RV grill connection befuddlement



By Chris Dougherty
Chris Dougherty is a certified RV technician. Here is a letter he received from a reader while he was serving as RVtravel.com’s technical editor.

Dear Chris,
grill-guestI have purchased a Class A motor home that has an LP accessory, which is also low pressure. Therefore, I cannot use my existing grill as the flame control and regulator is one piece. I was told I need a grill that has a separate flame control and no regulator. I have checked all over Phoenix and Las Vegas and no one has that type of grill or any type of conversion product. Why would Winnebago put this accessory on a coach if there is limited product availability? Can you give me any suggestions to solve this issue? —Jerry

Dear Jerry,
The grill that you are looking for is a common RV accessory. Many RVs come “grill prepped” with the low pressure quick connect fitting, and a mounting rail for a wall mounted grill, or in the case of some units, either an outdoor kitchen or rear bumper swing away grill. The grills you are looking for include Camco’s Olympian 5500 or other mounted grills.

The reason they install this fitting is so an RVer can have a safe, remote connection to the on-board LP supply. While a high pressure connection can be used right at the tank(s), NFPA states that “Propane system pressure shall be regulated to a pressure of 30 psi or less within 60 in. of the container outlet.” Since most grills are designed to work off bottle pressure, if one is to have a grill or appliance connection away from the LP containers, it must be low pressure.

Now, another way to get around this is to install an Extend-a Stay type connection at the propane source. Available at your favorite RV retailer or online (Amazon carries the above parts), these add a ‘tee’ to the high pressure connection right at the tank or bottle, to which you can attach high pressure hoses with the disposable cylinder type connections. What this means is that any LP appliance that you can run with a small Coleman bottle you can run on your RV’s LP system. View some low pressure quick connect fittings at Amazon.


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I used a weber Q-series grill, removed the regulator and added a hose with a quick-connect to hook to the low pressure outlet of the rv. I have no problems with it but it is a do at your own risk situation (liability disclaimer). The quick-connect used to hook the grill to the RV can now also be hooked to a regulator attached directly to a propane bottle. This allows the grill to be used with low or high pressure.