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Weekend of November 3, 2012

Issue 558 of RV Travel

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Laid Back Luxury
on the Emerald Coast

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores is one of the top rated resorts in the country. With top of the line amenities, incredible staff and exquisite lots, this Class A-only resort is just minutes from the sugar-fine sands of the Alabama Gulf coast. Come see how they live at Bella Terra of Gulf Shores by visiting its website BellaTerraRVresort.com or by calling one of the resort representatives at (866) 417-2416.

Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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A few weeks ago, on my way home to Seattle from the East, I stopped in Elkhart, Indiana to visit the RV Hall of Fame. I spent an hour with Al Hesselbart, the museum's historian. He showed me dozens of photos of vintage RVs. And I saw a few in person later in the museum itself, which is a treasure. I urge you to become a member and help support this very worthy cause.

After leaving, driving west, I thought about all those RVs from yesteryear, and about how far they have evolved. Even in my own lifetime they have changed dramatically: when I was young, my family's 15-foot Field and Stream travel trailer was primitive by today's standards. It had no bathroom, holding tanks, heater, generator, microwave, TV, music system or air conditioning. There were no dump stations because, well. . . there was nothing to dump. A shower? Good luck! Forget the convenience and comfort of an onboard bathroom: the pit toilet, with its flies, spiders and "ripe" aroma was the place to go (pun intended). If I return in my next life as another creature I wish to be a spider in a pit toilet! Oh, what a blessed food bounty would await!

The difference back then between a tenter and an RVer was that the latter was off the ground and better protected from the elements. But whether in a tent or RV, you were a camper.

Sometime since then, the term camping became obsolete for most of us who travel with RVs. We do not "camp" anymore. We can literally stay inside our fully equipped RVs for days on end without ever stepping on a pine needle or encountering dirt. Too cold? Turn on the heater. Too hot? Turn on the A/C. Hungry? Flip on the generator and pop something in the microwave. Really, traveling with a modern day RV is pretty much like being in a compact home that moves. RVers who travel with 40-foot rolling mansions, whose destinations are luxury RV resorts -- I don't think they ever consider themselves "campers." If they do, they're delusional.

Sometimes I hear people say (and I have said it myself), "oh, so and so camped in a Wal-Mart parking lot last night." Well, not true! That's not camping, at least in a traditional sense, by any stretch of the imagination. Yet what other word do we have? You can't say "oh, so and so RVed in a Wal-Mart parking lot last night." That sounds like they drove around in circles.

But, really, in the scheme of life this isn't a big deal. It was just something I was thinking as I drove I-90 on my way home.

Top photo: In the 1940s, we camped.
Bottom: Is this camping?

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kgjThree people were injured -- two seriously -- when a New Hampshire National Guard Humvee crashed into an RV near Chichester, N.H. The Humvee driver was last listed in stable condition in a hospital ICU.

A new Arnold Schwarzenegger action film will include sequences of a train plowing into a Winnebago motorhome. Stunt doubles will be seen tossed around in the rig as it rolls over several times. A Carrollton, Georgia welding firm is currently welding steel hoops around the coach to be used in the "rolling" scenes.

At least thirteen "partiers" piled into a motorhome in Nanaimo, B.C., complete with a drunk driver. Police stopped the motorhome at 3 a.m. The driver fled on foot and police made the passengers find their own way home as they impounded the RV.

In an ironic twist of fate, the body of Mick McDonald, a 50 year-old Brit, was carried to the crematorium in a hearse he converted from a VW camper van. McDonald's best friend was in the funeral business and asked the man for his help. During the project McDonald joked the conversion job, "would be the death of me." He died of a heart attack.

Hurricane Sandy has blown in more trouble for oil prices: The price of crude oil headed toward $110 on Tuesday on speculation of oil supplies for the East Coast.

Greenwood, Indiana RVers may soon be banned from parking their rigs in front of their homes or in driveways for more than 48 hours. City council members may vote to ban RV, boat, and trailer parking in order to maintain, "the aesthetic value of property," said one council member.

In another move against RV-unfriendly Australian towns, an RV group is putting together its own digital tourist maps of RV-friendly towns. Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia is also lobbying the government to change policies to allow more overnighting spots for RVs at lower costs.

Volkswagen will finally end production this December of its Kombi model, better known in the U.S. as the "VW Bus." The last bus will roll off a Brazilian production line, the victim of tougher safety standards. Kombi was the second of VW's creations (the "Bug" was first) and has been in production for 63 years.

A steel workers' union set up informational pickets at the Reese Hitch manufacturing plant in Goshen, Indiana last Monday in response to parent-company Cequent Performance Products possible decision to relocate hitch manufacturing to Mexico. More than 400 local jobs could be affected.

Australians prefer RVing to buying vacation homes. This according to a survey done for Jayco Australia. Of 1,000 surveyed, 56 percent would rather holiday by RV; 62 percent felt RVing was more cost-effective; and 63 percent said they'd think about buying an RV over vacationing abroad.

RV manufacturers report their wholesale movement of RVs for September beat that of September 2011 by almost 13 percent. So far this year, compared to the same time last year, the order of gain was highest for travel trailers, then fifth-wheels, Class A motorhomes and Class C motorhomes. Pop-up RVs actually sold fewer than in the same period of 2011.

