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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dometic's Reefer Recall--Most Recent NTHSB List

“Dometic is committed to offering RVers the best and safest in RV products,” Brad Sargent, vice president of marketing, stated in a Feb. 12 release announcing the recall of 926,866 refrigerators manufactured between April 1997 and May 2003. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.”

It would be hard for an RVer to miss this recall. Magazine advertisements, letters to end-consumers, notices from RV manufacturers, and blog entries like ours have all pointed to this massive recall campaign. The problem? Some Dometic refrigerator units have an oversize burner assembly that can heat up parts so hot that cooling unit tubing can come undone. Should the coolant hit the burner flame, a fire could result. So far, Dometic says they've heard of a couple of fires, and say that in 99.99% of cases, the unit should be safe as-is. But to cover that fraction that might not--well, enter the recall.

While this list MAY NOT be the complete list of all RVs possibly equipped with the recalled refrigerators, it is the most recent National Highway Transportation Safety Board recall list. Check out the Dometic recall web site to see if your specific refrigerator is under recall.

Alphabetical list from NHTSB:

Adventure Manufacturing is recalling 5,794 MY 2000-2002 Timberland, MY 2002-2004 Timberlodge, Riverside, Glacier and MY 2003-2005 Treasure Ship fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Airstream is recalling 5,084 MY 1997-2000 Excella, MY 1997-2004 Safari, MY 1999-2001 Limited, MY 2002-2004 Classic travel trailers and MY 1997-2004 Land Yacht, MY 1997-1999 Cutter, MY 1999 XL, MY 2000-2004 XL Land Yacht, MY 2002-2003 XC Land Yacht, MY 2000-2001 Land Yacht XL and Land Yacht XC, and MY 2003-2004 Skydeck motor homes.
Allen Camper is recalling 217 MY 1997-2003 recreational vehicles.

American Travel Systems (ATS) is recalling 883 MY 1997-1999 recreational vehicles.

Bearcat is recalling 107 MY 1997-2003 recreational vehicles.

Coach House is recalling 621 MY 1997-2003 Class B and Platinum motor homes.

Crossroads RV is recalling 3,939 MY 1998-2001 Prep, All American, MY 2001-2002 All Star, MY 2001-2004 Paradise Pointe, MY 2002 Paradise Cove, MY 2003 Crossroads, MY 2003-2004 Cruiser, AND MY 2004 Silverado fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Damon is recalling 25,128 MY 1997-2004 Camplite, Challenger, Daybreak, Intruder, Ultrasport; MY 1997-1998 Magnum, Outdoor Inn; MY 2000-2004 Escaper; MY 1997-2000 Hornet; and MY 1997 Frontier Flyer travel trailers and motor homes.

Fleetwood Folding Trailers is recalling 2,726 MY 2001-2003 Caravan and MY 2004 Caravan Micro-Lite travel trailers.

Fleetwood is recalling 167,096 MY 1997-2004 Southwind, Pace Arrow, Bounder, Flair, Storm, Fiesta, Terra, Bounder, Discovery, Providence, Excursion, Expedition, Revolution, American Eagle, American Heritage, American Tradition Class A gasoline and diesel motor homes, Jamboree, Tioga Class C motor homes and Prowler, Wilderness, Terry, Mallard, Pioneer, Pride, and Triumph conventional and fifth wheel travel trailers.

Forest River is recalling an undetermined quantity of MY 1997-2003 recreational vehicles.

Four Winds is recalling 58 MY 2003-2004 Mandalay motor homes.

Gilbert RV Conversion is recalling 1 recreational vehicle.

Gulf Stream 38,767 MY 1997-2003 Atrium, BTouring Cruiser, Capri, Cavalier, Commerical, Conquest, Crescendo, Endura, Friendship, Independence, Palm Breeze, Scenic Cruiser, Sun Sport, Sun Voyager, Tourmaster, Ultra, Vista Cruiser, Yellowstone, Ameri-Lite, Canyon Trail, Innsbruck, Kingsley, Kingsport, Mako, Prairie Schooner, Seahawk, and Stream-Lite motor homes, fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Jayco is recalling 130 MY 2002 Firenza (GS-33A, GL-35L) and 2003 Firenza (GA-33A, GB-36B, GF-35F, and GL-35L) motor homes.

