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Crush mold invasions before they colonize your RV's hidden places

It's not gremlins or an invasion of colonizing aliens that bedevil RVers in the rainy months and in high-humidity climates. It's mold. Mold finds its way anywhere and everywhere that is dark and wet, in lockers and cabinets, drains, and in the hidden spaces often unseen by the casual RVers eye.

Is your campsite picnic table always where you want it?

Campsite picnic tables are not always in the best location. Sometimes they are in the sun when it's too hot, or in the shade when it's chilly. Or they may not be placed next to the lake, or to take advantage of the best view.

Flexible Swivel Scrubber designed to clean multiple RV surfaces

Useful for a variety of applications, Shurhold Industries' Swivel Scrubber can tackle almost any task. A multi-purpose tool, it's great for removing leftover soap residue after a thorough cleaning to washing windows and floors.

You can do it yourself with the Magnetic Hitch Alignment Kit

Are you sometimes frustrated that you have to distract your mate just to hook up your trailer? If you could do it yourself - every time - wouldn't that be a great skill to master. Luckily it doesn't take great skill to master the one-person hitch-up. 

Winegard Introduces New Pathway™ X1 Ultra Lightweight Fully Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna for DISH® Programming

Winegard, the pioneer in television antenna design and development, on January 31st introduced the Pathway™ X1 satellite HD TV antenna developed exclusively for DISH® high definition and standard definition programming.

Protect yourself and your family from nasty bugs with a Bugout

When Cam Bresinger incorporated Nemo he was still in college. Only two months later, following his graduation, Cam moved NEMO into an historic mill in Nashua, NH with a goal to revolutionize tents.
With the credibility gained after successfully introducing his line of tents with Nemo's AirSupported Technology, he moved on to other products. Bugout was one of those.

A built-in DVD player and 12-volt operation make this flat screen LCD TV with integrated HDTV tuner ideal for RV entertainment

The Jensen 19" TV - which operates on your RV's 12-volt system - offers true HDTV (1080p and 1080i) for the best picture and sound available. The integrated DVD player plays DVD, CD, CD-R and CD-RW formats.

Replace your 12-volt fluorescent tubes with brighter, cleaner light, with lower current draw

A new line of products from Cabin Bright will easily replace an RV’s existing 12-volt fluorescent tubes with brighter, cleaner light, with lower current draw without destroying the fixture wiring.
The simple five-to-10-minute installation is accomplished with a pair of wire cutters and a screwdriver.  Installers don’t have to be a mechanic or an electrician to do it, the company noted.

Long arm, light and magnet on end? No, not an alien creature, but a magnetic telescoping flashlight

The telescoping magnetic flashlight makes a great gift. The light is extendable and has magnetic ends that can help illuminate hard to reach areas.

Replace the cloudy window in your RV door with black tempered safety glass

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to look out your entry door window, to see who is coming to your door, to watch the action around your hummingbird feeder, or just for the view? 

Now you can replace your factory glass with a two-way glass - black and stylish from the outside, yet clear like a window from the inside. 


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