RV Travel Newsletter: October 6-12. Issue 554

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Weekend of October 6, 2012

Issue 554 of RV Travel

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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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Recorded Thursday, October 4 as I drove on the New Jersey Turnpike west of Newark.

I'm ready to get back on the road after five days in New York City. The city is way too busy for me. I feel like half my time here has been riding subways.

My arrival from Boston was a nightmare. Stupid me, I chose to trust my GPS to lead me to my RV park in Jersey City, New Jersey, which is right across the Hudson River from New York City. Bad decision! And so ensued one of my worst nightmares -- driving through Manhattan -- and to make matters worse on a Saturday evening when traffic was bumper to bumper! After 90 minutes and a couple of miles of nail biting, I was at the entrance to the Holland Tunnel, where a sign said "No Campers with . . . " and it showed a propane bottle. "Oh, no!" Turning around would require backtracking and probably a few hours more driving, a horrible thought! At that point I was only a mile from my campground!

But there was no place to turn around, so I had no choice but to continue. I figured I'd be greeted by Homeland Security officers at the other end and pay a $500 fine or worse. Yet, once there, nothing happened. Fifteen minutes later I was camped in the quiet Liberty Marina RV Park, where I downed a stiff drink to calm my rattled nerves. Let me go on record saying I do not like driving my RV in big city traffic!

Time and time again on this visit I have wondered "Why does anyone choose to live in New York City?" But, of course, I know why: The city is exciting, and magnificent. Its parks are beautiful, there's theater, music, art, wonderful restaurants and small cafes, incredible museums, shopping like nowhere else, and the people-watching is second to none. And, of course, there are millions of jobs. My daughter Emily, a college student in Manhattan, and I were dining in a restaurant in mid-town when she casually mentioned, "Come back here at 3 a.m. and the sidewalks will still be crowded." New York truly is a city that never sleeps.

Still, I prefer smaller towns. Living with eight million other people is not for me.

I do not have space to write about all the things I saw and did while here -- a ferry ride by the Statue of Liberty, many great meals, strolls through Central Park, and a visit to the aircraft carrier Intrepid (now a giant museum) and, on its deck, the Space Shuttle Enterprise (so much bigger than I ever imagined!). Each morning, I walked by the new Freedom Tower on the site of the former Twin Towers site, 60 stories away from completion but already the highest building in the city.

Now, Thursday morning, I am about to begin my journey west in search of open spaces and eventually my Northwest home on Puget Sound, where the pace of life is slower, the trees taller and the salmon delicious.

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P.S. A New York actor and aspiring RVer visited me at my campsite and told me about the new movie he's co-producing. Read about our visit on my blog Roadside Journal.

P.P.S. Read what I posted during the last week on Facebook, including a couple of videos.

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kgjEditor's comment: We post breaking RV news throughout the week at our RVtravel.com Facebook page. "Like us" at RVtravel.com/facebook.

Brazen crooks rolled into Stalkup's RV in Casper, Wyoming at 7 p.m., September 26 and drove away with a 2013 Big Horn fifth wheel. The dealer is offering a $1,000 reward on the $60,000 trailer -- which had just been sold.

Idaho residents can now get discounts on camping in state parks, along with day-use and boat launch fees. The $10 annual Idaho State Parks Passport does this for users. Park officials say sales of the pass will help offset the impact of budget reductions.

Nearly 100 workers at Yosemite National Park have volunteered to answer questions and have their blood tested to learn more about hantavirus, the respiratory infection that has infected some park visitors. One question research may solve: Why have visitors been infected, while park employees have not?

Wyoming's Lower Wind River Campground at Boysen State Park near Shoshoni has reopened after construction work at the park finished. Water supplies at Brannon and Tamarask campgrounds are still listed as "sporadic" while system problems are being fixed.

Some 55,000 Hurricane Katrina evacuees will share a $37.5 million settlement in an agreement with 24 RV manufacturers. The settlement is compensation for problems associated with formaldehyde in emergency shelters.

A fisherman on Idaho's Priest Lake was cleaning a fresh-caught trout when he found a human finger inside. Police got a print from the finger and traced it back to Hans Galassi who lost three fingers in a wakeboard accident while camping at the lake two months earlier. Galassi declined having the finger returned to him.

Gas prices are dropping faster than diesel prices. The Department of Energy says gas dropped a little more than two cents a gallon last week, while diesel dropped only seven-tenths of a cent.

Arkansas voters will decide whether to jack the state's existing six-cent sales tax up a half-cent to pay for new state highways and local road improvements.

