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Mighty Mug Barware - The Only Barware That Won't Fall Over

How many times have you been relaxing with a drink when, suddenly, you accidentally knock it over? It’s even worse when the spill is red wine on your carpet, craft brew on the laptop, or scotch on your pants.
Well, we put a stop to the madness. Move aside old-fashioned drinkware! 

Winegard's Fully Automatic Amplified Digital HDTV Broadcast Antenna wins RVAA's Product of the Year Award

Winegard's Rayzar antenna won the RV Aftermarket Association’s (RVAA) Product of the Year Award at its annual executive conference in Vancouver. Winegard also received RVAA's top honor last year with the Carryout G2.

Dometic introduces new Blizzard NXT A/C heat pump

Dometic Group, global supplier of comfort and convenience products for the recreational vehicle (RV), automotive, truck, marine and lodging industries, today announced that it will showcase the new Blizzard NXT, Dometic’s sleekest and best-performing rooftop climate control unit for RVs, at the 2015 Elkhart Open House, to be held Sept. 21-23, in Elkhart, Ind.

Truma Combi™ combined furnace and water heater debuts on Winnebago Touring Coach Travato

The recently introduced Truma Combi™ furnace and water heater has emerged on the Winnebago touring coach, the Travato™ 59G and 59K.

Rolo Roll-up Travel Bag makes short overnight trips a breeze

Just because you're an RVer and have all those lockers and drawers doesn't mean you don't need a suitcase from time to time for short overnight trips when you don't take your RV.

Simplify the yucky part of RVing with an electric waste valve system

If you've grown weary of, or are just finding it difficult and unpleasant, crawling under your RV to open the dump valves when that time comes, the Valterra E1003VP EZ Valve 3" Electric Waste Valve System may be the right fit for you. You can decide where you want to locate the switch to operate it, whether in the bathroom or on the outside near the old valve. When you need to dump, just flip the switch.

Provide reliable and steady power with Conntek's four-prong Generator Extension Cord

Generator cords are required to provide secure electrical connections. This ensures safe and steady power is supplied even when the cord is unintentionally pulled or stepped on. Conntek's 25' four-prong Generator Extension Cord is reliable and convenient in many transfer switch and generator applications.

Replace your RV sink's P-trap with a Waterless Sink Trap

You're probably not a big fan of "P traps," that configuration of PVC pipes under your sinks. They're in the way, taking up valuable space where you could store your bathroom cleaning supplies, and they often leak.

The Ultra Fast-Dry Travel and Sports Towel is the hi-tech towel of the future

When it comes to gear and accessories, RVers have a common goal, to squeeze as much function into as small and/or lightweight a piece of gear as possible.
And though Leslie Hanes, the founder of Discovery Trekking Outfitters, was not necessarily thinking of the needs of RVers when she invented fast-dry towels, they fit right in with the RV lifefstyle.


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