RV Travel Newsletter: Aug. 4-10. Issue 545

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Weekend of August 4, 2012

Issue 545 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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When it comes to camping, we North Americans are very fortunate. In both the USA and Canada we have countless thousands of beautiful campgrounds to choose from in national parks, state parks, provincial parks, and national forests and other public lands -- where spacious, often private sites await. In my limited travels around the world, I have not seen anything elsewhere as wonderful.

In Europe, campgrounds are most often in flat fields, often grass-covered, where caravans (travel trailers) and motorhomes hole up side by side. I have never seen a North American type of campground in Europe, one with private sites like we have at home -- often separated by trees or foliage, with a picnic table, grill and a campfire pit. My favorites here at home are the campgrounds in a Western forest, perhaps by a lake or stream. In the winter, I enjoy BLM sites in the Southwest deserts, where you can see a million stars at night and relax by day in peace, or hike through the beautiful desert landscape.

The picture to the right above is one of the few campgrounds I found on my recent trip to Turkey. It's in an urban area behind a hotel in the seaside town of Kusadasi. Like other parks I observed there, the sites are very close together with no privacy. Oh, the campers were enjoying themselves, but to me, staying there would offer no meaningful experience with nature.

VIRTUALLY ALL THE CAMPGROUNDS I have seen in Europe are similar, whether in the U.K., Germany, France or Italy. Even in New Zealand and Iceland (see pic below, right), where I have camped, I saw nothing like what we have here in North America. Please email me ( chuck@rvtravel.com) if you have had a different experience or about your experiences in general: I'd also love to hear from some Aussies about the campgrounds in their land.

Granted, most of North American commercial RV parks are not scenic wonderlands. Many are designed for an overnight stop and nothing more. Others are "resorts" with swimming pools, spas, golf courses, game rooms and tennis courts. And there are others, like KOAs, that fit somewhere in between. These campgrounds definitely serve a purpose and are well suited to the needs of many RVers. But to me, the best campgrounds are the ones owned by you and me, the public, that showcase the incredible beauty of North America -- whether in a forest, the desert or along the seashore. They are places for peace and quiet (most of the time), and a chance to be outdoors in the fresh air, often with a canopy of stars to gaze upon at night.

Yes, we are fortunate here in the USA and Canada. Very fortunate!

P.S. Last week's reader survey question was "Do you ever talk to yourself (out loud)? It turns out that 91 percent of you do, at least some of the time. I loved the response of a reader named "Grumpy," who commented "I am the only one who dares to talk to me like that."

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Wholesale shipments of RVs to dealers were down from May but were still ahead of shipments in June a year ago. Towable sales increased 3.7 percent from the month before while motorhome sales declined 1.4 percent. For the year, movements of all RVs were up over the first half of 2011.

Have any information about the $54 million in "hidden assets" of California State Parks? Leave a tip at (916) 324-7561 or email ParksInvestigation@doj.ca.gov.

A 12-year-old boy suffered a broken pelvis when a 40 foot tree crashed on his tent in California's San Mateo County at the Sequoia Oak overnight campsite at Memorial Park.

Huntington Lake in central California is suffering a shortage of campsites. For two straight years Rancheria -- the area's largest campground -- remains closed. Remodeling of the camp started in 2010 and appears complete, but the managing agency says it is closed by "unscheduled holdups."

Arkansas RVer Pat Martin is having more than just a bad day. On an RV trip to Illinois, Martin tried to turn his rig around but wound up stuck in a ditch. The motorhome exhaust caught grass on fire, which consumed the unit. This was Martin's first trip out since last year when he had to have his rig repaired after it was hit by a tornado.

Visitors to Colorado State Parks can enter free on August 6 in celebration of Colorado Day. Don't get too excited, all other fees including camping and reservation fees will remain in place.

Campers in Alberta, Canada have been having quite the time with wildlife lately. Last week a young wolf was killed after it stalked a man, his child, and their puppy at Mount Kidd Campground. In Banff, campers were warned of bears in campsites at Two Jack, and cougar sightings at Mosquito Creek.

Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort in Santa Claus, Ind., donated $6,300 to the Ronald McDonald House in Evansville in 2011. Combined with the previous two years, the RV park has donated a total of $29,000 to the charity.

An RVer returning home from a non-RV vacation was startled to see his motorhome parked beside the highway, about 50 miles from where it should have been. Police are looking for whoever took the RV from Terrace, BC.

U.S. Forest Service officials in North Dakota have reopened the Burning Coal Vein Campground in the badlands area, 28 miles south of Medora. Road and parking spur improvements accompany new picnic tables and grills. Drinking water is now available too, courtesy of a hand pumped well.

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More news

RVing UFO chasers set your GPS for Wilbur, Washington. A pattern of seven crop circles has appeared in a wheat field, ten miles south of Grand Coulee Dam. Crop circles first appeared here two years ago.

Cruise America, a major motorhome rental agency, has taken delivery of their 30,000th motorhome. At present the company's fleet includes 4,000 RVs. Through its 40-year history the company has sold 26,000 used rental units.

Australian RV manufacturer Knott Investments Pty, has lost the ability to use the brand name Winnebago on its products. The U.S. company Winnebago says Knott tried to "hijack" the brand name to prevent the U.S. company from selling in the Land Down Under.

Forest River is recalling 850 model year 2005 to 2011 Berkshire and Charleston motorhomes. Read the details.

