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Weekend of March 2, 2013

Issue 575 of RV Travel
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New Texas
RV Resort Opens

The Preserve RV Resort launches with limited-time owner incentives, free preview stays and exclusive rally giveaways. Located just outside of Houston, this unique 2,000 acre resort property boasts oversized RV sites, walking trails, fishing lakes and white sandy beachfront. Visit www.preserveRVresort.com to learn more.

Editor's corner

With Chuck Woodbury
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The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places in America and easy to explore with an RV. The pavement is good, there's not much traffic (except in peak tourist season) and there are many wonderful state park campgrounds (most with 30 amp hookups and spacious sites for large RVs). I traveled part of the Oregon coast in January and was reminded again of its beauty.

U.S. Highway 101 hugs the ocean shore often, and everywhere you turn there's a state park or U.S. Forest Service campground (some a short walk from the beach). There are many attractions along the way (besides the magnificent beaches). Visit the Sea Lion Caves near Florence or the funky tourist shops in Seaside. Drop by the library in Brookings to see a sword worn by a Japanese aviator who flew a single engine plane, launched from a submarine, into the area during World War II and dropped a few bombs (with fizzling results). It was the only attack on the U.S. mainland during the war by enemy aircraft.

Visit the little town of Bandon, where brave souls gather in winter to experience the often foul weather at the "Storm Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast." Walk to the nearby lighthouse for some wonderful photo opportunities.

In Newport, visit the incredible aquarium or indulge in great clam chowder at the legendary Mo's, right on the wharf. Farther north, pause in Tillamook at its famous cheese factory and partake of the tasty free samples. Near the northern tip of the Oregon coast, visit a replica of Fort Clatsop, where explorers Lewis and Clark spent a soggy winter.

What I like a lot about the Oregon coast (besides its wonderful state parks and campgrounds) are the countless pullouts along the highway where you can park and then stroll to the beach. In the Lincoln City area, keep an eye out for volleyball-sized glass floats that once supported the fishing nets of Japanese fisherman, but broke loose and in most cases drifted at sea for a decade before washing up on shore. It's rare to find one these days, but the local chamber of commerce plants a couple of thousand small reproductions each year as a publicity gimmick.

Sad to say that what IS easy to find these days on the beach is debris from the tsumani in Japan two years ago. Bring along a trash bag and pick some up. Or collect a bunch of little plastic pieces like I found and assemble them into a work of art. (see photo).

P.S. Hold your emails: I put my email address in this newsletter so you know where to write to if you have a comment or suggestion. But, please, do not email me asking how to repair your RV, or for something that is readily available by a search at Google. I apologize to those of you who have emailed me and I have not responded. I simply do not have the time. The best RV repair and maintence advice is the RV Doctor website. Or post your question in our Reader Forum, where hopefully you will get a helpful reply. I wish I had time to answer all the emails or do your research for you, but the last time I looked there were only 24 hours in a day, and I need to sleep for at least a few of those.

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Houston, Texas RV dealer Holiday World is giving away a Keystone Springdale Fireside trailer. The winner will be chosen in a random drawing in December. More for rules and to enter.

After being caught short on production of Class A motorhome chassis, Ford has announced it will jack up production of its 6.8 liter V-10 units by 25 percent this year.

An event band, "Party on the Moon" that played for President Obama's inauguration recently drew crowds when it closed down part of Georgia's Interstate 85. The band's RV hit a cable barrier, crossed all lanes, and flipped on its side. Twelve passengers were hurt.

A Fallston, Maryland RV park developer has asked officials to postpone a hearing for a zoning variance for his proposed campground. Michael Euler, Sr., wants to hold off the hearing while he discusses "possible alternate uses" for the property with some of the 500 local residents who oppose his project.

Ocean Shores, Washington officials want public comment on what's described as years of controversy regarding RVs in the city. Should RVs be allowed on developed lots with a residence? Can their use be allowed while a home is being built? A March 25 hearing will take testimony.

Camping World says it will open a new retail store and RV dealership in Eugene, Oregon this September. The site will be off Interstate 5 at Exit 199.

British Columbia, Canada residents can now stay out-of-country a month longer without losing their provincial health insurance. A legislation change now allows residents to be gone seven months a year.

Local government associations are pushing for more control over Burning Man, the annual Nevada festival of "community, art, and radical self-expression." The associations want legislation that upholds "the right of the local governments to ensure activities that occur on these lands is compliant with local land use, zoning, special event and public health and safety codes..."

La Cañada Flintridge, California RVers may have to pay $730 if they want to park their rigs at home. A proposed ordinance would demand that a fee for a city "review" to see how RV storage on private property would affect neighbors. The city council will consider the matter March 4.

