Light up your world with this Double Pancake LED Light Fixture


If you've thought about replacing your original light fixtures with new energy-saving LED 12-volt fixtures, now may be the time to do it. In the winter you will use your lights more and new bright LEDs will help to light up your world in the longer hours of darkness. The Double Pancake LED Light Fixture offers an easy replacement and superior light. 
The 36 Diode "Daylight White" diodes give superior light output.
Great for new installation or replacement fixtures.
Surface mount and easy to install, with just 2 wires.
Three way switch provides lighting from one side of the unit or both.
12 volt with 0.22 amp draw.
5500 Kelvin and approximately 350 lumen output.
To cover up old square style fixtures use part 52552 (bezel) in conjunction with this item.
Camping World is offering the fixture for $58.96. 

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