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Products for recreational vehicles.

Conntek's 7-way connector offers single link for trailer wiring

Both practical and more aesthetically pleasing than a bunch of exposed electrical wires, Conntek's Molded 7-Way Connector is ideal for trailer owners. It provides a fast, simplified way of connecting lines from a cord to the trailer wiring.

DV8 Sports introduces the golfer's backpack - with a surprise inside

Space. Weight. These are two aspects of the RV lifestyle that we all wrestle with when loading up for a trip or when considering full and part time RV living. This is especially true if your hobbies or lifestyle include large or heavy pieces of equipment. If you are a golfer you realize this, as a full set of clubs and bag not only take up a lot of locker space but also add considerable to the vehicles weight. 

Don't leave home without a Valterra extension dump hose

There are some things that you just never think of to add to your RV parts or equipment list. And then one day you need something that you just didn't think about. A sewer hose extension is such an item. 

Every RVer needs a camp chair, a good book, and some ICU reading glasses

If you are one of the fortunate ones you need glasses only to read, rather than expensive prescription lenses. Given the lower price, you likely have a a few pair stashed in your RV and toad - everywhere you need them - by the driver's seat to read maps (if you still use paper maps), by your favorite reading chair, on the night stand next to your bed, etc.

Secure your valuables with a secure, hidden lock box

For those RVers that travel a lot in their RVs, such as fulltimers and snowbirds, there are a lot of important papers and other valuables that you keep with you. This makes you vulnerable to thefts or loss of important medical and financial information.

Prevent falls with Valterra's non-skid entry step tape

If you use your RV in the winter (good for you) you will likely have to contend with slippery steps going into and out of your RV due to rain, snow, or ice. It would be a lousy way to ruin your RV winter get-a-way if one of your family were to slip on a a slick step. 

Light up your campsite with a Valterra Rope Light Trak

There is just not enough daylight during the winter months, and even if you are fortunate to have mild enough weather to enjoy some winter RVing, the lack of light often limits your outdoor activity.

Secure your RV with the WestOz 3 Piece Wireless Security System

Thieves and rogues can be anywhere, and when the zombie apocalypse comes you will need an early warning system in place.
OK, so maybe life isn't a video game, but with a security system installed in your RV you can rest assured that you are protecting yourself from the bad guys coming after your Weird Al Yankovic CDs or your Barbie Doll collection. 

Take control of your RV water supply with Valterra's Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

As an RVer you hook-up to appendages that provide services that make RV living comfortable, like electricity, sewage disposal, and fresh water. But since every campground and RV park has different systems in place, your RV is required to adapt to whatever dubious appendage you connect it to. 


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