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Weekend of November 10, 2012

Issue 559 of RV Travel
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Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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A few miscellaneous things:

First, on my recent trip across the USA and back, I traveled with a new mattress and new sheets. That may not sound like a big deal, but it was to me: the mattress that came with my Winnebago View motorhome was thin foam and barely adequate. So I picked up a new memory foam mattress from Mattress Insider, which vastly improved my sleeping experience. The company makes custom mattresses for any size RV bed. If your RV bed is uncomfortable, you might want to check out its website. Because a memory foam mattress can be rolled up tightly, it is easily shipped.

Also, as most of you know, RV beds come in all sizes. They are seldom the same as our beds at home, so store-bought sheets do not fit properly. Consequently, it's a pain to make a bed. I don't know why I hadn't bought custom sized sheets before, but I finally did from a South Carolina company called A.B. Lifestyles, which makes its products in the USA, not China. The bottom and top sheet fit snugly so making the bed is ten times easier. The top sheet is also fitted (at its bottom), so it stays put. Bedding is available in all sizes or can be ordered to fit. You can learn more at the company's website.

* * *
Some readers have written to me about our increased use of videos in this newsletter, urging me to run fewer because they are on fixed bandwidth plans and cannot watch very often without incurring extra charges. But from what I can tell, the vast majority of you CAN watch videos without any issues, and I believe you appreciate them. It does not seem right to me, therefore, to avoid posting videos to accommodate the relatively small number of readers with bandwidth issues. The fact is, the use of video on the Internet is growing fast and will continue to do so. So I believe it is in the greater good to continue posting them here where they add value to the issues. I wish I could please everyone, but, alas, that's impossible. And, really, when it comes right down to it, most of the newsletter is text and photos, not videos, as it will continue to be.

* * *
We are now on final approach with our new RV Daily Tips newsletter which will debut Monday, November 26. I urge you to sign up. I am thrilled by how it is shaping up. Each concise issue (published every weekday) will contain two valuable tips about how to make your RVing better (as well as a contest most days with great prizes). It will be, I believe, the single best source of RVing tips and tricks anywhere. I think you will be impressed. Keep in mind that if you sign up and then decide you don't want it, you can easily unsubscribe in about 10 seconds. Sign up here (and check out our other newsletters as well).

* * *
And, finally, and most important, on this Veteran's Day weekend I would like to thank the members of our military, past and present. You protect our freedom, often at great personal sacrifice, and I, for one, wish to say how much I appreciate all you do or have done. And for those of you in Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand (yes, we have many readers in these countries) who are celebrating Rememberance Day, thank you for being our great friends during times of conflict, when we stand united to help ensure peace for all.

If you have a comment about this essay or this newsletter in general, please feel free to leave it at our forum.

* * *
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RVers at Quail Ridge RV Resort in Huachuca City, Arizona had an unexpected visitor in the form of a young black bear. The same bear had earlier visited an area golf course and had been relocated; this time officials "euthanized" the unwelcome bruin.
Free entry to all National Parks on Veterans Day weekend. Vets get perks: Free cruise at Boston Harbor Islands NRA and free entry to the Gettysburg National Military Park museum. More info.

Members of the RV club, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), have deluged the club's home office asking how they could help Hurricane Sandy victims. The group says those who log onto the FMCA.com website will be given pointers to agencies where they can offer help.

The small New Mexico village of Eagle Nest thinks it may have found a way to attract RVer dollars: Install a dump station. Council members are mulling over a commercially installed pay-as-you-dump station. No hurry, they say, they've got until next spring to make a decision.

Remember that '70s tune, "Midnight at the Oasis?" Folk-blues singer Maria Muldaur is still in the business and says an RV is just the rig for touring. Her 40-foot motorhome allows her to "Make chili or gumbo at 70 miles an hour." Muldaur says her RV envy is a Monaco Dynasty with plenty of slide-outs.

Contributions have enabled 24 acres of land at Montana's Travelers' Rest State in Park in Lolo to be moved to public ownership. In addition, a museum and visitor center are now state owned. The total value of the transactions: $1.25 million.

Snowbirds from Saskatchewan just got some relief: The provincial government has declared snowbirds can get up to six-months worth of medications under their health plan before leaving the country. Previously, health-care plan members were reimbursed for only three months of medication.

