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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hollywood stars compete to build biggest RVs

Hollywood stars are vying for more than Oscars these days. Some are duking it out to see who can build the biggest, baddest motorhome. Sylvester Stallone, Will Smith and Robert De Niro are among the big names that are building behemoth RVs.

So far, De Niro is winning, with a three-story coach that's 1,192 feet of living space, complete with a super climate control system that can cool the inside to its optimal temperature within 15 minutes. Just about everything in the coach can operate by remote control including its 12 high definition TVs. When the star wants to screen a new film, he can invite his friends to the 30-seat home theatre.

Other celebs with super comfy coaches include Mariah Carey, Vin Diesel, Nicole Richie, Ice Cube . . . to name a few.

The interiors of each are plush, modeled after luxury yachts -- designed with each of their owners in mind. Smith's includes cowhide pillows, African masks and chessboards. And for when he wants to "make some music," there's a studio where he can do it while the kids stay occupied in their own playroom. Oh, yes, there's a dance floor, too.

Don't look for any of these rigs in your local National Forest campground.

Photos: Robert De Niro at the wheel of an RV, and the inside of his luxury rig.



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