Road workers who forgot to reinstall warning signs may be up for a cussing after a British Columbia couple tried to cross under a nine foot overpass in Ascension, Prince Edward Island. Their RV's air conditioner was neatly sheared off; another RVer following behind stopped in time after witnessing the clip-off. Height signs were neatly stacked beside the underpass.

Good Sam rallies for 2013: Albuquerque, N.M., April 11-14 at the Balloon Fiesta. Syracuse, New York, June 13-16 at the New York State Fair.

Non-profit groups and others that donated money to help keep California state parks open are crying foul after $54 million in "hidden funds" were discovered on the state's books. Some want their money refunded, others suggest a promise that the "found" money will be spent on parks.

After flooding rains fell on Arizona's Chiricahua National Monument, saturated soils and more predicted rains have forced the closure of the monument's Bonita Canyon campground until further notice.

* * *

On this date in history:
August 4
Compiled by Dell Bert
1914: U.S. proclaims neutrality in World War I.
1927: Country legend Jimmie Rodgers records for the first time.
1936: Jesse Owens wins the long jump in the Olympics.
1944: Anne Frank and her family were arrested by Gestapo. 

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RV cabinets: The space is often useless. Better design necessary
Our blogger Russ De Maris writes: "The distaff side of our team thinks that the RV industry needs to hire more women for the design side of the job. She may have a point -- it seems like industry can make it "pretty" but they seem to have a real problem making it "practical." Take cabinets as an example. Nifty "oak" with filigree scroll work, shiny mirrors, and brass pulls, but open the door and inside is a big space that's often useless." Read more.

Why can't you use deep cycle batteries as engine start batteries?
Rich Miller, the Wanderman writes: "When I was planning my solar charging system, I had to determine the storage capacity of my house batteries. Since my battery compartment is so small, I can only fit two Group 27 deep cycles in there." This got Rich thinking about why he couldn't rig things up so he could start his engine with the house batteries. In part one, he discusses what might be involved.

RV destructs before your eyes
Have you ever seen an RV get bounced and banged around so that in a few minutes it's a heap of rolling trash? In this short video, watch as an RV is driven in front of a fair crowd over jumps and moguls. With each one the RV loses a piece of itself. The owner of the RV bought it for $5, lived in it for a couple of years and then decided he wanted to see what would happen if it got jostled a bit. Here's the hilarious result!

Buying an RV? Watch for water damage!
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RV Roadtrip: RV Geeks travel Glacier Park's spectacular "Going to the Sun" Road
The RV Geeks are taking a break from their helpful "how-to" tech videos while they are on the road. In their latest video they spotlight traveling Glacier Park's legendary "Going to the Sun" road. If you have never traveled this, you'll get an idea of the fabulous adventure that awaits you. And if you have traveled it, then here's a trip down memory lane. Watch the video.

A truck camper classic combo:
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If you're a truck camper buff, here's what many would call a classic combination: A Silver Streak cabover atop a Chevy Longhorn, both of relatively the same vintage. The camper was built in 1968, and the pickup (with an original 37,000 miles) just a year later. Read more and see a photo.

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How to deal with a "texting" driver
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The RV Shrink
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Dear R.V. Shrink:
My wife and I are green minded individuals and take our recycling responsibilities seriously. Our ideas part company when the recycle starts to pile up and we can't find a bin to dispose of it properly. My wife insists we carry it until we find the proper receptacle and I tell her we don't have the room for large amounts of recycle. It is an ongoing argument. Often we have recycle in the tow car, in the basement storage and even in the roof pod. Help me, please. --Junk in the trunk in Tahoe

Read the RV Shrink's response.

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Joke of the week
Wife: "I think you only married me because my daddy left me a lot of money."
Husband. "That's not true. I didn't care who left you the money."

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2012 Milepost Directory
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Odds and Ends

RVing the South
Changes coming for RVers who camp on TVA lands.

RV Arizona
State parks beckon RVers to August events.

Northwest RVer
Hike the waterfall trail at Silver Falls State Park.
Wenatchee Youth Circus to appear at two 1000 Trails parks.
      Visit the Northwest RVer page at Facebook. . .

RV Short Stops
Free RV camping with Arizona caving adventure.
Manito Park is a Spokane, Wash., treasure.

Frugal RVer
Credit card "Swipe fees" may swipe more from your wallet.

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Tech Tips from Mark Polk

Is your RV an orphan? Not so bad if it's an older model Fleetwood
An orphan RV is an RV that was built and sold and at some point (after the sale) the RV manufacturer went out of business, leaving the consumer with no warranty, parts or service network. Unfortunately this happened with lots of RV manufacturers across the country during the recession. Fleetwood, however, will continue to support RV owners in warranty, parts and service. If a person owns a motorized Fleetwood product, built prior to the new Fleetwood ownership, warranty work and service work will be honored at current Fleetwood dealerships. Read more.

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Bill's Hints
Awning tip
Sometimes you have to roll up your awning while it is still wet. Remember to extend it later to dry the canvas and prevent mildew from forming." --From Motorhomes Made Easy


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Bad Spellers of the World, Untie! (thanks to reader Bob Duncan for this one).

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Weird: Perhaps the oddest weapon ever was patented in Waterloo, New York in 1862. The combination gun and plow was designed to be used by farmers to quickly turn their plows into powerful guns to defend themselves if attacked while plowing.

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