Hurricane Sandy has brought a windfall of sorts to New Jersey RV park owners. Across the state campgrounds are reporting hoards of relief workers seeking places to park their rigs, in addition to displaced residents. Many New Jersey campgrounds normally close seasonally on October 31 but are staying open for the business.

Best Parks in America has added two new affiliated resorts, the Great Outdoors RV Resort in Franklin, N.C., and Emerald Desert RV Resort in Palm Desert, Calif.
A man who used Birch Creek Campground in Idaho as a place to burn insulation off copper wiring could spend 10 years in jail and get a $250,000 fine for his efforts. The unlawful burning left lead in the ground and a $3,500 cost to the federal government for cleanup.

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More news

October's California RV Show in Pomona drew larger crowds this year, up more than six-percent from the 2011 show.

Under 55 but want to live in a Florida senior RV park? Florida law says one person living in the site must be over 55. If that person should die, the under 55 can stay on.

RV auction watcher Beggs Black Book reports the prices on used rigs continues to be volatile. October sales prices on motorhomes fell eight percent to an average of $40,364 while towable units pushed up almost nine percent to an average sale price of $10,673.

Military vets and families can get a free breakfast or lunch in Florida this Sunday and Monday, courtesy of RV dealer Giant Recreation World. The company says they hope to get, "A big restaurant bill" in honor of veterans. More info.

RVers at the Klamath Beach Resort near Yreka, California may be surprised at the sound of hoof-beats in the dawn. A herd of feral horses frequently pass through on their way to a river for a drink. Photo: (Not at Yreka).

LaMesa RV has opened its third location in Florida in Ft. Myers. The company now has 12 stores in the USA including other Florida locations in Sanford and West Palm Beach.

Come April 2013, campers will be limited to a 14-day consecutive stay during any 20-day period in New Mexico State Parks. Currently the limit is 21 out of 28. The state wants to make campsites more available to weekend and short-term users.

On this date in history:
November 10
Compiled by Dell Bert

1925: Actor Richard Burton is born.
1951: The first long distance telephone call without operator assistance is made.
1954: The Iwo Jima Memorial (servicemen raising U.S. flag) is dedicated in Arlington, Virgina.
1960: The senate passes the landmark Civil Rights Bill.
1980: Dan Rather refuses to pay his cabbie, CBS pays the $12.55 fare.
1982: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial opens.
1989: Germans begin demolishing the Berlin Wall.

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Spare your awning in rain -- tilt it!
Having an awning on your RV is a real blessing: Shade on hot, sunny days, and a bit of protection from those "light" rain days. But awnings are touchy beasts, if they get too much water they can fill up and the added weight can literally break things. Read more.

Why do tire valves leak?
Many times people who experience a tire blowout insist they have checked their tire pressure and that they have an accurate gauge. So they blame the failure on a defective tire. However, the failure could have been caused by a bad cap on the tire's valve. Read more.

Sick dog prompts couple to hit the road with their RV
In 2007, Rene Agredano and her husband Jim Nelson set out for a RV trip. Five years later, they are still on the road. As they approached their 40s, they gave up their businesses in favor of traveling with their fifth wheel trailer after their beloved dog Jerry was diagnosed with terminal cancer. In this four minute video from PBS, Rene and Jim talk about their life on the road and Jerry, who even when he became a three-legged dog after a life-prolonging amputation, still enjoyed traveling, being outside and playing. Watch the video.

RVer is impressed with portable waterless toilet
We recently wrote about a new waterless toilet called the Dry Flush. Most readers who commented on the article were not impressed. But one reader, John Farr, was impressed and sent us this email after using the device. Read it.

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Full-timing with a cat? Why not?
Many thinking about the full-time lifestyle wonder about the changes they'll need to make. For some, they're concerned whether they'll be able to bring a treasured family member with them, their cat. Cats are indeed peculiar creatures and its certainly an important consideration. Will Kitty (Max, Tigger, Chloe, etc) adapt to RVing? Here are some thoughts.

How to load a truck camper onto your truck
Thinking about getting a truck camper but put-off by the thought of trying to load it? Here's a video that walks you through the process. Watch the video.

Getting into tight spots:
The Wanderman installs a back up camera

The motorhome of handyman Rich Miller came without a back up camera. "The heck with that," he decided just recently. And being a guy who is always on the prowl for a new do-it-yourself project, he installed one. Read about how he did it.

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RV tire economics after the purchase
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Oh, my goodness!