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More News

After a four-month closure for a complete makeover, Iowa's Emerson Bay State Recreation Area on West Okoboji Lake is open again. The new campground has fewer campsites, but more with electric: 82 electric sites while 23 offer full hookups.

Bear problems have caused the Forest Service to ask people to not bring food into the Panthertown Valley area in North Carolina's Nantahala National Forest. For those wanting to camp in the area, USFS recommends camping in areas "used infrequently."

America’s 398 national parks will offer everyone free admission during the Veterans Day weekend, Nov. 10-12, in honor of those who serve and have served in the United States military.

Campers in Ohio should be on the lookout for ticks this winter. A cold-resistant tick has taken a shine to the Buckeye State. "Blacklegged ticks" are likely to be found in at least 26 counties.

Every year during the holidays, Amazon.com hires 50,000 temporary workers, many of them RVers who participate in the company's Camper Force program. Benefits include free parking, sometimes with hookups. Pay is between $10.50 and $12.25 an hour plus a bonus for staying the entire season. Locations are in Campbellsville, Kentucky; Coffeyville, Kansas; and Fernley, Nevada. Learn more.

Little Creek Casino Resort near Shelton, Washington has opened a full-hookup RV park. The complex has 44 campsites and is easily accessible via Highway 101. Cost: $35 per night.

If you live in Alabama and are a veteran, then your admission to state parks is free over Veteran's Day weekend.

On this date in history:
November 3
Compiled by Dell Bert

1911: Chevrolet officially enters the automobile market in competition with the Ford Model T.
1913: The USA introduces an income tax.
1917: First class mail now costs three cents per ounce.
1956: The "Wizard of Oz" is first televised (CBS-TV).
1970: President Nixon promises gradual troop removal in Vietnam.
1973: Good Morning America premieres on ABC.

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Women RVers:
RVer Mary Fountain has traveled the globe

Although technically living fulltime in an RV, Mary Fountain has always considered herself more of a traveler than an RVer. In fact, she has trekked around the planet ... several times. Read more.

Replacing 12 volt RV batteries with six volt batteries
An RVer recently attempted to change his coach's 12-volt battery bank over to six volt batteries. In the process he drew a large spark and nearly frightened himself to death. What's the right way to make the change-over? Here's how.

How to keep your email from being hijacked by bad guys
As you travel in your RV, email is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends. But there's a downside to this fabulous communication tool. Here is a terrific video that explains what can go wrong after you hit your send button and advice about what you can do to make sure your email and its sensitive information is not hijacked by bad guys. Watch the video.

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Beware of scammers
They are out there and they want your money. Russ and Tina De Maris report their encounter with one such person in a Wal-Mart parking lot. A nice young man, who claimed to be the manager of a local service station, approached with the warning "You must not know it, but you've got a real problem with your spring shackles." As it turned out, there was no problem at all beyond the young man being a crook. Read more.

How one RVing couple escaped Hurricane Sandy
Have you ever wondered what you would do if you got word that a major hurricane was headed where you were camped? That's what happened to Julianne Crane and her partner Jimmy Smith. While camping in the Smokey Mountains they became aware of the weather system (then Tropical Storm Sandy) brewing in the Caribbean. They decided to get away as fast as possible. Their normal driving days of 100 to 175 miles a day turned into 530 one day 717 another as they sped west. Here is their story.

Songwriter, singer is
"livin' at Wal-Mart in her little RV"

Pat Pepin is a sax player, guitarist and talented singer. And she's "Livin' at Walmart" in her little RV. See for yourself (and listen to the catchy song she wrote about it! This is really fun. Watch the video.

Why an RV is awesome during a major storm
Rich Miller, the Wanderman, lives 90 miles northeast of New York. Like millions of others in the Northeast, he lost power at his home during superstorm Sandy. Yet, he writes, "Here I sit, in a comfortable chair, working on this article. The lights are on, the heater humming away and food cooking on the stove. Meanwhile, outside there are high winds, steady rain and most of the town around me is dark." Read more.

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Hurricane Sandy and an RV air conditioner

Dear Gary,
Last night during Hurricane Sandy, the wind forced water, (about a pint), through my roof-mounted air conditioning unit. It dripped through and I was able to catch it in a pan. Will this have ruined the AC motor or should I just let it dry out and then see if it runs? How do I prevent this in the future? --Hilary T., (Sterling, VA)

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The RV Shrink

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Dear R.V. Shrink:
I have recently been self-diagnosed with mild claustrophobia. We retired five years ago and have been downsizing. My husband calls it “cultivating our detachments.” We had a 2,000 sq. ft. house full of stuff five years ago. We moved into a 40 ft. motorhome which I thought downsized us as far as humanly possible. We really didn’t like driving the monster so we downsized further to a 34 ft. fifth-wheel. My husband could not get used to parking a fifth-wheel so we downsized further to a 27 ft. class C motorhome. I was quite happy with the class C, but my husband, the fanatic, started checking out 17 ft. Casita travel trailers. At first he said he was just curious about them, then we ended up taking a factory tour, and now I live in one. I have to admit I love the little thing, but we had to go through a lot of adjustments in coordinating our sleeping, eating and leisure activities. . . . Continued

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Dickson Mounds Museum
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RVing to Newfoundland
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