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Have you ever imagined your water bottle could be so much fun?

Spring will soon be knocking on your entry door, and all those that have holed up waiting for the big thaw (what Alaskans call "breakup"), will start emerging, eyes squinting at the bright light, from their winter burrows, and a host of weird but inventive products will start to hit the market. What else do creative people do in the winter to while away all those idle hours but invent crazy products.  

Let the wind blow, but keep your awning where it belongs with Happy Hooks

What do winter and wind have in common? I'm sure you could make a list, but what comes first to mind is awning. If you've camped in winter, as snowbirds do in the Southwestern deserts, you know that the wind can come up at any time, distorting your awning support arms and blowing the awning up over the roof, possibly tearing the canvas as well. Not a pretty sight. 

Become your RV's official weather reporter with a Digital Barometer Weather Station

Minder Research's Digital Weather Station will provide at a glance all you need to know (except which way the stock market is moving) about how to plan your day's activities. Rain, snow, wind, fog, or sunny and hot - all displayed on a full color screen where you can see it at a glance.

Clean your black tank the easy, no mess way with No-Fuss Flush from Valterra

Cleaning the black water tank is never what could be described as a fun chore. But Valterra has at least made the job easier with it's No-Fuss Flush, which attaches permanently to the outside of your rig.
No longer will you have to drag a dirty hose through your door and across your carpeting or through a window (that will undoubtedly have a screen to work around).

Is it time to replace those worn windshield curtains? Dyers offers curtains to fit all RVs

When the sun is beating down it can come streaming through the windshield in your motorhome. That scorching sun will heat up your RV and increase A/C usage. Dyers carries windshield curtains in a variety of sizes to keep your RV comfortable and protect your privacy so you can enjoy your vacation.

New Conntek power cord takes safety seriously

For RVers that are serious about safety, Conntek's new 50A RV cord is their best choice. Easy to use, both plug and connector sides are positioned at more comfortable angles.

Quickly wash out a few items with the Scrubba Wash Bag, the world's smallest washing machine

Think of how many times in your RV travels that you wanted to wash out just a few things and it wasn't worth a trip to the laundromat. Your only choice seemed to be washing them out in the sink or a bucket. But the Scrubba Wash bag is an easier solution.  

Protect yourself from vehicle accident fault claims with a Genius high-definition Vehicle Recorder

You've likely seen vehicle cameras or recorders on a majority of vehicles driven by Russians. It seems that Russian drivers are not only prone to accidents, but also are lawsuit happy about suing other drivers involved in auto accidents - of which there are many - in hopes of large monetary settlements. The cameras are used as evidence of who was at fault.

You'll get a charge out of the BatteryMinder's Smartechnology

The BatteryMinder 1510 with Smartechnology is a great choice if you're looking for a charger/maintainer for your RV battery. This unit can maintain up to four batteries at once, and includes an automatic high frequency desulfation, extending the life up to 4 times. Requires Y-Connectors or 18 gauge insulated wire to maintain more than 1 battery (sold separately).

Upgrade your Motorhome mirrors and see the world - behind you

When you are traveling in your motorhome you need a little help to see all the dangers around you, like cars driving next to you in your blind spot. These manually adjustable RV mirrors help eliminate blind spots (power mirrors are not available).


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