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Safe, smart, 4-step battery charging with Battery Tender

The Battery Tender 12-volt/1.25-amp 4-Bank Battery Management System is designed to fully charge up to four 12-volt batteries simultaneously and maintain each at its proper storage voltage without the damaging effects caused by some trickle chargers.

Clean, polish, and protect your RV in one easy step with Serious Shine

The best way to keep an RV in top shape is to keep it clean. But detailing a large motorhome or trailer can be an arduous task. Shurhold's Serious Shine makes short work of maintenance by cleaning, polishing and protecting in one simple, easy step.

Get more space with the Magic Folding Table

A wise man once said, "you can never have too much surface space in an RV." I think it was John Muir, or maybe Kit Carson. But whoever it was, he/she may have been thinking about the Magic Folding Table from B&R Plastics. 

King introduces Tripod and Mount for Satellite TV Antennas

Now that you have a brand new shiny satellite antenna, where are you going to position it for the best performance? The KING Tripod Mount allows you to position and elevate your KING Portable Satellite TV antenna* for best line of sight to the satellite while protecting your antenna from moisture on the ground.

Thetford introduces Titan, an innovative new sewer hose system

RVer's wish lists often contain an indistructable sewer hose, one that will take the beatings of an on-the-road life, and still be leak proof - and easy and clean to handle also. Thetford may have found the answer. 

United Shade, a Dicor affiliate, introduces patent-pending Impulse Shade System.

The Impulse roller shade is an all-new roller shade platform designed for quick and easy installation and adjustment. It provides a fully assembled, one-piece, fabric wrapped valance and shade combination that can be installed right out of the box in two minutes with only four screws.

Relax comfortably when sitting on those long drives or plane rides with a Znzi Travel Pillow

If you are the primary driver of your RV, you may not often think about the comfort of your passenger/navigator, who sits for long hours on the road. But unless you want to encounter a cranky, irritable person when you arrive at your campground, you may want to consider a little thing that will greatly enhance his/her arrival mood. The Znzi Travel Pillow is one such item.


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