RV Daily Tips Issue 101. April 15, 2013

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Issue 101 of RV Daily Tips
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RVing Tip of the Day

Move your TV for comfort
By Greg Illes

Maybe you're one of the lucky ones and your TV is perfectly situated in your RV for the best viewing comfort. But all too often, the TV is placed more for décor reasons and less for ergonomics.

In our Class A motorhome, the TV placement is just plain horrible. It normally lives up high in the forward overhead, between the driver and passenger seats. This is a perfect position for watching programs — while standing up next to the kitchen sink. For any other seat in the RV, it's a total neck-buster, and much too far away. Watching the news for a few minutes is no big deal, but a 90-minute movie is a real strain.

Making a TV set movable is not too difficult (provided it's a flat-screen type). Inexpensive wall mounts can be used to reposition a TV to almost any imaginable location. For our floor plan, it made sense to build a small stand to mount the TV at about belly-height. The stand can be positioned for viewing either from the captain's chairs (swiveled around) or the dinette seats. The TV is closer and at ideal viewing height. The base of the stand is shaped to fit just behind the driver's chair, and it takes up virtually no space while we're traveling.

IT TAKES A BIT OF AMATEUR CARPENTRY and a set of extension cables. All that's required is to remove the existing TV mounting system and replace it with a dovetail-style mount. An example is the VideoSecu LCD 66-pound unit, available on Amazon for $12.

First, remount the TV in its original position with the VideoSecu mount. Then, install a second mount at your alternate location(s). Add extension cables for power and video, and you'll be ready to watch TV in total comfort. When you're ready to travel again, you can disconnect and store the extension cables, or (as we do) just stuff them up behind the TV in its original location.

For our installation, making up the movable stand was the best option, a fun afternoon's work with $10 worth of red oak and some basic tools. But depending on the nature of your floor plan, you might want to simply mount to another wall, or the side of a cabinet.

Be generous with extension cable lengths — they won't detract from image or sound quality, and you can tuck them aside while the TV is "deployed."

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