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Weekend of September 29, 2012

Issue 553 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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hen I think back to the beginning of my current RV roadtrip, now swiftly moving toward its second month, it seems like forever ago that I left my home in Edmonds, Wash. It was the morning of August 11. I drove straight through to Pendleton, Oregon, famous for its annual rodeo and Pendleton Woolen Mills. In my mind I can vividly recall the (non-picturesque) RV park I stayed in that night and the sizzling summer heat. Yet, as I recall that scene it seems like it was a year ago, not a matter of weeks.

That's the way it is when you travel, and I think especially by RV, where you experience each mile, unlike air travel where you go up and eventually come down without seeing anything along the way except a distant landscape below.

Now, more than 4,000 miles logged, I am on my way from Boston to New York City for a few days, to do a little business and explore the city with my daughter. I will camp at the Liberty Marina RV Park in Jersey City, right across the Hudson from Manhattan, a short subway ride away. Last time I stayed there I could see the Statue of Liberty from my motorhome's front window.

After I leave New York, I'll begin my long journey home. I'm looking forward to the big skies and wide-open spaces of the West.

OH, WHAT FUN THIS TRIP HAS BEEN! I have seen so many sights, met countless people, and enjoyed solitude when I wanted it. Last week I ate lobster in Maine and visited the historic Concord, Mass., Revolutionar War battlefield where the "shot [was] heard round the world." It seems like a long time ago that I visited Annie Oakley's grave in Greenville, Ohio, or passed through the magnificent Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I know that when I finally return home and stop moving I will be flooded with images from my long adventure. I suspect that happens to you, too.

America is a vast and magnificent land. I am glad that my parents showed me a good part of it when I was a child with our small travel trailer. They sparked my love of RVing and my wanderlust.

I'll arrive in New York on Sunday. I hope to post some stories and videos from there on our Facebook page. If you do not follow me there, then I will see you here next week from wherever I might be.

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kgjEditor comment: We post breaking RV news throughout the week at our RVtravel.com Facebook page. Click here.

Speed test zones on Interstate 15 near Fillmore, Utah will become permanent 80 mile-per-hour zones and more test zones will be set up around the Beehive State. Accident rates in the Fillmore test zones were said to have decreased.
First decline in motor fuel prices in 12 weeks, says the Department of Energy. Diesel is down nearly a nickel, and gas just a bit more than a nickel, all in a week's time says the federal government.
Humbolt County, Nevada commissioners will expand the county fairgrounds' RV park by 50 sites -- up from 220 -- by next summer. This year's Silver State International Rodeo overran the current RV park capacity, raising dollar signs in the politicians' eyes. The new sites will have water and electric.

"Carmageddon II" strikes Los Angeles this weekend when another stretch of Interstate 405 near Sepulveda Pass will close for construction. CALTRANS says "severe congestion" could affect freeways all around LA.

When the Space Shuttle Endeavour took its last flight (piggy-back on a jet) RVers at the Dockweiler Beach RV Park in El Segundo, California had some of the best views. The park is at the west end of Los Angeles International Airport -- the landing spot for the Endeavour and its escort.

Military folk interested in the under-construction RV park at the naval base in Port Hueneme, California will be glad to hear work will resume shortly. A new contract has been awarded to resume work left undone when an earlier builder went out of business.

The Bureau of Land Management hopes to build a new camping area east of Cedarville, California using volunteer labor. Bureau officials say this Saturday -- National Public Lands Day -- volunteers and BLM staff will set up the new campground in the Hays Mountain Range along the California-Nevada border.

Imperial County, California, faced with stringent federal regulations may ask the Bureau of Land Management to clean up its act. County officials say dust created by OHVs (off highway vehicles) must be mitigated. Imperial County is the home to dunes used by thousands of OHV enthusiasts every year.

Seward, Alaska's Air Force Recreation Camp is not closed as we erronously reported last issue according to a sharp-eyed reader. The camp has received a new lease on life, and its host a renewed contract.

America’s Largest RV Show, held last week in Hershey, Penn., reported a record crowd of 43,131, up 29 percent from last year.


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More news

San Francisco officials are banning overnight parking of RVs in some parts of the city. Approved by a 7-4 vote by the Board of Supervisors, the ban is over the objections of homeless advocates.

Custer State Park in South Dakota will hold its popular Buffalo Roundup on Friday, September 27 next year. Previously the roundup was held on the last Monday of September but organizers feel more folks will be able to come on a Friday.

A China Grove, Texas man who bought a motorhome at a San Antonio auction got more than a motorhome. Stuck away in a quiet corner was what turned out to be two kilos of heroin -- each bearing U.S. Customs and Border Protection stickers. How the dope got adrift is a mystery -- as is the name of the man who bought the RV.

A Silver Springs, Florida RV park owner was "tasered" and arrested in a dispute over a bear in her park's trash dumpster. Deborah Anderson, owner of Lake in the Forest RV Park refused to give wildlife officers her ID after they told her she needed to have bear-proof trash containers.