Several campgrounds in Canada's Banff National Park were closed after a grizzly bear attacked and killed a hiker's dog on September 27. The Jack Russell terrier was leashed when the attack took place. Officials closed Merlin Meadows and Red Deer Lakes campgrounds to be safe.

Hybrid Furnace!
With this UL certified RVIA compliant system the RV owner has the option of simply flipping a switch to use either Electric, or Gas as a source to heat their coach along with the manufacturer installed central forced air heating system. Gas or Electric at the flip of a switch. Learn more.

More News

Funds wasted? An audit shows that Los Angeles has paid $2 million to caretakers who live at Camps Valcrest and Radford -- both closed for over a decade. The city also paid $100,000 to have water trucked into Camp Valcrest for the caretaker's use.

Off-season rates in Oregon State Parks get a break: RV and tent sites reduced $4 per night from October 1 through April 30. Some full hookup sites are now as low as $16.

Arizona's Bonita Canyon Campground in the Chiricahua National Monument has reopened after flash flooding in mid-July. Kept closed as a safeguard against monsoon rains, the camp reopened September 21 after the monsoon season ended early.

Double header: Police responding to an RV explosion in an Auburndale, Florida RV park discovered the cause was a fire in a methamphetamine lab. While on scene they caught a whiff of marijuana coming from a nearby RV. An illegal pot farm was found just two sites away.

Town fathers in Dayton, Texas in a region where oil and gas development is coming on strong are considering an ordinance that would allow the construction of RV parks. Currently, RVs are allowed to stay in mobile home parks under tight restrictions.

A judge sentenced a Bismarck, North Dakota man to a year in jail after he drove too fast through a local RV park. The man -- who was angry because a drunken passenger had slapped him -- got his sentence suspended with a year of probation. He was found guilty of reckless endangerment.

GPS maker, Rand McNally, says the latest "bell and whistle" on its newly released RVND 7720 GPS for RVers includes WiFi connectivity that grants real-time weather information. The company says other RV services will soon be available thanks to the new WiFi feature.

On this date in history:
October 6
Compiled by Dell Bert

1866: First train robbery in U.S. (Reno Brothers take $13,000).
1882: First World Series game, Cincinnati (AA) beats Chicago (NL) 4-0.
1889: Thomas Edison shows his first motion picture.
1966: LSD is declared illegal in the United States.
1979: John Paul II is first Pope to visit White House.

Keep up with RV Industry
news throughout the week at RVbusiness.com.

Potential Roofing Concern
For RVs Built Since 2010

Some newer TPO roofing is not compatible with common lap sealants. Using lap sealant on these TPO materials can create cosmetic damage RVers will find undesirable. Dicor Products’ new Ultra Sealant System has been developed to overcome this concern. Find out if your RV could be a concern and get more helpful information on the situation. Learn more.

Dry Flush does away with black water tank
smells, frozen plumbing -- but for a price!

Imagine an RV trip without having to dump black water -- no fooling with holding tank treatments or getting bowled over by "toilet stink" on hot days. Dry Flush replaces a holding tank with a 'waste disposal system' that wraps up the waste after every flush in what almost looks like aluminum foil. After 15 flushes the containerized waste is removed from the toilet. Read more.

Vanity mirror on passenger side of motorhome breaks:
How the "Wanderman" fixed it.

On a recent trip, the Wanderman, Rich Miller noticed that one of the clear plastic "Daisies" that hold the vanity mirror to his passenger side visor had disintegrated. A fix was definitely needed. And to Rich, any "needed fix" is an excuse to get out his tools and get going. Here's what he did in this situation.

How To Hook Up an RV:
Do you spray disinfectant on the water faucet? Why you should.
Connecting an RV to full hook-ups at a campground isn't hard, but if you've never done it before, this quick tutorial will get you started. Even if you're an RV veteran you might pick up a quick tip or two. For example, do you spray disinfectant on the water spigot before you connect the hose? If not, think about one of the last things you do when disconnecting -- rinse out your sewer hose. Of course that means the RVer who last used the site probably did the same thing! Thought provoking, right? Read more and watch a video.

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Our commercial grade TIRE MONITORING SYSTEM will help ensure you travel safely without tire failure related peril. Our system is inexpensive, simple to install and fun to use. The National Transportation Safety Board says commercial grade vehicles need tire monitoring systems even more than passenger cars and trucks. We will meet or beat any advertised price on our system! Visit Truck System Technologies (TST) to learn more. Or call 770-889-9102.

More Forest River recalls: Potential gas leak problems
In August we reported on Forest River's motorhome recall for electrical problems. This month the company is calling almost 1,600 more motorhomes back in, this time for a potential gas leak issue. Learn more.

