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10 Essential RV cleaning products


By Emily Schneider

Think automotive engineer + cars + OCD and that’s my husband. Muddy paw prints, dirty hands, sand and stomped-on Cheerios drive him crazy. The RV only amplifies his zaniness (poor guy) because the cramped quarters with five bodies gets smelly and dirty quickly. Luckily, he has developed a system for keeping the RV shining and the interior tolerable (it’s impossible with three kids).  

1. What’s the best way to spend a sunny afternoon if you want to give the RV some extra love? Scrub and shine the outside of that camper! My husband recommends a nonabrasive high-end automotive-grade cleaner for the exterior, such as Meguiar’s brand, to clean the exterior without stripping paint. 

2. Stick with gentle, nonabrasive microfiber pads and towels to dry the exterior.    

3. No time for a full wash? Try an exterior spot spray. Many spot sprays include a bonus wax protectant.  

4. Adopt the Japanese “no shoes” policy in the RV. This rule is the easiest way to control dirt … and it’s free! Some RVs have a cubby space on the floor at the RV entrance perfect for stowing shoes. Another option is to purchase an outdoor mat for the base of the exterior RV stairs. Crocs or other slip-on shoes allow for easy on-off when moving in and out of the camper multiple times. What about our non-shoe-wearing furry friends? Keep wipes at the entrance for a quick paw-wipedown station.

5. If you have space in your RV, a shop vac can be a lifesaver. Dog hair, sand, caked dirt and the Cheerios mentioned above are easy cleanups with a shop vac. Because shop vacs are relatively short as opposed to typical home vacuums, they can be stowed in the undercarriage.  

6. The Swiffer is an inexpensive and easy-to-store cleaning tool for camper floors. The Swiffer works well for fast cleanups of liquid spills and sticky mud.

7. Find an unscented all-purpose spray for daily use on counters and tables. I prefer unscented products for the RV interior when possible. Lemon-sage is fun at home, but in a 26-ft. box, my senses are easily overpowered.

8. Keep a container of disinfectant wipes under the kitchen sink for meat prep areas and bathrooms. I have a little boy and, well, I use those wipes in the bathroom a lot.

9. A foaming bathroom spray is perfect for cleaning bathroom sinks, toilets and showers between camping trips.  

10. Keep those smells under control with a tank treatment for toilets, showers and the kitchen sink. Tank treatments break down waste and neutralize odors. Happy Camper RV Holding Tank Treatment is an organic, environmentally friendly option.

Emily and her husband are 5th wheel owners living in Richmond, Kentucky, with their three children. To see the RVEngineer in action on their YouTube channel, click here.


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Ed D.
3 years ago

The absolute best RV cleaning products I have found for the outside of an RV are Wade Maid Products. Especially Beast Wash. It not only works great on any type of Exterior RV surface, it is great on Awnings (I use a spray bottle and a brush) and is the best Black Streak remover I have ever used.