You may soon see people zipping through the air at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama. An outside firm has contracted to build a zip line tour system in the picnic area, allowing customers to zip down cables between towers, eventually "landing" on a pier on Lake Shelby. The attraction will open next February.

Cheyenne, Wyoming RV owners may now breath: City officials have rolled back a plan that would have forced parked RVs to leave at least ten feet between themselves and the centerline of any roadway. At this point it appears RVs may be parked in front of any home in Cheyenne.

On this date in history:
September 29
Compiled by Dell Bert

1907: Hollywood cowboy Gene Autry is born.
1936: Radio used for first time for a presidential campaign.
1950: Telephone answering machine created by Bell Laboratories.
1953: Milton Berle Show premieres.
1962: "Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Show," debuts on ABC-TV.
1963: Rolling Stones first tour (opening act for Bo Diddley & Everly Brothers).

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A question about high tire pressure
Roger Marble, our RV tire expert answers this question from a reader: "If a tire is rated for 80 psi as shown on the sidewall and is aired up to 80 psi, then driven on a hot day the pressure goes up to 120 psi -- is that tire over pressure? If not, then why? If so, then what are we to do?" Read Roger's response.

No Shock Zone: Part Eight:
Understanding GFCI

This is a repeat of our 12-part series about basic RV electricity by Mike Sokol. What follows is the eighth segment of a 12-part series about basic electricity for RV users and how to protect yourself and your family from shocks and possible electrocution. Please read.

Door handle breaks:
Wanderman to the rescue

What do you do if your door handle breaks? That's the question Rich Miller, the Wanderman, had to ask himself when his driver side door did just that. As usual, Rich figured out how to do it, but, as usual it wasn't easy. Read his story.

Arizona state parks in trouble -- and Catch-22
A recent audit has "revealed" what many folks already knew: Arizona state parks are in deep trouble. Despite being a state with some of the greatest scenic beauty in the country, Arizona's parks rank among the lowest in terms of visitation of all states in the West. If these parks had to depend on park-generated revenue, there would be real problems. Read more.

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New RVer asks: "How long can I keep fresh water in the tank?"
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Arctic Fox offers upgrades to celebrate 10,000th truck camper
Take 10,000 steps, you've walked about five miles. Build 10,000 truck campers, you must be Northwood Manufacturing, builder of Arctic Fox. Northwood just delivered its 10,000th truck camper, a significant achievement. To put a little more hoopla into it, the company is rolling out a limited edition of its popular Arctic Fox 990 model called the "Milestone Edition." Read more.

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Nearly 1,600 Jayco RVs recalled for electrical issue
Jayco, Inc. is recalling 2008-2009 and 2011 Greyhawk Class C motorhomes, 2008-2011 Melbourne Class C motorhomes, and 2008-2010 Octane Sport Utility travel trailers manufactured from May 21, 2007, through Sept. 10, 2010, equipped with Iota-brand transfer switches. Read more.

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Bella Terra of Gulf Shores Phase 3 Ready October 2012
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Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.79 (on Sept. 28)
Change from week before: Down 3 cents
Diesel: $4.08 (on Sept. 24)
Change from week before: Down 5 cents

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RV shoreline cord overheats. Why?

Dear Gary,
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The RV Shrink

She thinks hubby's Saturns are just too much

Dear R.V. Shrink:
My husband's favorite car for towing behind our motorhome is the Saturn S series. He actually collects them. He tells me since they are not making them anymore he wants to buy several so that he always has one in the batter box warming up. That's fine with me but he just bought one from an old rock star and I think it's a lemon. He won't admit it. The salesman talked more about being the base player in a '60s band called Question Mark and the Mysterious than he did the car. Now we are replacing something every week. The one big hit the band had was "Ninety-Six Tears." Now I'm shedding 96 tears every time I write a check to another service technician. Don't you think we should just cut our losses and take our lump sum and move on. --Crying in the Rainforest's of Washington

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Joke of the week
Marriage counselor to female client: "Maybe your problem is that you've been waking up grumpy in the morning." Client: "No, I always let him sleep."

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Got sand? Imperial dunes season opens soon.

RV News Service
Four out of ten RVers have experienced roof leaks on their RVs.

Northwest RVer
Meet dinosaurs at Oregon's Prehistoric Gardens.

RV Wheel Life
Julianne and Jimmy are on a cross country RV trip. Good reading.

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Tech Tips from Mark Polk

RV holding tanks 101
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RV Short Stops

Carhenge still a delight after 25 years
near Alliance, Nebraska

If last week's Short Stop about the Popcorn Capital of the USA grabs you enough to venture onto the two-lane back roads of north central Nebraska -- and you happen to be traveling west, consider checking out Carhenge in the northwest corner of the Corn Husker State. Carhenge, consisting of a circle of 38 cars, replicates Britain's famous Stonehenge. According to the Carhenge website, Jim Reinders, the artist, had lived in England and had studied the design and purpose of Stonehenge. "His desire to copy Stonehenge in physical size and placement came to fruition in the summer of 1987. The automobiles were placed to assume the same proportions as Stonehenge with the circle measuring approximately 96 feet in diameter. Read more.
Photo by Julianne G. Crane.


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Hot water
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