No Shock Zone: Part Nine.
This is a repeat of our 12-part series about basic RV electricity by Mike Sokol. Since we first published this series we have received several letters from readers who said the information saved them from harm. Sadly, others who did not read this have needlessly died. Read this week's episode where Mike sums up what he has covered so far in the series.

Do 5th wheel trailers have a higher
tire failure rate than other RVs?

Owners of heavy fifth wheel trailers seem to have a higher tire failure rate than other RV owners, at least that's what our RV tire safety blogger Roger Marble might conclude from his letters from owners of these RVs. Here's a question Roger received from one owner about increasing the size of his tires from 16 inches to 17.5 inches. Read the article.

Michigan campground offers great view of passing merchant ships
City-owned Aune-Osborn Campground offers great views of Great Lake ships that pass between Lake Huron and Lake Superior. The park lies along 20 acres of waterfront property on the lower St. Mary's River and includes 100 modern water and electric sites. Here's a bird's eye view of the campground and passing ships by David Bott of OutsideOurBubble.com and his flying Quadcopter.

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How to inspect your roof for leaks
If you haven't inspected for leaks lately, or are thinking of buying a used RV, a leak check should be on your To Do list. That doesn't mean you should expect leaks, just that your home on wheels comes under a lot more stress than a stationary structure. Leaks can be very insidious — that is, they may not be noticeable until significant damage has been done. Read more.

Unique school bus conversion
Visiting a Walmart in Abilene, Texas, reader Bob Kolquist spotted this unusually equipped school-bus conversion job. He especially liked the fancy wood door, evident wood burning heat system and the specialty motorcycle tote system up front. Check out the photo of this rig.
Caring for RV circuit breakers
When an RV circuit breaker goes on the blink it can be a bit of a mystery for RVers. Here's a short look into the world of these voltage interrupters.

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Top RV Resort expansion opens this Fall.
Bella Terra of Gulf Shores Phase 3 ready October 2012
Bella Terra of Gulf Shores, one of the nation's top rated luxury RV resorts has broken ground on the third and final phase of the Class A only resort in Foley, Alabama. Lot owners who purchase before the October opening are able to customize their lots like never before including adding outdoor kitchens, gazebos, custom paver drives, and much more. The resort will be hosting three Open House weekends this Fall with resort tours, free entertainment, and special social events. Find out more by calling (866) 417-2416 or by visiting their website at www.BellaTerraRVresort.com.


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Latest RV Recalls
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Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel.
Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.78 (on October 5)

Change from week before: Down 1 cent
Diesel: U.S. $4.07 (on October 1)
Change from week before:
Down 1 cent

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RV batteries leaking electrolyte. What to do?
Dear Gary,
I have a 2002, 31-foot Jayco. Why is my battery bank leaking acid? I have two batteries and two solar panels with a PWM charge controller. When we bought it, it was hooked up to power, now we keep it stored. One battery was leaking in the first two months so we replaced both batteries. Now a month later, it's leaking again. The only power we see on the fifth-wheel is a clock on an entertainment center which we can't power off, and a green light on the LP gas detector. We also found a horizontal crack on the side of the wall half way up above the hitch about 8-inches long and 1/8-inch or less wide. Can this cause internal water damage? Should I patch it? --Lisa, (Naples, FL)

Read Gary's response.

DID YOU MISS IT? If you missed Thursday's edition of the RV Doctor Newsletter, you can read it here.


DVD shows how to drive a motorhome

Learn how to drive a motorhome the right and safe way from RVer/tour bus driver Lorrin Walsh. In this 67-minute DVD, you'll learn how to confidently drive a motorhome. This should be essential viewing for novice motorhome drivers, but even experienced RVers will benefit. Now save 12%. Learn more or order.

Also: DVD "Tow Your Fifth Wheel Trailer Like A Pro."

The RV Shrink

Guerrilla tactics at the campground

Dear R.V. Shrink:
Recently we arrived at a National Park campground and found it completely full. It was a Monday afternoon. This late in the season just after the weekend, seemed like an odd time for a rather remote campground to be full. I was ready to leave to find another campground, but my wife insisted on further investigation. When she returned from a stroll around the campground she said several sites were "marked" suspiciously to imply they were reserved. Not one to enjoy any conflict, I suggested we just leave. My wife did not agree. She did another loop around the campground, found a post receipt not properly filled out and backed me into the site. No one ever challenged us, but the chair marking the site went missing in the dark of night. Read more and the Shrink's response.

