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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Hybrid RVs Look Like They Belong to the "Dead Head" Generation

As an RVer, it's OK, I'll date myself: I remember riding in VW "hippie vans." Psychedelic colors on the outside, antiwar bumper stickers, the whole nine yards. If you remember those days, don't think they're completely gone.

A Canadian firm, Verdier, is resurrecting the VW bus and creating a hybrid power RV based on the VW Westfalia. The new "woody" style bus comes topped with GPS controlled solar panels to provide juice for camping occupations, while 'under the hood' (such as it is) a hybrid (gas or diesel plus electric) engine that claims to lower carbon dioxide emissions to the level of a VW Beetle.

It may not be the fulltimers' dream, but it does rank up there for those conscious of their greenhouse gas releases. With a possible price of around $89,000, the little RV is packed with innovations including a galley stove that swivels to allow inside or outside culinary machinations; a passenger seat that transforms itself into a set of stairs--allowing for easy access to the "second stage" or "upstairs" if you will; and the requisite computer with wifi capability to keep you in touch.

The initial production run is set to produce about a thousand of these little darlings; about 150 have already been sold--mostly to folks from California.

Visit the website and order yours today.

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