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Weekend of July 21, 2012

Issue 543 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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I've been home from Turkey now for two weeks. Until a few days ago, I was still fighting jet lag. Even though my Rick Steves group tour was exhilirating, it was exhausting. I arrived home worn out. Every day on the trip was an adventure -- new discoveries and the stimulating conversation with fellow travelers. On a trip like that, you pack more activities and new knowledge into a day than you do at home in a week. It was all good, but tiring.

The long flights were tough, especially returning home -- 18 hours in the air in cramped seats. I am too frugal to fly first class or business class, where a ticket costs twice as much: I'd rather "go cheap" and get two trips for the money. So I end up in the cheap seats.

I was patted down twice in airports. In one, my hands were coated with a chemical to detect if I'd been handling explosives. All together, I waited in 16 lines -- check-in, security and customs -- at five airports -- Seattle, Chicago, Istanbul, Izmir and Newark.

The other day as my jet lagged body yearned to fall asleep yet again in mid day, a thought popped into my head: "There is no jet lag with RV travel!" When I arrive home from my RV trips, I am usually rested. Maybe I'm tired from the last day's drive, but after a good night's sleep I'm good to go -- no jet lag and no sore behind from uncomfortable airline seats.

As I wrote last week, I love traveling overseas. But when it comes to the ease of travel, nothing beats RVing -- no security checks, no pat downs, no mediocre airline food (or no food at all unless you pay for it), no delayed flights, no suitcases to haul around to pack and unpack, and no being stuffed like a sardine into an airplane accompanied by the stereophonic sound of screaming babies.

Right now, I don't want anything to do with planes. Right now, I am thinking about heading out in my RV. I'm thinking of the peace and quiet of such a trip. I'm thinking of being in a Forest Service campground under the pines, by my campfire, watching the stars, and then climbing into my own comfy bed, maybe with the sound of a nearby stream lulling me to sleep. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. . .

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California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman resigned Friday and her second in command was fired after officials learned the department has been sitting on nearly $54 million in surplus money for as long as 12 years. The department sat on the money for unknown reasons even as it closed 70 parks in the last year to satisfy state budget cuts. The moves come in the wake of an investigation by The Sacramento Bee.

Ford has told some owners of the 2013 model Ford Escape SUV sold in North America to immediately stop driving them due to the risk of engine fire and to contact their dealers. Specifically, Ford is recalling 11,500, 2013 models with a 1.6-liter engine and built through July 11.

A travel trailer with four children aboard was struck by lightning last weekend in Gardiner, NY. Four children were inside but were unharmed. The lightning put a hole in the roof of the RV which was otherwise not damaged.

The San Juan Capistrano Police Department (Calif.) responded to a report last week that occupants of a 35-foot motorhome were dumping their septic tank into the street. There was no report of an arrest.

Thor Motor Coach has added two “value driven” floorplans to its Palazzo diesel motorhomes. A 33.2 floorplan targets first-time diesel pusher buyers or downsizing RV veterans. The 33.3 bunk house model is aimed at families.

Motor fuels rose for a second straight week, both up 1.2 cents per gallon. The average price of diesel is now at $3.695 and gas at $3.427 per gallon says the Department of Energy.

More than 500 visitors at the Fairmont Hot Springs, BC RV park were trapped early this week when a massive landslide closed off park access. The park, northeast of Cranbrook, was hit Sunday. Trees, boulders and mud inundated the Fairmont town center but fortunately no one was injured.

Red Bluff, Calif., voters may decide whether RVers will pay an additional tax to stay at local RV parks. The city council may ask voters to decide if a 10 percent hotel rooming tax applies to RV parks.

Indiana officials say a man who claimed to have been shot at McCormick's Creek State Park last June shot himself. Police say the man used bungee cords and a 20 gauge shotgun to blast himself in the back. Charges have been filed, shotgun pellets removed.

Alberta, Canada is pumping $24 million into RV area improvements in provincial parks as park use by RVers is outpacing that of tenters.

Forget baseball, think National Parks. The Vicksburg National Military Park now offers "Civil War Trading Cards" that focus on soldier stories and civil rights contributions. Visit for more information.

