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Easily add support for entering and exiting your RV

Do you or another member of your camping party need a little help or support in climbing the steps into and out of your fifth wheel?
Even if you don't feel that you need any help, a hand support can help prevent slips or falls as well as providing more stability. 
The Stromberg Carlson Rail Mate removable handrail is designed to give you superior support for safely entering and exiting your RV.

This under shelf rack allows storage of your stuff in unused air space

It seems RVers are always on the lookout for more ways to store stuff in their RVs. Have you ever heard anyone complain that they didn't have enough stuff to put in their RV's lockers, compartments, and drawers.  

Surprise your food prep specialist with an easy way to chop and slice

If you boondock or dry-camp a lot, you know the value of devices and appliances that you can operate manually and therefore not deplete your RV's batteries. 
And if you now do a lot of your food preparation by hand and would like to make food prep easier, the Food Prep Machine (catchy name, isn't it?) allows you to slice and chop to make food preparation a breeze - and it doesn't require an outlet or any electricity. 

Give your pet more room to roam in your campground

Many pet owners are not satisfied at the tight restrictions placed on their pet's freedom of movement by portable fences and enclosures or by short leashes designed to keep your pet in the campground. Leashes also can contribute to tripping over them and pets entangling themselves.  

Bedside Caddy is the couch potato's bedroom friend

Maybe you've noticed that your bedside night stand is a bit on the spare side size-wise, especially when you have it stacked with all your stuff that you absolutely need by your side, and you really don't want to have to get out from under those warm blankets on a cold night to retrieve something you forgot.

Build your campfire the easy way with the Light n' Go Bonfire

So you want an easy way to build your campfire, or an instant fire in your fireplace, or a warming fire for your tailgater friends? The Light n’ Go Bonfire is the easy accompaniment for camping, backyard or campsite entertaining, as a special décor accessory, RVing, tailgating, and more. 

Screen Kleen technology cleaner named "Best New Item" in 2014

Screen Kleen safely cleans technology such as fish finders and GPS navigation units, according to Bio-Kleen. Screen Kleen received the award for “Best New Item” in 2014 from Northern Wholesale Supply.

Thetford introduces new Aqua-Kem Toss-Ins holding tank deodorant

Thetford Corporation will soon offer retailers two new ways to sell Aqua-Kem holding tank deodorant. The first new offering, slated for February, is the “Morning Sky” scent for Aqua-Kem Toss-Ins.

Crush mold invasions before they colonize your RV's hidden places

It's not gremlins or an invasion of colonizing aliens that bedevil RVers in the rainy months and in high-humidity climates. It's mold. Mold finds its way anywhere and everywhere that is dark and wet, in lockers and cabinets, drains, and in the hidden spaces often unseen by the casual RVers eye.

Is your campsite picnic table always where you want it?

Campsite picnic tables are not always in the best location. Sometimes they are in the sun when it's too hot, or in the shade when it's chilly. Or they may not be placed next to the lake, or to take advantage of the best view.


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