Take a step--or two--up with a ladder extension

There is a saying that "Sometimes the first step is the hardest." A lot of RVers would agree when it comes to mounting their ladder for access to the roof. And I've never seen a ladder yet that extended down below the bumper. 
But Surco RV has a solution in their 2-Step Ladder Extension that makes getting a leg up on your RV ladder a lot easier!
  • The ladder extension slips easily onto the bottom rung of your permanent ladder and secures with twist hooks. 
  • No tools are required.
  • It extends down to bumper and provides 2 "starter steps" from the bumper to the first rung of your RV ladder. 
  • The 4-way adjustable no-slip pads prevent bumper damage.
  • Wide nonslip steps provide sure footing.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction, fully assembled and easy to store. 
You can find the 2-step ladder extension at J. C. Whitney for $47.40 (3-step extension $72.88) with free shipping. 

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