The Pennsylvania Campground Owners Association is looking to reward its two-millionth visitor. You don't need to go to the Keystone State to win, just visit the group's website. Winners get free camping at member parks.

Alaska's Glacier Bay National Park appears to have played host to the biggest landslide in North American history. The slide, detected by a seismograph, spread rock and debris over five and a half miles. No one was in the area at the time.

Fire fighters buzzed into the Wakeda Campground in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire responding to an RV fire last week. The rig was totally destroyed by fire caused by what firemen say was lack of maintenance on a propane fueled mosquito trap.

No more sewer smell inside your RV
New roof siphon cap improves on old Shark Fin roof vents! No moving parts!
Are you fed up with smelling sewer odors in your RV? If so, this is for you. Odors can only go one way with this new product -- up and out of your RV, not inside the living area. If RV manufacturers really cared about their customers they'd install these instead of cheap vents that simply cover your sewer vent, allowing odors to stink up your rig. Click the video to see how this works. Easy installation. Fits all RVs. Learn more or order.

More news

Soon Lake Texana State Park in Texas won't be a state park. The state says it can no longer afford the lease and management will revert to a local river authority. New management says they'll make improvements and reduce day use fees.

The U.S. Department of Interior, parent agency of the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management says it contributed $385 billion to the U.S. economy and supported more than two million jobs in 2011.

Benson, Arizona snowbirds have less choices for camping as the Turquoise Hills Golf and RV Resort shut down July 16. Company owners have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy, saying business was great in winter but summer has spelled financial disaster.

Butt out? Pennsylvania officials are pondering a smoking ban at state parks after complaints from users about cigarette butt littering. The ban -- if it were to happen--would begin with a pilot program in one or two parks in the system.

Roland Jonas, of Alberta, Canada drew a 21-month prison sentence for fraud after he offered to sell RVs on consignment. Police investigated after "sellers" complained they never got their rigs or money back. Jonas had been on the lam since 2009 but was finally caught last February. He'll have to pay $102,000 in victim restitution.

Don't mummify your dog poop. That's what BioGroupUSA exhorts. Picking up dog doo-doo with a plastic bag may make you a good neighbor, but poly-based bags last hundreds of years and cause dog poop to mummify, not decompose. Its BioBags breath, break down and are compostable. Call (727) 789-1646 for more info.

Keep up with RV Industry
throughout the week at RVbusiness.com.

For new RVers:
what type of RV generator is best for you?

Having a generator in your RV can be a great blessing. In hot country and away from hookups, there's little else that will run your air conditioner. But when you have to make a purchase choice, what kind of generator is best? There are three major fuel forms for generators -- gasoline, propane and diesel. Which is best for you? Here are some thoughts.

How to re-string a pleated RV window shade
Pleated day/night window shades are a common feature in just about every class of RV. Since the design relies on thin fabric cords sliding across hard plastic parts, cord wear and breakage is a distinct possibility. Part of the inherent problem with the design is that there needs to be enough tension on the cords to hold the shades where you put them, preventing them from falling on their own. The good thing is that re-stringing a pleated RV window shade is a Do-it-Yourselfer's dream job. Read more and watch a video demonstration.

Feds issue latest round of RV recalls
Tires and brakes headline June's official federal vehicle recall list. Truck and SUV tires took a beating, while certain braking systems on RVs are calling rigs back to the dealerships. Check out the list to see if anything of yours is here.

Remove those unwanted RV decals and stripes
Weather and time aren't always friendly when it comes to RV decorations. The more "graphics" and "decals" the manufacturers stick on the side, the more the sun and weather seem to just degrade and fade them. Are you "stuck" with a lot of faded stick-ons? Here's a few tricks to try to get rid of the unwanted cling-ons. Read more.

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Awning torn? Here's how to repair it.
Vinyl RV awnings are easily subject to small tears--ones that left on their own can get much larger. The simple act of opening the RV door with the awning just a "bit too low" can leave a small, but nasty snag. Fixing a small tear in an area where physical strength isn't at issue is easy. Here's how.