Jensen is recalling 3 MY 1997-2003 cargo trailers.

Keystone RV is recalling 122,167 MY 1997-2004 Sprinter; MY 1998-2004 Springdale; MY 1999-2004 Cabana, Cougar, Montana; MY 1999-2003 Bobcat; MY 2000-2004 Montana - Mountaineer, Tail-Gator; MY 2001-2003 Challenger; and MY 2001-2004 Montana - Big Sky fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Kibbi is recalling 1,762 MY 1997-2003 recreational truck conversions and trailers.

Lazy Daze is recalling 1,229 MY 1997-2003 motor homes (22M, 231/2FD, 231/2LF, 231/2TB, 231/2RL, 261/2MB, 261/2RB, 261/2IB, 261/2RK, 30IB, and 30TB).

Longhorn Conversions is recalling 1 MY 2001-2003 horse and cargo trailers.

Newmar is recalling 16, 190 MY 1997-2003 Class A and diesel pusher motor homes and fifth wheel trailers.

Palomino RV is recalling 345 MY 1999-2003 Stampede and Thoroughbred fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Recreation by Design (RBD) is recalling 942 MY 1997-2003 recreational vehicles.

Roadmaster is recalling an undetermined quantity of recreational vehicles.

R-Vision is recalling an undetermined quantity of recreational vehicles.

Skyline is recalling 57, 295 MY 1997-2004 Aljo, Celebrity, Century, Layton, Nomad, Seaview and Weekender truck campers, fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Space Craft is recalling 21 MY 1997-2003 fifth wheel and horse trailers.

Sundowner is recalling 5,254 MY 1997-2003 Cargo, Prostock, Stampedesl, Stock, and Sunlite recreational, cargo, and horse trailers.

Sunnybrook RV is recalling19,519 MY 1997-2004 Sunnybrook and MobileScout fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Teton Homes is recalling 610 MY 1997-2004 Expedition, Experience, Grand, Royal, Prestige, and Tradition recreational vehicles.

Thor America is recalling 12,000 MY 1997-2004 Citation, Chateau, Corsair, and Prism fifth wheel and travel trailers.

Travel Supreme is recalling 1,451 MY 1997-2007 travel trailers and motor homes.

Universal Specialty Vehicles is recalling 18 MY 1997-2003 Eagle recreational vehicles.

Western RV is recalling 6,188 MY 1998-2003 Alpine Coach motor homes, MY 1997-1999 Wilderness truck campers, MY 2003 Aspen travel trailers, and MY 1997-2003 Alpenlite truck campers and fifth wheel trailers.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Latest RV Recall List from Uncle Sam

The January 2007 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recall list has been posted for public inspection. Included on this most recent recall list are a number of recreational vehicles.

Crossroad trailers with Lippert axles.

Damon's Unltrasport (2002-2005), Astoria, Challenger, and Tuscany (2006-2007), Escaper and LX400 (2004-2005), and finally Intruder (2003-2005) motorhomes.

Dutchmen's T@B trailers (2003-2006)

Fleetwood trailers with Lippert axles. Fleetwood's Prowler Regal, Terry Qunatum, and Wilderness Advantage fifth wheel trailers (2006). Also their Excursion and Providence motorhomes (2007).

Jacyco's Seneca motorhomes (2005-2007).

Monaco's LaPalma (2001-2003), Monarch (2001-2002), Monarch SE (2002-2003), Holiday Rambler Admiral (2001-2002), Holiday Rambler Admiral SE (2002-2003), Endeavor gas (2001-2002) and Vacationer Class A motorhomes (2001-2003). Also Monaco, Cayman, Holiday Rambler Admiral, Neptune, Safari, Simba, Simba Diesel, and Trek (gas) motorhomes--all of thse from 2007.

Race City RV ST, HD, and HDXL tow trailers from 2005-2006.

Sunnybrook's Titan toy hauler fifth wheels with Great Plains (GPI) fuel pumps (2006).

Thor's Frenzy, Fury, Jazz, Tahoe, Vortex, and Wanderer cargo/travel trailers (2004-2005). Also Vortex, Viper, Tahoe, and Fury cargo travel trailers from 2005.

While some of the recall defects might best be described as minor, all should nonetheless be looked into. For specifics on the recall, visit the NHTSA web page devoted to the January 2007 recall list.