You have NEVER seen an RV like this!
This RV is for real, and there is little doubt that it's one of a kind. We have never seen anything like this, and we bet you haven't either. Is it a motorhome? Is it a trailer? Is it a pop up trailer? Yes. Yes. Yes. See a photo and learn the story of the unusual and bizarre looking recreational vehicle.

For beginning RVers:
So you haven't yet learned how to use the toilet?

A new RVer lamented that his family had bought a used rig and had taken it out a couple of times. During those trips they'd used the shower and the sinks but never the toilet. With notable embarrassment he confessed that he and his family did not know how to use it. Are you in such a predicament? Well, fear not, help is on the way. And here it is.

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Laid Back Luxury
on the Emerald Coast

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores is one of the top rated resorts in the country. With top of the line amenities, incredible staff, and exquisite lots, this Class A only resort is just minutes from the sugar-fine sands of the Alabama Gulf coast. Come see how they live at Bella Terra of Gulf Shores by visiting its website BellaTerraRVresort.com or by calling one of the resort representatives at (866) 417-2416.


Upcoming RV Shows
See the long list of upcoming RV shows for 2013.

More than 2,000 places to stay for free or less than $10 in an RV.

Latest RV Recalls
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National Park Service Camping Guide
This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys camping in a National Park. Learn about nearly 450 campgrounds in 123 National Parks, recreation areas, monuments, and other areas managed by the National Park Service which all together are home to more than 25,000 campsites. Quantity is limited! Learn more or order.

Latest fuel prices
Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel.
Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.47 (on November 9)
Change from week before: Down 5 cents
Diesel: $4.01 (on November 5)
Change from week before: Down 2 cents

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RV DoctorAsk the Doctor
The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions.

New this year: Gary's eBook, The RV Doctor's Technical Guide to RV Electrical Systems. Learn all about your RV's 120-volt electrical system. Order now and be reading a few minutes later.

Hot water heater works, but nothing coming out of faucets. 
Dear Gary,
The 10-gallon water heater in my Holiday Rambler is still producing hot water but there is nothing coming out of the faucets. It's as if there is no water pressure; there is no leak evident. When I turn the bypass valve to the "off" position, I noticed that water is still flowing into the water heater because I pulled the plastic drain plug and either way, the water was flowing into the heater and draining out the drain hole. If the valve is bad would this be the answer as to why there is no pressure coming out of the faucet? Kevin, (Virginia Beach, VA)

Read Gary's response.


RVers Best Public Campgrounds
This is a terrific guide for RVers who like to stay in public campgrounds not too far off the beaten path. It lists hundreds of such campgrounds within a 30-minute drive from an Interstate highway. They include those managed by the feds, state, county or cities. Overnight fees for most campgrounds are $19 or less. The campgrounds will accommodate most RVs. Learn more or order for only $17.95

The RV Shrink

"I don't need help backing up," she says.

Dear R.V. Shrink:
We are novice RV owners. We bought a large fifth wheel and my husband does all the driving. I do not care to drive it at all. My job is to help him back it into camping sites. Last week I was backing him in when a gentleman from an adjoining site came over and started giving my husband hand signals and kind of taking over my duties. I thought it was rude. He didn’t even ask me if we needed help. It was as if he was dismissing me. I felt rejected and let him park my husband into the fairly easy access site. After it was all over my husband seemed a little ticked. He didn’t say much to the neighbor, but later went ballistic with me. He said he never wanted a stranger to back him in again. It was my job and I should have let the guy know that we didn’t need his help. So we were both upset with the neighbor, but it seems we took it out on each other. Does that make any sense? --Back me up in Big Bear Lake

Read the RV Shrink's response.

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Joke of the week
A man and a giraffe walk into a bar. "A beer for me and one for my giraffe," the man says, and he then orders another round and another. Eventually, the giraffe passes out on the floor. The man pays his tab and gets up to leave. The bartender asks, "Hey, you're not going to leave that lyin' on the floor are you?" The man replies, "That's not a lion, it's a giraffe."

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2012 Milepost Directory
DVD: RVing Alaska with Joe and Vicki Kieva
Traveler's Guide to Alaska Camping
Guide to the Alaska Highway
The World Famous Alaska Highway
DVD: Alaska By RV
More Alaska Books

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Odds and Ends

Northwest RVer
Washington State Parks seeks funding to keep parks open.
Tour Washington's Olympic Peninsula in this video.

