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Products for recreational vehicles.

Charge up your RV lifestyle with the 300 amp Power Dome LT

Keep the Power Dome LT in your vehicle’s trunk for those situations where you need to jump start your car or RV battery or inflate that low tire when you're out in the boonies.

A sturdy RV rear bumper-mounted rack can carry four bikes

We RVers tend to carry a lot of stuff, among which are our favorite toys for enjoying our RV Lifestyle. But often these toys are not the most easily stored items, such as bicycles, which will not fit into confined storage lockers.

Open padlocks with your car key

Frustrated with fumbling with combination locks that you can't open in the dark, or searching for the right key to open padlocks? Wouldn't you think some company would offer a lock that was simpler to operate? Well, it seems that a company has.

Protect your awning from sudden wind bursts with a tie down

You return from just a brief trip to the store, or a short hike, only to find that the sudden williwaw that blew through your campground while you were gone wrapped your awning over your RV's roof and bent the arms beyond repair. 

Learn the fine art of effective sewer hose operation

Experienced RVers know that there is a delicate art to hooking up a sewer hose. The hooking up isn't so difficult, but if you aren't able to maintain a gradual downgrade between RV and dump hole, effluent will build up in the lower parts of the hose and soon your campsite will be producing aromas that will likely not be appreciated by your spouse or your campground neighbors. 

Protect your family and RV lifestyle from marauders and wild predators without guns

Many RVers are concerned about safety and self defence when camping in strange or desolate areas, yet are not comfortable with revolvers or assault rifles to keep then safe from the bad guys or marauding wildlife predators. 

Simple tool creates an attachment point anywhere on a line

Often the best solutions to some problems are the most simple. While there are various knots and mechanical devices that can attach an intermediate tie-off point onto a rope, the LineGrabber from Davis Instruments makes it easy.

Keep the bad guys out of your RV with an electric door lock

The BAUER electric door lock is the first self-contained electronic RV latch with Capacitive Touch Tech Technology. The touch pad is integral with the latch and controls the deadbolt making it convenient to install and operate.

Hold supplies and accessories in place in your RV, truck, or auto

Every RV has places that could be used to store some of that miscellaneous stuff that we all tend to collect, if we just had a way to keep it all contained, like a box, or plastic garbage bag, or - wait! How about a cargo net? 


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