a showstopper example of your skills, but the 7-way Plug Cover just pops into the plug end of your electric cord and you're done.

Lippert Components introduces Keyed Alike lock system for RV entry, ramp and baggage doors

If you've been concerned about the thousands of keys scattered about the country that fit all your lockers, you can breathe a sigh of relief.
Lippert Components, Inc has just introduced the new Keyed Alike lock system, which allows a manufacturer or dealer to standardize each RV so just one key works with every door lock. The Keyed Alike system is available on LCI’s complete line of RV entry, ramp and baggage doors.

Control the unwanted flow of air through your roof vents with Sunshield Vent Insulator

Fulltime RVers and snowbirds that spend sime in their RVs in all four seasons know the value of insulation in keeping their rigs cool in summer and preventing heat loss in winter. The Sunshield Vent Insulator does both, preventing the indiscriminate flow of air through the roof vents, reflecting the sun's rays in summer, and keeping the heat in in winter.  

Truma launches three accessory products for the AquaGoTM hybrid instant water heater making campers' lives easier.

Truma has developed a new control panel for the AquaGoTM that allows convenient operation from inside the vehicle. It is possible to select the different operating modes “eco,“ “comfort” and “off/standby” on the panel. Moreover, the control panel offers the semi- automatic decalcification mode “clean.” LED blink codes are also used for error or status indications.

Mount-n-Lock offers special deal to RV Travel readers for their Modular Cargo Trays

Storage of your favorite stuff in your RV is always a challenge. And some things just take up too much room in the confined and limited spaces offered by the rig's lockers.

Be happy this winter with an Adco 5th wheel skirt protecting your stuff

"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy," wrote Anton Chekhov. One way to be happy wherever you camp this winter is to attach an Adco 5th Wheel Skirt around your kingpin box, creating an instant extra room to store your extra stuff (XS).

Stop the fifth-wheel fidgets and travel trailer twitches with the STEADYfast Trailer Stabilizing System

If you feel like you are navigating through your trailer or fifth wheel during an earthquake, you might want to give a stabilizing system a try. The STEADYfast® Trailer Stabilizing System is designed to give the best possible movement reduction of a parked fifth wheel or travel trailer and at the same time provide the most convenient and easiest setup.
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