How to install
a new RV kitchen faucet

In this four minute video, RV technician Ernie "The RV Guy" shows the step-by-step process of replacing an old RV kitchen faucet with a new one. This doesn't look so hard. See for yourself by watching the video.

•We interrupt this newsletter to bring you a photo of a unique, unusual, odd, funny RV. Click to see it.

A review of the new
Magellan Roadmate GPS from Magellan

Blogger and RV technician Chris Dougherty takes an indepth review of a new GPS that is made with RVers in mind, but will do double duty in your car as well. And he really likes it! Read his review.

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More cooling tips -- thermal insulation for your windows. It works!
As you probably learned in the last issue, Rich Miller, the Wanderman, likes to be cool. He does not like heat (well, at least in the streamy summer of the Northeast). In his blog this week he continues his discussion about how to keep an RV cool. Read all about it.

RV Tire Safety
A tire autopsy "Root Cause" part one
In part one of this series, our tire expert Roger Marble explains the difference between reporting a condition such as "The tire went flat" and the "Root Cause" or fundamental reason why a tire is in the condition it is in. This is a critical item if you want to try and prevent another tire failure. Read more.

Learn your RV's "tail swing" factor
"Tail swing" is the term used to describe the effects of the length of a motorhome or trailer's overhang beyond the rear axle. Many an RVer has learned the hard way that pulling a sharp turn away from a fuel pump (or other object close to the side of the rig) that tail swing is a reality to be reckoned with. Repair bills for crunched corners are not fun. Read more.

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Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel.
Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.47 (on July 20)
Change from week before: Up 5 cents 
Diesel: $3.69 (on July 16)
Change from week before: Up 1 cent

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The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions.

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Squirrel invasion. What to do?
Dear Gary,
I need some help with a little problem. After a recent camping trip I discovered that squirrels had been in the engine compartment of my vehicle and had eaten through some of the wiring. The dealership that repairs my vehicle is giving me a $200.00 estimate to repair the damage the squirrels caused. It seems there is no absolute solution to this problem. I called the campground where this occurred to advise them and to let campers know what happened to me. Please help! Do you have a solution that works?
Read Gary's response.


Digital Bolt-Down Safe

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The RV Shrink
His traveling companions don't stick around. Why?

Dear Dr. R.V. Shrink:
I have been traveling my whole life. I have picked up some odd habits over the years that drives my traveling companions nuts. I guess that's why I am always ending up with a new one. Women like me but not on a full-time basis. From Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie I learned to do my laundry in a plastic garbage can hanging from bungee cords from the ceiling of my truck camper. At noon I add rinse water and hang out to dry in the late afternoon. I also save time by cooking on my engine block while driving. To ensure safety, I wrap my meatloaf in three layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. My latest traveling companion was a great gal who loved my meatloaf and laundry technique, but she dropped me for a guy with a bigger rig. . . Continued --Wally in Orlando

Read the full question and the RV Shrink's response.

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Joke of the week
Doctor: "Nurse, how is that little girl doing who swallowed the ten quarters last night?" Nurse: "No change yet."

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Odds and Ends

RV News Service
Forest River expansion in the works.
FMCA set to gather in Indianapolis.

Northwest RVer
Japanese dock at Agate Beach to be removed.
Sequim lavender fair going on this weekend.
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Tech Tips from Mark Polk

Plan ahead for a safe RV trip
Summer RV travel is here. Traffic on our highways increases dramatically during peak vacation season. I thought this would be a good time to discuss some safe RV travel tips so you arrive at your summer RV travel destination safely. Getting there can be half the fun, as the saying goes, if you take a few precautions it will help to make your RV trip safe. Read more.

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Bill's Hints
Propane stove not lighting? A tip
If you have trouble getting your propane stove burner to light (or stay lit) after long storage, clean the burner with a thick bottle brush to get rid of rust flakes and carbon particles that are blocking the orifice. -- From Trailers and Fifth Wheels Made Easy.


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I apologize for driving so close in front of you.

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Guide to Class A Motorhomes
Guide to Class C Motorhomes
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Glaciers hold about 75 percent of the world's fresh water. If all the glaciers melted, the world's sea level would rise about 230 feet.

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