Is Dry Flush the end of the search for the perfect toilet?


Has the perfect toilet been invented? The engineers at Dry Flush think so. Their new toilet requires no water or chemicals. None. Cleaning is a breeze--and it's economical and environmentally friendly.
The Dry Flush toilet is simple and self-contained. Plug it in to any electrical source (12-volt or 120-volt) or run it from its internal battery and it can go anywhere--work anywhere. It is the answer for boondocking in isolated or remote areas, on boats, or just for a week-end camping trip so you don't have to wait in long dump station lines before heading home.
Dry Flush's double-layer technology keeps waste out of sight and odors locked in. Your RV or boat's toilet compartment will always smell as fresh as the day you bought it. 
When you’re finished with your outing, dispose of the contained waste in any trash can or dumpster, and everything is gone--really gone! All landfills accept human waste to accommodate baby and adult diapers. Standard regulations require only that waste be contained in plastic bags. 
See how it works. 
Refills will be available soon at RV supply outlets and other stores. To learn more or to buy refills (which take less than a minute to change) visit the Dry Flush website
Information obtained from press release and manufacturer's website.  

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