Wednesday, January 19, 2022


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Thor unveils electric trailer, motorhome concepts at Florida RV show

(January 19, 2022) — In a highly anticipated presentation at the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow, THOR Industries, the world's largest RV manufacturer, is displaying...

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Where to store dirty laundry in the RV

By Russ and Tiña De Maris Politicians loathe it because somehow, it always comes out. RVers fight with it, because in a tight space, where...

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Winnebago announces all-electric motorhome concept, the e-RV

Winnebago took the opportunity of the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa to announce a concept all-electric motorhome dubbed the Winnebago e-RV. This all-electric RV...

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This RV toilet doesn’t require water—It makes the process cleaner, easier and freeze-proof

What is the best portable toilet on the market? There’s a lot of debate over that and it’s a popular topic of discussion. Since...

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What part of this newsletter do you most look forward to every day?

There is a lot of content that goes into these newsletters! Every day we put 20 (sometimes more!) sections into this newsletter - tips,...

How many slide outs does your current RV have?

Some RVs these days are being built with five or six slides. What in the world would you do with all that space? Well,...

Did you fly on a plane in 2021?

2021 was yet another year of hectic travel—more canceled flights and staff shortages... Oy! Despite the troubles, though, many people still managed to fly...

Would you most often stay at a beautiful, scenic campground with no internet or a nondescript park with excellent internet?

Here's a scenario that many of us have faced: We have a choice between campgrounds—both are about the same price, but one is in...

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