Reward your RV cook with an Induction Cooktop

Does cooking heat up your RV too much? Would you rather use the campground's electricity than your propane? Would you like to use a safer method to cook than an open flame? If you answered yes, you may be ready for a Max Burton Induction Cooktop.
The cooktop plugs into a standard 110/120-volt outlet and provides 1800 watts of power, and is nearly 50% more powerful than a gas stove, heats nearly twice as fast as electric cooking elements, and you get to use the campgrounds power that you're already paying for rather than burning up your propane--and it costs only about 12 cents an hour to operate.
Since 83% of the energy is transmitted directly into the food compared to 30 - 35% for a propane cooker, it's efficiency means that the cooker won't heat up your RV the same as using your propane burner. Your cook will appreciate this on very hot days and it puts much less strain on your AC system meaning a cooler rig. 
Since it creates heat only in the cooking pan, there is no open flame or hot cooking element. The ceramic top stays cool, except where in contact with the cooking pan. 
Its 3-hour timer means you can set it on low and leave it on while you go out, just like a slow cooker. In fact, you might stop using your slow cooker (crock-pot) now, as well as your propane stovetop where the cover stays on providing loads of extra space in your kitchen. 
You can learn more about the Induction Cooktop at The RV Technology Specialists website where you can also purchase it for $120. 

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