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Odds and Ends

Great RV Accessories
Water-saving showerhead for boondockers for less than $13.

Northwest RVer
Oregon drops camping rates for fall season.
Move over yurts -- camp in a container!

Florida RVer
Emerald Coast resort adds new features, RV sites.
Florida state parks slate early snowbird activities.

National Park Visitor
Best places to see fall colors in National Parks.

RV Quick Tips
How to prevent runaway toilet paper rolls.

RVing California
Santa Barbara rolls up the welcome mat.

Essential if you travel with a dog
Dog Friendly's
Campground and Park Guide
This is a jam-packed, well-researched directory of campgrounds, filled with detailed information, about where you can camp with a dog in the USA and Canada.
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Readers camping photos from yesteryear
We received this photo from Connie Hatch of Hurricane, Utah who wrote: "Growing up in our very small town of Edon, Ohio, we never got a chance to go camping. So what we did was throw one of Mom's cotton sheets over the clothesline and pound wooden clothes pins through the corners of the sheets, into the ground to keep it taut. Mom wasn't too happy when they made large holes in her sheets. We later had to use small rocks as weights instead of the clothes pins. This photo shows me and my three younger siblings and two cousins having a picnic. In the evening we would bring out a blanket and pillow and spend the night. This photo was taken about 1954."

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RV Buyers Survival Guide
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Discount Camping Clubs: All comments are negative
The list of dissatisfied customers who joined the RV Super Pages or the Ultimate RV camping clubs continues to grow. Both "clubs" are advertised heavily on the Web and promise half price camping. We have yet to see one positive comment from RVtravel.com readers about either club. Based on this response, we urge RVers considering a membership to read these comments first.

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Travelers Guide To
The Firearm Laws
of the 50 States

RVers who travel with a firearm may not know that what's legal in their home state may be a felony in another. This 2012 book explains current, specific gun laws for every state. Don't cross a state line with a gun without knowing the laws. Learn more or order.

Joke of the week
The sons of a lawyer, doctor and minister were talking about how much money their father's made.
The lawyer's son said, "My father goes to court and often comes home with as much as $10,000."
The doctor's son said, "My father performs an operation and earns $20,000 for it."
The minister's son, determined not to be undone said, "That's nothing. My father preaches for just 20 minutes on Sunday and it takes four men just to carry the money."

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Fresh water hose
"When done with your fresh water hose, coil it up and screw the ends together tightly to keep out bugs and dirt while it is stored. Flush it thoroughly before use." From Trailers Made Easy.

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Get a sneak peek of 2013 model RVs
The October edition of my RV Consumer Magazine provides exclusive coverage of 2013 model year RVs. While attending America’s largest RV show in Hershey, Pennsylvania I focused on new RV trends and RV models that RVers can expect to see in the next camping season. Take a sneak peek into the world of RVs for 2013.

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RV Short Stops

Piper Aircraft Museum
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

If there is one aircraft that's most beloved, it's the Piper Cub. It's a lightweight, slow-flying two seater that was to early aviators what the Model T was to early motorists -- freedom for a bargain price. When other small planes were selling for $30,000 to $40,000, a Piper Cub could be yours for $1,395. William T. Piper, who bought the fledging company in 1930 for $761, is commonly called the Henry Ford of aviation. The company boomed at the start of World War II: four out of five American pilots received their initial flight training in Cubs. Today, you can learn all about Piper and his planes at the Piper Aircraft Museum in Lock Haven. It's the same building where Piper worked years before. Several planes are displayed including a Piper J-3 Cub, the official airplane of the state of Pennsylvania. The gift shop has a good selection of T-shirts. Admission is $6, less for seniors and kids. Learn more including operating hours by visiting the museum website. There's plenty of parking space for RVs. --Chuck Woodbury

Roadwork II: The RVers
Ultimate Income Resource Guide
RVers looking to earn an income on the road, either full - or part-time, will find this book a terrific resource. Learn about jobs, workamper employers, and meet workampers who tell about their lives. Virtually every type of job is profiled in this great guide. Learn more or order.

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The RV Kitchen

Artichokes au Gratin
If you’re always searching for side dishes to go with meat from the grill, here’s one that’s a snap to slip into a baking dish, yet it’s not the same-old, same-old. It’s something different for potlucks too. Get the recipe.

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Guide to Class A Motorhomes
Guide to Class C Motorhomes
Towing Behind Your Motorhome
Guide to Travel Trailers & Fifth Wheels
Guide to Trailer Towing, Weights, Hitch Work & Backing
Guide to Winterizing Your RV
Tow Your 5th Wheel Trailer Like a Pro

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