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Monday, May 21, 2007

Our Ferry Ride was Part Of The Adventure.

What a perfect way to experience 5-6 hours of travel. No driving – just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Recently John and I spent a fantastic 6-weeks in Newfoundland. What a wonderful experience! Because we have dogs - they must stay in the vehicle or in on board kennels - so we chose the shorter 5-6 hour trip to Port Aux Basque (west Newfoundland) rather than the longer route to St John’s.

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NEWFOUNDLAND (NFLD) TOURISM INFO – 1- 800-563-6353 – www.gov.nf.ca/tourism

Marine Atlantic Ferry Terminal – 1-800-341-7981 (Press O for assistance).

*** There is 500 miles (812 km) of Island highway between the two Ferry docking points that leave from North Sydney, NS – Sailing times, departures times, length of sail vary.
*** Rates depend on the length of your unit, vehicles and passengers costs are separate. RV rates begin with vehicles over 20’. Reservations are highly recommended. No restrictions on length of RV.

1. To Port Aux Basques (5.5 to 6.5 hours) – Rates differ – passengers extra.

NOTE: John and I travelled the short route to and from the Island during the summer of 2005. We have a 38-foot motorhome with car plus two-passengers. COST to travel separate was $295.00 (NO Tax) – on return we stayed connected - $317.00. Rates may change for 2006
may seem high but if you associate it as a tank of gas/fuel for a 6.5-hour trip it becomes reasonable.

2. To Argentia (14 hours) – Rates again differ – passengers extra.

3. Pets must travel in your vehicle. Our Vet prescribed tranquilizers.

4. Kennels are available.

Features of the ship

See my many pictures of our outstanding trip here

Enjoy your getaway to the incredible one-of-kind Island (The Rock) in Eastern Canada, We did! Travel safe Peggi