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Saturday, March 8, 2008

How Startbucks Saved My Life

I just read How Starbucks Saved My LIfe: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else by Michael Gates Gill. Coming from a wealthy family and then holding a top job at an ad agency, Michael hadn't lived an ordinary life. His father was New Yorker writer Brendon Gill. Through his parents and his job, he met top politicians and celebrities. In his 60s, Michael lost his job and his family. On a fluke, he was hired to be a barista at a New York City Starbucks, in not such a great area. It changed his life.

What was interesting is that Starbucks provides benefits like health insurance if you work at least 20 hours/week. If you are a coffee lover, another benefit is a free pound of coffee per week (plus drinks on the job). They are, according to this book, very employee oriented. The district manager met with Michael to see if he wanted to work at a Starbucks closer to his apartment since he was commuting an hour and one-half each way. Eventually he did. They might be amenable to helping a "Partner" transfer to a different location, especially if you wanted to work in one place in the winter and another in the summer. It's an interesting possibility! See their Web site. They have a strong belief in diversity so age shouldn't be a factor.

By the way, today we stopped at a Starbucks in Camp Verde, AZ. Michael's photo was on the recruiting poster for Starbucks. They'll be holding a hiring event next week. Jaimie

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