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Monday, November 26, 2007

"Autopilot" Motorhome Lawsuit

You may have received the e-mail about the new motorhome owner who set the speed control on her rig while motoring down the interstate, left the wheel to make a sandwich, and after the inevitable crash, successfully sued Winnebago for damages. Why the award? Because RV owner's manual failed to warn against such a dumb stunt.

This was but the top winner in the so-called "Stella Awards," issued for the most ridiculous lawsuit awards in the U.S. Some well-meaning friend sent us this year's Stellas, and it didn't take long to sort out this as one of those "How gullible are you" come-ons that nearly every email reading person on the planet receives. Yeah, it makes for a good campfire laugh, but sometimes it also makes us look stupid--for really believing this stuff.

We've found one of the better resources for separating the wheat from the chaff is found at www.snopes.com, perhaps the ultimate "urban rumor control" web site. We've checked out many, many e-mails with suspicious sounding "factoids," and found most of them so much baloney. By responding to this--sending refutations to our "source." We've had an added side benefit: We're now recognized as such a bunch of party poopers that we've been dropped off many e-mail lists. Saves a lot of time reading through a lot of rumors.

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  • Russ & Tina, I'm with you and have been using Snopes.com for awhile now and have refuted a lot of bunk from friends and their "Pass this along to everybody" malarky. I don't get very much of it anymore. I think I'm losing my friends and I think it's all Snopes fault and I'll sue, I'll sue! LOL!

    By Anonymous desertratdan, at 6:30 PM, January 12, 2008  

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