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Products for recreational vehicles.

dCuisine's gourmet frozen meals shipped direct to your campground

In some parts of the country it is difficult to find fresh, nutritious, and tasty food when RVing. Often campgrounds and RV resorts are not close to sources for natural healthy foods. And if we admit it, sometimes we just want to eat a healthy, flavorful meal without having to cook it (and clean up afterward) or leave the tranquility of our campsite to go out to an unknown restaurant for dinner.   

New sofa converts into bunk beds in a few seconds

The Coupe by Proteas is an innovative, quick, easy and reliable solution that saves space and time by turning a sofa into a bunk bed in a few seconds.

Fisherman Sunglasses protect your eyes and provide sharp detail

As road wandering RVers we daily pass through many different weather and light intensity areas as we travel about the country. In the morning it may be foggy, some morning mist, then it brightens up when the sun breaks through the clouds, then the brightness of the afternoon sun brings a squint to our eyes and glare off reflective objects like metal and water. 

Monitor your A/C refrigerant pressure with your smartphone

Do you know the pressure of the refrigerant in your A/C system? Is that important? Only when it gets hot and your A/C stutters or even stops sending cool air into your RV - and then its too late. Now you can wirelessly check the pressure with your cell phone or iPad before low pressure becomes a problem.

What would you do if your dump valve suddenly malfunctioned?

If you've never had your RV waste valve leak, break, or freeze in the open position, you've likely never thought about the need for a quick fix. 

Davis Instruments introduces portable device solar charger with speakers

The SoliCharger-SP from Davis Instruments combines a solar charger, high-output speakers, and rugged carrying case all in one. You can recharge your cell phone or portable devices on the go, while also protecting it from the hazards of an active outdoor life.

Extend your awning's shady area with a canopy extension

Summer has finally arrived and steamy hot weather is soon to follow. Now is the time to check your roof air conditioner's efficiency, refrigerator's operation, and awning canopy for tears. It also might be the time to consider an awning canopy extension.

Keep all your loose stuff in place on the road with Cupboard Corral

As the old cliché goes, there are two kinds of RVers, those that have stuff flying around in their cabinets as they travel, and those that don't. If you would like to join the elite group of those that don't, you might want to check out the offerings of Corral Plastics, a product line they call Cupboard Corral. 


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