Great RV Accessories Newsletter: Issue 17

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Great RV Accessories Newsletter: Issue 17

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Posted February 17, 2013

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Electric jacket keeps you warm and charges your electronics, too!

By Chuck Woodbury

For a semi-geeky guy like me, this electric jacket from Milwaukee Tools is about as good as a jacket gets. At the push of a button the Milwaukee M12 Cordless Heated Jacket warms up to keep you toasty. The rechargeable M12 red lithium battery will power the jacket for up to six hours. Separate buttons control the warmth of the jacket (low, medium or high settings) and the pockets. It sells for $194.99 at Amazon.com, which is in line with many quality jackets. That includes the battery and a charger (the same one found in all Milwaukee power tools), which will recharge the jacket in a mere half hour. Columbia makes a similar jacket, but it sells for about $850.

My jacket is red like the one pictured here, but comes in black and "RealTree" in case you want to blend into the countryside.

The battery is easy to remove. It rides in a hidden pocket on the left side of the coat, pretty much out of the way. The geeky part of this jacket that you would never expect is a USB port on the battery pack which you can use to charge your iPhone, iPod or any other 12-volt device that can be charged with a USB plug. It's designed to be used while you are wearing your coat.

I discovered the jacket a month ago at my aunt's small ranch near Fresno, California. She was headed out for her morning chores and casually mentioned her heated jacket, which she loved. Later, I wrote the company to request more information for an article. A few weeks later a "review jacket" showed up in my mail.

The jacket is very attractive and will keep you warm even when not powered. It can be hand-washed; just remove the battery. If you already own a Milwaukee power tool, then you already have a battery and charger. If so, the jacket alone is only $143.98.

For anyone who dislikes cold (like me), wearing this jacket is like wearing an electric blanket wherever you go. You can learn more about the jacket and order it at Amazon.com. The Milwaukee Tools website lists local retailers around the country in case you want to run out right now and get one.

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Protect your RV from
dangerous electrical surges!

Don't let a surge of electricity damage or destroy components of your RV. And, believe us, it happens! Progressive Industries' surge and voltage protectors even indicate if a surge has occurred and if your RV requires service. Many models have lifetime warranties. Don't go without protection. Visit our website (or call us at 936-329-2364) to see our extensive line of products (including electrical adapters). And great prices, too!

The All American is the industry’s first
air cell, energy absorbing fifth wheel hitch

Maintenance free. All moving parts permanently lubricated. Adjustable tension. Quietest fifth wheel hitch made. All these terms have been lavished on the All American hitch. Learn why.

Boatlife's Git Rot
has applications for RVers too

You don't have to have a boat to use Git Rot from Boatlife. This useful emergency addition to your tool locker could help avoid expensive wood structure repairs in your RV. Learn how.

Place your Dish where it receives the best signal
with the Tripod Satellite Antenna Mount

Frustrated with your Dish Network signal. Now you can move your receiver wherever it receives the strongest signal with the Tripod Antenna Mount. Check it out.

Inverter converts 12-volt power
to 120-volt efficiently and quietly

Power hungry startups. Surge demands. Heavy loads. Fluctuating power. No problem for the Tripplite PV2000FC inverter which effortlessly converts 12-volts to 120-volts. Learn how.

Quickly charge up to four 12-volt batteries
at once with Powermania's Turbo charger

Don't let your battery powered toys like your ATV or your boondocking lifestyle suffer because of dead batteries. The Turbo M430 can quickly get you going again. Learn how.

Keep mold and mildew at bay with Air-Dryr
Don't let mold, mildew and corrosion get a grip on the dark hidden recesses of your RV during a wet winter. The Air-Dryr humidifier will keep your rig — and you — free of the green stuff. Learn how.

Eliminate the hassle of having to remove a fuse
when flat towing with FuseSwitch

If the manufacturer of your tow vehicle requires removing a fuse to flat tow, you will be glad you found the FuseSwitch which simplifies the procedure — just flip a switch. Learn how.

Jenson introduces new FM/AM/CD
wallmount stereo system

Get in the groove with Jensen's wallmount stereo system. Mount it wherever you like and easily access the radio or CD player — with a 10 second skip protection — that will handle the bumpiest backroads. Take a look.

Better & Safer WiFi for RVers from WiFiRanger
The WiFiRanger is the premier solution for RVers to stay online with simple and secure Internet access. The device allows owners to connect all their coach or travel trailer WiFi devices (Laptops, iPads, Smartphones, TVs, Game Consoles, etc) to their own secure WiFi Network and then the WiFiRanger will connect to the Park/Public WiFi, or to a 3G/4G Cellular device as needed, saving your 3G/4G Data Plan for when absolutely necessary while improving speed and reliability. Learn more or order using Coupon Code "WFRTRAVEL" for a 5% discount.

Reese Goose Box wins second place
in RVAA Product of the Year

If you've always wanted a place to keep your geese, this isn't it. What it is, is the second place RVAA Product of the Year winner, and a neat way to tow your fifth-wheel using a gooseneck hitch. Learn how.

Buff and shine your RV like a pro
with Shurhold's Dual Action Polisher

Save the hard work for another chore. The shurhold polisher enables you to shine up your RV to a spit shine finish like a pro with less work and less time. See how.

A back-up camera
can prevent backing into what you can't see

If you can't see behind you — what you are about to hit — when backing into a tight campsite, you need a third eye. Or a back-up camera. Check out this system — which even includes LED lights for night viewing. Learn more.

Convert to 12 volt LED bulbs
and gain favor with Mother Nature

Yes, LED lights are expensive, but they last, and last, and last. In fact, you will never have to replace them — they will outlast your RV — and it's easy to convert. See how.


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