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Motion activated LED night light stays lit when it detects motion up to 30' away

What could be more convenient when you get up a few times during the night (as we old geezers have to do) than a light that comes on when you throw that first leg out of bed?

Reflective Side/Back Window Covers help keep your RV cool

Winter is coming, whether you like it or not. Soon--if you are among the lucky RVers--you will be heading for the Southwestern deserts to bask in the warmth of the winter sun under cloudless skies.

Companion 5th Wheel Hitch can be removed easily from your truck bed

Ever use your truck when you’re not towing? We thought you did! The Companion 5th Wheel Hitch easily converts to a level bed.

End the stumbling and bumbling around with a headlamp

Some objects are so basic in life that they require little thinking, yet sometimes you have to look outside the box and become more creative. The headlamp is one of those objects. A no-brainer. Put it on. Turn it on. Behold! Light!
But just in case you find yourself too distracted, or in a particularly un-creative mood, here are a few uses for a headlamp you may not have thought of. 

Keep your rig clean and your pet happy with a Waterproof Bench Seat Cover

If you are one of the many RVers that prefer to travel with a pet, particularly a dog, you can let your pet ride in style with the Solvit 62313 Waterproof Bench Seat Cover. 

Let the Tri Glide Air Ride Pin Box stop the hitch and tow fighting and smooth out your ride

The quality of ride has become a relatively forgotten aspect of the camping experience. 75% of all tractor trailer rigs on the road today utilize some kind of air ride technology, so shouldn’t your coach deserve the same treatment?

Bee Green LED bulbs: New technology, and savings too

New technology leads to product improvement and this is certainly the case for SalVinCo's Bee Green LED Fall line-up. Popular Ba15 single and double bayonet bulbs, T10 wedge, and G4 LED bulb replacements are now available with a new uniform light distribution and offered at up to a 20% price reduction.

Provide light to your truck camper steps with GlowStep

The GlowStep glows in the dark for up to 10 hours and works with any truck camper. Steps are easily added and removed and range from two steps to six steps.

A marriage for great imaginations: GoPro camera and Shurhold extending handles

If you own a GoPro camera and a Shurhold handle then here is the MISSING LINK! The NEW Shurhold Camera Adapter is in stock and ready to ship.
The Shurhold Camera Adapter is Compatible with GoPro Cameras and Shurhold Handles. Extend the versatility of your camera by quickly and easily attaching it to any Shurhold handle.
Hundreds of great uses, including:


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