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Protect your AC from the winter grungies

It is unlikely that you will use your roof air conditioner until next summer, unless you plan to ship your RV to New Zealand or Australia or somewhere else in the Southern Hemisphere. So it might be a good idea to protect the AC with a tight fitting cover that will keep weather, dirt, and tree debris out of it, prolonging its life while blocking chilly drafts.

Inexpensive, Plush, 12-volt warming RV seat cushion will take the bite out of winter driving

In case you haven't noticed, winter is here. You will soon feel the need to try to stay warm. A heated seat cushion might be just the gift providing a nice toasty warmth while driving the RV to the next campground. 

PrecisionTemp offers new tankless water and hydronic space heating for RVs

PrecisionTemp, a manufacturer of propane hydronic heating systems and tankless water heaters for the RV industry, introduces another industry original, the best warranty, the company announced. 

Don't run out of propane: Truma LevelCheck shows how much gas is left in the tank

It's always very annoying if the gas runs out during the night or when you have invited friends for a BBQ. Truma has the right solution! The Truma LevelCheck.

The device shows how much gas is left in the LPG tank and is easy to use. The device is held horizontally against the gas tank. It uses precise and reliable ultrasound to detect whether there is any LP gas in the tank at the point where the measurement is being taken.

Suds-N-Spray from Hopkins Mfg. wins prestigious AAPEX innovation award

Emporia, Kansas-based Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation earned the top innovation award at the 2014 Automotive Aftermarket Product Expo (AAPEX), the largest annual automotive trade show, held November 4-6 in Las Vegas.

Dicor's United Shade division offers day/night roller shades with both manual or motorized remote control

Day/Night shades give you the best of both worlds, actually two shades in one. A night fabric comes all the way down for privacy, or, it can be moved all the way to the top exposing a full-length day shade. Either one can be set in any position for maximum flexibility.

Boondockers extend their stay with gray water recycling kit

Save time, frustration, and money with Extend Your Stay Tank Saver Parts Kit™.  Leveraging USI-RV volume purchasing, this kit provides all the standard and hard-to-find parts needed for RV gray water recycling.

Bring it all with you with a Curt roof rack extension

Packing your RV for your camping adventures requires organizing skills, a sense of spatial capacities, and some jigsaw puzzle skills.
When your packing is finished, the all important question (other than, "Did I forget anything?") is will I be able to find the items I need when I start to set up my campsite?

Save water, increase pressure, and upgrade your RV with the Oxygenics handheld shower kit

Enjoy the restorative power of Oxygenics. With its self-pressurizing spray and amazing water efficiency you’ll find the BodySpa to be the ideal RV showerhead.

Enjoy your campfire anywhere with a portable propane fire pit

With evenings getting cooler and the threat of a polar vortex foremost in newscasters reporting, a nice, warm campfire sure seems like a good idea. And if you can "build" that campfire just about anywhere you want to be, that's even better. And there is no need to bring your axe, a load of firewood, or a water bucket and shovel. 


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