Grant County, Washington fairgrounds officials want to build a new dump station at the fairgrounds near Moses Lake. RVers would be asked to pay a fee to help recoup costs of building a 2,000 gallon holding tank and dump apron.

Florida Highway Patrol will defer enforcement of a new law requiring Canadians and other foreign travelers to have an International Driving Permit to operate a vehicle in Florida. The state is urging other police agencies to do the same.

The Route 66 RV Network has added three new dealers to its Canada line up — In Ontario: Smith’s RV Centre in Thunder Bay and Outdoor Travel in Hamilton. In Quebec, Roulettes A.S. Levesque is now aboard in Chateauguay. The RV dealers network now has 15 locations in Canada and about 135 in the USA.

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More news

Concessionaire Xanterra Parks and Resorts has landed a 20-year renewal of its contract for visitor services in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park. While getting a fee for its services, Xanterra will also be required to make many facilities improvements, including renovations at Fishing Bridge RV Park.

Internet giant, Google, has plans for a new headquarters in Mountain View, California. Drawings of "Googleplex" show the giant building will include rooftop recreation: Jogging, biking and scooter riding. Even tents are shown on the roof – but evidently no room for RVs.

A Madison County, Illinois couple, Charles and Cheri Creekmore, say their new Thor Challenger motorhome is so disappointing, they're suing Thor for a full refund or "adequate repairs." They say their coach was in the shop for more than 30 business days while still under warranty and the problems were never satisfactorily fixed.

A gunman who shot and wounded a guest at the Silver Spur RV Park in Silverton, Oregon and was subsequently shot and killed by police had been evicted from the park the previous week. Park owners say the man had been delusional, saying a group was trying to pump gas into his travel trailer. He had threatened to kill park residents.

Shipments of new RVs from manufacturers to dealers skyrocketed in January. In comparison to January, 2012, shipments were up 30.5 percent overall. January's shipment rate was up more than 12 percent from December 2012.

Planning an RV trip to New Hampshire? The state's campground owners' association wants you to have its 2013 Camping Guide. It lists 41 public and 145 private campgrounds. Get your free copy here.

Fulltime RVers' group, the Escapees RV Club, says it will hold its 53rd Escapade June 30 through July 5 at Gillette, Wyoming's Cam-Plex. More than 1,700 sites will be ready for "SKPs" and friends.

Despite the objections of citizens, the Gulf Breeze, Florida city council has voted to ban parking of RVs and other vehicles on private lawns. The ordinance requires residents to park their rigs only on developed parking pads or driveways. A similar ordinance was shot down two years ago when locals fought it.

Winding Roads by Joe Schmidt

On this date in history:
March 2
Compiled by Dell Bert

1867: The original Department of Education was created.
1899: President McKinley signs bill creating Mt. Rainier National Park.
1923: Time magazine debuts.
1925: Nationwide road numbering system and U.S. shield marker adopted.
1953: The Academy Awards are first broadcast on television by NBC.
1974: First class postage raised to 10 cents from eight cents.
1983: Compact Disc recordings developed by Phillips and Sony are introduced.
1983: The final episode of M*A*S*H has 125 million viewers.

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Two ways to help keep your RV generator running smoothly.

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Why your tires do not last longer.
How to generate more power from your RV roof solar panels

Don't trust your GPS!
How to take a shower using very little water.

Easy way to keep a flashlight handy in an emergency.
How to determine a vehicle's tow rating.

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How about a recirculating RV toilet?
An RVer moving into the world of "boondocking" away from the world of RV parks and utility sites was concerned about dumping black water. After another RVer showed him his recirculating toilet, the question arose: Wouldn't a recirculating toilet be just the thing for boondockers? Or any RVer? Read more.

An overview of RV solar panel installation
The RV Geeks provide an overview of their solar set-up. They show the general layout and components of the system, including the panels themselves, the wiring and the solar controller and about the benefits of including a simple and inexpensive tilt kit, which allows tilting the solar panels up in the winter, when the sun is lower on the horizon. Read more and watch the RV Geeks' video.

ABCs of RV shopping: Slide-in truck campers
In our series on the ABCs of RV shopping we've talked about motorhomes and towables of all sorts. While not a "towable" as such, there is one other non-motorized RV that fills a real need for some RVers: Slide-in truck campers. These non-motorized units don’t tow behind you — instead they slide into the bed of your pickup truck. If you want to tow a horse trailer or a boat, for example, a truck camper is a natural because you can have your RV and tow your stuff too. Read more.

