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10+ tips for using carabiners while camping. These are nifty!

If you think only mountain climbers use carabiners, think again. Turns out these unique clips come in handy when camping and RVing, too. Read on to see what I mean.

Uses for carabiners

  • Reminder hook. Our RV has a hand grip on the inside of the exit door, where we’ve put a carabiner. I use it to hang reusable shopping bags, items to be returned at the store, and other things so I won’t forget them as I go out the RV’s door.
  • Key keeper. We have several sets of keys, including car and truck keys, RV storage compartment keys and entry keys, stix-n-bricks house keys, and more. We keep extra sets of all of our keys together on one carabiner. That way, we always know where to find them when needed. In addition, my husband uses a carabiner holding truck keys and RV keys and clips them to a belt loop. No more lost keys!
  • Grocery bag helper. I struggled to keep plastic grocery bags and reusable bags upright as I traveled back to the campground from the grocery store. A carabiner fastened to the back of the car headrests will hold several bags of groceries and keep purchases from rolling out of the bags and all over the car.
  • Water bottle hook. When hiking and biking, we use a carabiner to fasten our extra water bottles to our bikes and/or backpacks. Friends also use carabiners to fasten all manner of “extras” to their backpacking straps. The quick-to-open feature, common to lightweight carabiners, makes it easy to access your gear.
  • Flashlight holder. My husband used hook-and-loop fasteners to hang a carabiner on the inside storage door to our RV. He hangs a flashlight from the carabiner. The flashlight is always available to help locate items inside the storage compartment and can also be accessed should we break down at night.
  • Clothesline fastener. We keep two carabiners and a clothesline cord in our RV’s tool drawer. We can tie one carabiner to each end of the desired cord length to make a clothesline. One carabiner fastens to our RV ladder and the other clips to a tree branch. (Or whatever two “hook points” are most convenient.)
  • Pickleball/tennis bag holder. Use a carabiner to clip your sports bag to the court fence.
  • Belt/scarves holder. Clip carabiners to your RV closet pole. Use one carabiner to keep belts corralled and another to hold scarves you thread through the carabiner. You can also keep elastic hair bands or hair “scrunchies” together and easily accessible.
  • Secure pet food. Friends use a carabiner to keep the lid secured on their dog’s plastic food container. The carabiner prevents their dog, Houdini, from opening the container and accessing his kibble.
  • Keep wrenches together. My husband uses large carabiners to hold all of his box end wrenches together. It’s easy to find and remove just the wrench he needs without digging through his toolbox.

Don’t worry. If you find yourself needing a carabiner, you can find tons of options here.

Can you think of additional ways a carabiner might help you as you camp or RV? Please share your ideas in the comments below.



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Scott C
1 month ago

Hang all kinds of bags and such in my boat off floor,garbage bag for example.

1 month ago

We have one on the handle of our dog leash. Then we can quickly clip it to something to tie him up when we need to.

Gayle V.
1 month ago

Ditto on using the carabiner for box end wrenches.
I also use one for connecting the brake breakaway cable to the truck when pulling 5th wheels and travel trailers.

1 month ago
Reply to  Gayle V.

Same here!

Diane K
1 month ago

I use a carabiner on the awning pull strap (manual awning) making it easier to hook, instead of getting the awning hook into that small strap loop.

Greg Smith
1 month ago

We use carabiners to secure leashes to camp chairs for our dogs. Extra large ones work best. Greg Smith

Donald N Wright
1 month ago

All good ideas. Thank you.

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