Save $4.95 on Wal-Mart guides!
Here are two great guides to Wal-Mart stores, the "Wal-Mart Atlas" (Second edition, published 2011) and the "Wherezitat? Locate A Wal-Mart Pocket Guide" (includes stores that DO NOT allow overnight stays). You get the Wherezitat guide for FREE with the purchase of the Atlas, packaged together to save you $4.95 over purchasing separately. Get both guides for only $24.95, a $29.90 value! Learn more or order.

Tech Tips from Mark Polk

Third annual "cold RVing" online e-magazine

We have posted the annual RV cold weather issue of our online magazine RV Consumer. There is no charge to read it. Learn how to winterize your RV in seven easy steps, read an article on interior and exterior RV winter checks, discover why so many snowbirds head to Arizona during the cold winter months, get some tips and hints on maintaining RV batteries in cold weather and much more. To read the issue, click here and then click the cover of the magazine. You'll be reading it in seconds.

Learn more about RV repair and maintenance from Mark's many helpful books and DVDs at RVbookstore.com.

Guide To The
Firearm Laws of the 50 States

RVers who travel with a firearm may not know that what's legal in their home state may be a felony in another. This 2012 guidebook explains current, specific gun laws for every state. Don't cross a state line with a gun without knowing the laws. Learn more or order.

RV Short Stops

Fat Smitty's
Port Townsend, Washington

Chances are excellent you've never eaten a hamburger as gigantic as the signature creation at Fat Smitty's on U.S. 101 near Port Townsend on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Here is how one diner described the Fat Smitty's Burger on Yelp.com: "The waiter recommended putting all your weight into squashing it down with your palm on top of the burger, then picking it up and not putting it down again until you were all done." He later wrote, "There was no way I could finish it." Ditto, say most other diners. You can't miss Fat Smitty's: just look for the chainsaw art outside. The figure with the ample tummy and red hat is the likeness of Fat Smitty himself, Carl Schmidt. Until recently nearly every square inch of ceilings and walls was plastered with customer-supplied dollar bills. Last January, the local Boy Scouts took most of them down. The result: a $3,000 donation to the scouts and $7,316 to St. Jude's Research Hospital in Memphis.

Essential for owners of large RVs!
2012 Big Rigs
Best Bets Campground Directory

If you drive a king-sized RV, this directory is for you. The authors provide details about RV parks in 49 states and seven Canadian provinces that welcome long RVs. All parks personally visited by the authors, who even recommend best sites in each one plus nearby attractions. A must for big rig owners. Learn more or order.

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Last week's Zip Codes: 87020, 21865, 75435, 10150, 10527

Bill's Hints

 Carbon monoxide detectors
“A CO detector is a must. Install one and test it regularly.”
 -- From Motorhomes Made Easy


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Quickie Berbere
In Ethiopia, where this seasoning is basic to so many everyday dishes, a long list of spices are toasted and mixed to make a complex blend of flavors.  Recipes vary from household to household. To kick up RV meals here is a quick, shortcut version of Berbere to stir up in your galley. Get the recipe.

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Anyone who has dreamed of living on the road in an RV will find Living Aboard Your RV invaluable in planning and living the lifestyle.  Author Janet Groene, with her vast experience as a full-time RVer, has put all the essential information in one volume, covering all the necessary topics from choice of RV to electronic communication, costs, banking issues and so much more.  Even those who plan to travel only a few months of the year - or seasonally - should read this.  Learn more or order.

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Guide to Class C Motorhomes
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Guide to Winterizing Your RV

The Empire State Building officially opened on May 1, 1931. President Herbert Hoover pressed a button in Washington, D.C., and on came the lights in the world's tallest skyscraper.

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Random RV Thought
Winter is coming soon, and that means rain. If you will be using your RV in the winter or storing it outside, be sure to have its roof inspected for leaks. Leaking water can severely damage your RV's structure, and you will not enjoy paying the bill to fix it!

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Worth Pondering
The Cowboy must never shoot first, hit a smaller man or take unfair advantage.
He must never go back on his word or a trust confided in him.
He must always tell the truth.
He must be gentle with children, the elderly and animals.
He must not advocate or possess racially or religiously intolerant ideas.
He must help people in distress.
He must be a good worker.
He must keep himself clean in thought, speech, action and personal habits.
He must respect women, parents and his nation's laws.
The Cowboy is a patriot.

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