Using Android phone tether for wi-fi access

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Using Android phone tether for wi-fi access

I have an Android phone with an unlimited data plan. I use a tether program from junefabrics.com where you can find other downloads for i phones, blackberries, etc.
You download the programs to your laptop and phone and then link them with the PdaNet icons with a USB/phone cable. It provides good internet access as long as you have 3g or 4g on your phone. It's essentially free after you pay $15 for the download.
I've been using this system for about a year, sometimes I can't get online or I lose my connection, but for the casual traveler, it works and the price is right.


Pops-on-Lake or Road
Looking for Mobile Hotspot

We use iPhones & iPads for most communications. Looking for a mobile hotspot that does cost an arm & leg. Ideas?

Using Android phone tether for wi-fi access | RV Travel

What's the difference between the iPhone 4G and the iPhone 4S?
my website: 3g vs 4g

Greg Thompson
WiFi Hotspot

FoxFi is free and works great. It is a Android app that allows to you use your 3G or 4G cell phone as a wireless hotspot. Used it with my Droid X, Galaxy Tab and Dell Laptop. Had them connected and working great in just a few minutes the first time. Never had a problem with it dropping the signal. It also supports tethering using a cable. The only reason why I'm not still using it is because Verizon no longer charges for using your phone as a wireless hotspot with their new shared data plan.  The app is available on Google's Play Store.  Just search for FoxFi.

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Android Tether

I have PdaNet 3.5 (from June Fabrics mentioned in post 1) on both our Android phones, and have installed the PC app on our laptops. This tether works great in areas where our Sprint wireless service actually has service. We also have unlimited data and free roaming so this generally works as well. For much of our internet usage this and WiFi in RV Parks, etc. will satisfy most of our internet needs. Has anyone tested any of methods? I wonder if an aircard attached to our router would allow our laptops to connect without using the Android tether. Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

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FoxFi has now been absorbed

FoxFi has now been absorbed into PDANet+. It's still one of the best hotspot apps available to get past paying the retarded rates carriers charge to add hotspot service to your phone.

They need to realize that they are just "dumb pipes" for delivering 1's and 0's. They are a utility, and should not be charging premium rates for data usage. The radio in my phone can move data at a set rate based on the service it is receiving, but once that data gets to my phone, it's none of AT&T's darn business what I do with it. If I want to download a 100mb picture and then delete it, that's my prerogative. It's like the water company charging you more for water you drink vs. water you flush down the toilet. It's intolerable.

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