New Luxury RV Lots Opening Soon!
Bella Terra Prepares for Opening of Final Phase

Bella Terra of Gulf Shores in Foley, AL is an attraction in and of itself. The Class A motorcoach-only luxury RV resort just minutes from the sugar-fine sands of the Gulf is designed with the discriminating RVer in mind. It includes a Grand Clubhouse with outdoor fire pit, putting greens, private bath houses, expansive lake views and other amenities. In March, 2013, the third and final phase of the resort opens for sale with some of the best locations. Buyers can custom design their own resort lot upon purchase. Visit bellaterrarvresort.com to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Electric power from any heat source. Really? Part 1
The Wanderman, Rich Miller, writes: "While working on another article, I stumbled across a few products that can convert heat directly into electricity. Hmmm....sounds like a great way to scavenge some watts back to our batteries when we are using our heaters. Especially the typical forced hot air RV furnace. Will this really work? Let's take a closer look.
How to install disc brakes on a travel trailer
Brakes on a travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer are a critical component to stopping the trailer safely. In this informative RV how-to video, Mark Polk with RV Education 101 demonstrates how to install disc brakes by Kodiak Trailer Components and an ActuLink electric/hydraulic actuator by DirecLink on a travel trailer. Watch the video.

RV tires: Cut or cracked?
Our RV tire expert discusses tires returned by customers claiming a crack in the tire. But is it really a crack or a cut? Read more.

Bring back the shine to your RV's fiberglass
One of the biggest complaints among RV owners with fiberglass exteriors? Oxidation. An oxidized finish is just plain dull and sick looking. Regular finish upkeep (and staying out of the sun — an impossible task for most of us) are about the only things that can prevent the curse of an oxidized exterior. Read more.

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Full-time RVing:
Rent out your house while fulltiming?

Getting ready to go full-timing, but don't want to (or can't) sell your house? What's to do? You could leave it empty, but if your choice is to try and rent it out, you're faced with a new set of questions: How do you handle the property while you're out on the road? A number of fulltiming RVers have weighed in on the subject and we've boiled down much of what's been said.

Saving the planet with an RV!
Earth, 2476 AD. You probably guessed it, the planet has gone through another apocalypse, and there's a need for salvation. Enter Ark II and its intrepid crew (including a chimp in a space suit) in their high-tech RV cum science laboratory saving the planet. Read more and see pics.

Women RVers
Meet extended time RVer Vivian Grybko

The first thing one notices when entering Vivian Grybko's 24-foot motorhome is that it must be hard for her to let go of things. "What can I say," shrugs Vivian. "It's just me. I don't set out to collect things, they just seem to accumulate." Read more.

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RVing Route 66
Join RVer and filmmaker John Holod as he cruises the Mother Road from Chicago to L.A. by motorhome, with stops along the way at all the classic attractions. Even though the road was bypassed by Interstates, much of it is still there, and easy to drive with an RV. If you plan to travel this historic highway or have already done so, RV Adventure: Route 66 is for you. Learn more or order at a discounted price.


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Regular unleaded gasoline: $3.72 (on March 1)
Change from week before: No change
Diesel: $4.15 (on February 25)
Change from week before: No change

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2013 Big Rigs
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RV DoctorAsk the Doctor
The RV Doctor, Gary Bunzer, answers your questions.

Need advice about redoing fabric around slideout edges

Dear Gary,
I have a 2003 Safari Zanzibar and want to redo the fabric around the slideout edges. It appears that the few screws on the front are not the only ones holding this trim on. Are they also attached from the back? How do I get to them? I enjoy your column. We have been RVing since 1967. —King F., (Anderson, SC)

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RVers Best Public Campgrounds
This is a terrific guide for RVers who like to stay in public campgrounds not too far off the beaten path. It lists hundreds of such campgrounds within a 30-minute drive from an Interstate highway. They include those managed by the feds, state, county or cities. Overnight fees for most campgrounds are $19 or less. The campgrounds will accommodate most RVs. Learn more or order for only $17.95

The RV Shrink

Wife is a closet pessimist

Dear RV Shrink:
My wife is a closet pessimist. She seems positive most of the time, but she has this irritating habit of calling tiny incidents “Murphy’s Law.” It’s harmless but it drives me nuts. I always know when it’s coming. We will be driving across flat, empty Texas for hours without seeing another vehicle and just when I come to a narrow bridge I will pass a semi-trailer. I hear from the passenger seat, “Murphy’s Law.” The dump station will be empty all morning as we prepare to leave a campground and just as I pull up to dump, someone else will pull in ahead of me. Again, I hear from the passenger seat, “Murphy’s Law.” The examples go on and on….

Read the remainder of the question and the Doc's response.

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In the RVtravel.com Forum

Signal disappeard
"While watching TV via Direct TV my signal disappeared. As my coach is under warranty I returned to the dealer and was informed that the computer needed to be updated and that would cost $150 I do not have a deductible, what is this all about?"

