Wirelessly control this aftermarket towable leveling system


Many campsites and most boondocking and dry camping campsites will rarely be level, requiring leveling your RV to enable your refrigerator to work effectively, to stop coach rocking, doors swinging, cookware rolling or sliding, and your occupants to be comfortable. Even well maintained sites can have an uncomfortable slope. 
The Ground Control towable leveling system by Lippert Components will resolve all these nuances.
Product Features:
  • Cost effective for coaches equipped with electric slide-out systems; no hydraulics required.
  • All bolt on installation.
  • Rear jacks angled to prevent side-to-side swaying.
  • Wireless remote control included.
  • 20,000 lb capacity (5,000 lbs. per jack).
  • Safety first, built-in un-hook and re-hook procedure.
  • Easy to install fifth wheel and travel trailer applications.
Ground Control Features
  • 12 volt electric powered
  • All bolt-on installation
  • Angled rear jacks
  • Auto un-hook, re-hook memory
  • Fast operating motors
Ground Control Benefits
  • No hydraulics required - easy aftermarket add-on
  • Easy to install - no welding required
  • Prevents side-to-side swaying
  • Easy to operate from anywhere
  • Safety first - no more guesswork
  • Durable 20,000 lbs total system capacity
  • Over 4 times faster than the competition

Watch the video to see how it works. 

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