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Products for recreational vehicles.

Simple tool creates an attachment point anywhere on a line

Often the best solutions to some problems are the most simple. While there are various knots and mechanical devices that can attach an intermediate tie-off point onto a rope, the LineGrabber from Davis Instruments makes it easy.

Keep the bad guys out of your RV with an electric door lock

The BAUER electric door lock is the first self-contained electronic RV latch with Capacitive Touch Tech Technology. The touch pad is integral with the latch and controls the deadbolt making it convenient to install and operate.

Hold supplies and accessories in place in your RV, truck, or auto

Every RV has places that could be used to store some of that miscellaneous stuff that we all tend to collect, if we just had a way to keep it all contained, like a box, or plastic garbage bag, or - wait! How about a cargo net? 

Have a perfect night's sleep with the Perfect Harmony Mattress Topper

If you're not happy with the comfort of your manufacturer-supplied RV mattress, you're not alone. But you don't have to continue suffering from a poor night's sleep. You can do something about it. 

Use waterproof foil tape for emergency sealing repairs

A high quality waterproof tape, kind of like the Cadillac of duct tapes, should be in every RVers tool box for emergency repairs of anything having to do with water - keeping it in or keeping it out.

Solve the overnight guest dilemma with the Ottoman Bed

Not too many RVs come with guest rooms, and at times you may have an extra grandkid or father-in-law that decides to accompany you on a short RV trip. Where do you put them? Enter the folding Ottoman Bed.

Roof Armor revolutionizes the RV roof

Roof Armor offers a convenient, affordable, permanent, guaranteed RV Roof that can be installed at Your Location - whether in your driveway, campsite, or wherever you Are.

Open your RV door from any step without backing down

The EZ Open Hand Rail from Stromberg Carlson allows anyone, from your 4-year-old grand son to your ageing grandma, to open your RV door without having to back down the steps - a decidedly risky maneuver for anyone.


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