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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2008 Guide to Dinghy Towing now available

If you plan to pull a vehicle behind your motorhome, the 2008 Guide to Dinghy Towing from Motorhome Magazine should be an essential resource about how to do it -- and do it right. The slim but info-packed book outlines which 2008-model cars, SUVs and trucks can be pulled behind an RV with all four wheels down. Most vehicles are not classified by their manufacturers as suitable for towing because of concerns about damage to automatic transmissions. If a vehicle is not included in this guide, then it’s not officially approved for flat towing. Another very important consideration is the towing capacity of the motorhome chassis. This 2008 guide includes a comprehensive section that includes virtually all the major RV chassis and their weight ratings, plus information about towing equipment and dinghy braking systems. The editors profile many different tow bars to help you decide what’s best for you. The 2008 Guide to Dinghy Towing is a slim 32-pages, but it contains all the information an RVer needs to know about pulling a vehicle behind a motorhome.

Other books and DVDs about dinghy towing behind a motorhome.


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