Seeks input about tow bar
"Just bought a Honda CRV to tow behind my 31-foot Tioga motorhome. Thinking about buying a Blue Ox Aladdin tow bar, and the Blue Ox Patriot brake system. Any comments or help?"

Truck buying advice for pulling travel trailer
"I need some advice regarding the purchase of a pick-up truck to tow our travel trailer. We have a 30 foot travel trailer with a gross vehicle weight of 9000 lbs. We plan on doing a lot of traveling, including across country and into Canada. We looked at a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500. The salesman said the 2013's can tow up to 11,500 lbs. Any thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated."

2013 RV Buyers Guide
Whether you're dreaming about buying a new RV or are actively shopping, the 2013 RV Buyers Guide created by Trailer Life is your best source for learning what you need to know about virtually every new RV on the market — motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheelers, folding camping trailers, truck campers and other RVs — with complete information about construction features, dimensions, popular options and more. Learn more or order.

Joke of the week
On a rural road a state trooper pulled over a farmer and said, "Sir, did you know that your wife fell out of your truck several miles back?" "Thank God!" said the farmer. "I thought I had gone deaf."

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DVD: RVing Alaska with Joe and Vicki Kieva
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RV News Service
Sequestration looms over National Parks.

Save on Mountain Directories
East & West

Driving into the mountains with your RV? Be careful, there are some nasty grades. Here, in two volumes, are the premier guides to the mountain passes and steep grades of the American East and West -- more than 700 passes all together. You save $5 when buying both these guides together. Learn more or order for only $26.90 for both volumes.

Tech Tips from Mark Polk

Preventive engine maintenance for towing or motorhome
There are some easy ways to increase the life of your tow vehicle or motorhome’s engine. A little bit of preventive maintenance (PM) now can pay big dividends in the long run. What’s that old saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! So, what can we do to extend the life of your tow vehicle, motorhome, or your automobile engine? Let’s take a look.

Learn more about RV repair and maintenance from Mark's many helpful books and DVDs at RVbookstore.com.

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Guide To The Firearm Laws of the 50 States
RVers who travel with a firearm may not know that what's legal in their home state may be a felony in another. This 2013 book explains current, specific gun laws for every state. Don't cross a state line with a gun without knowing the laws. Learn more or order.

RV Short Stops

Little Congress Bicycle Museum
Cumberland Gap, Tenn.
Bicycles function as reminders of the way things were and harbingers of things to come. Many bicycle innovations, ball bearings and tubing manufacturing were incorporated, not only in automobiles, but also airplanes, particularly with the Wright Brothers. This museum's mission is to represent the past with carefully selected bicycles which combine styling that is principally based upon market, theory and engineering with historical and cultural significance. The oldest bike on display is the 1897 Wolf American which has wooden rims. Admission to the museum is free. It's located at 807 Llewellyn Street
Cumberland Gap. Call (423) 869-9993 for more information.

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Carbon monoxide detectors
Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before every trip. Replace batteries at least annually.” —From Motorhomes Made Easy


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"My goal in life is to have a psychiatric disorder named after me" (submitted by John Jamieson)
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Durham, North Carolina once hosted the Rose Bowl game — the January 1, 1942 contest between Duke and Oregon State. It's the only Rose Bowl not held in Pasadena, California. The game was moved to the East Coast because of security concerns after the December 7 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Choosing an RV: A Logical Approach (with Joe & Vicki Kieva)
Do It Yourself RV Care (with the RV Doctor)
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Tow Your 5th Wheel Trailer Like a Pro

SECRET PHRASE. Hubert thought Nelda's once-beautiful nose looked like a Small Mouth Bass.

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Big Rigs Best Bets Campground Directory. THE directory for owners of big RVs.
The Fifth Wheel Bible: The only book just about fifth wheel trailers.

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Whenever you are backing up your car or RV, only back as far as you absolutely need to. When you feel you have backed just far enough, stop and go forward. There is a whole lot more chance of bumping something when going backward than forward.

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"Change means the unknown." — Eleanor Roosevelt

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Chuck Woodbury has explored America by RV for nearly three decades. In the '90s he published the quirky travel newspaper Out West, and was an "on the road" writer for the New York Times Syndicate. His RVing adventures have been profiled on ABC News, CNN, NBC's Today Show, and in People Magazine, USA Today and in hundreds of newspapers.  These days, he lives near Seattle where he drinks massive amounts of coffee and travels often in his motorhome and sometimes by plane when vast expanses of saltwater would turn his RV into a leaky submarine. He is the host of the Better Business Bureau DVD "Buying a Recreational Vehicle," the definitive guide to purchasing an RV the right way.

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