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Pot of Gold
Zip Code Contest

The next contest will be: 2/9/2016
from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

(Pacific Time)
Check back then
to see the winning Zip Code


The current Pot is worth:  $0.00 *

*If not claimed by the times above,
next round's pot will increase $1
Max. prize - $1000

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To win you must:

    1. Live within the winning zip code
    2. Respond using the form on the contest page within the date and time period provided (Pacific Time)
    3. Be a current subscriber to the RV Travel Online newsletter

See full rules below

The first contestant from the Zip Code* displayed on the contest page that contacts us within the date and time period provided (Pacific Time), wins that day's "Pot of Gold."

The "Pot of Gold's" cash prize increases every day it's not claimed by the dollar amount noted above. Maximum cash prize is $1,000 per contest. Once a prize is claimed, the amount will be reset at an amount of RVbookstore.com's choosing.

The contest runs Monday through Friday at RVbookstore.com

Each contest's Zip Code is generated randomly by a computer.

The time of each day's Quiz may vary from week to week. Each week's start and end time will be published Monday at RVbookstore.com after first being published in the RVTravel.com Saturday newsletter.

You must be a subscriber to the free RV Travel newsletter (sign up at here at RVtravel.com) for at least 5 days before claiming the prize to be eligible to win.

What you must do if the contest's Zip Code is yours
You must immediately fill out and submit the form that is available while the contest is active. If it arrives within the time frame of the contest, then please standby until you hear from us, usually within one hour. If you are the first person to contact us that day who lives* in the Zip Code (and can prove it), then you will win the "Pot of Gold" cash if you qualify according to the rules of the contest. Others who contact us that same day who qualify will win only if the person or persons who contacted us before them are ruled ineligible.

The dull and boring stuff - Rules and regulations
*You must prove to RVbookstore.com within three hours of receiving an email from us, as stated above, that you currently live and/or are registered to vote in the winning Zip Code by faxing us (or emailing a PDF file) a copy of a current utility bill (dated within the last 45 days) in your name, your driver's license and/or another document that proves you qualify to win. If we are not convinced you qualify, we reserve the right to not award the prize. Our decision is final.

  • You must be at least 21 years old to win.
  • We must receive your email claiming the prize during the time frame of the contest.
  • Any personal information we receive will not be used except for naming the winner (name only and amount won) on RVbookstore.com and RVtravel.com.
  • Payment will be in U.S. dollars to the name of the person who contacted us to claim the prize (at their address in the winning Zip Code).
  • No purchase or entry fee is required to win.
  • If there is a technical difficulty beyond our control, we reserve the right to not award a prize.
  • No person or household may win more than once in a calendar year.
  • No exceptions will be made to these rules and regulations.

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