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Bent motorhome door fazes RVer

By Chris Dougherty
Chris Dougherty is a certified RV technician. Here is a letter he received from a reader while he was serving as’s technical editor.

Dear Chris,
I own a 2004 Jayco 27DS motorhome. The side entrance door is slightly bent. The lower part of the door where it opens is a little less than an inch from closing. There is no sound of wind whistling when I drive. The door opens toward the back of the motorhome.

My question is: Can I repair this somehow by bending the door back in place? When it is cold, there is a small draft coming from the space where the door does not meet the frame. The frame appears to be square. —Roy Christensen

Dear Roy,
The answer to your question is “yes.” I have seen RV doors get tweaked and not seal properly, and if the one corner is out and the rest of the door and jamb are true, then carefully bending it back is OK. Another option is to replace the weather strip with something more substantial to take up the space.

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3 years ago

I too have had this problem with our Class A. Winnebago’s instructions for straightening the door are to place a 2 x 4 between the door and frame and “gently” force it back into square or shape. Repeat until the door seals tightly along the frame edge. “Gently” is the operable verb! Caution, do not place the 2×4 in such a way as to bend or pry the vertical center of the door or make it bow out vertically.

3 years ago

Our screen door is slightly bent. Can we bend it back so it is solid against the door?

3 years ago
Reply to  PennyPA

Yes, but it takes some careful experimentation. If you are too aggressive, you will put a kink in the aluminum frame that you cannot get out. I use a small piece of 2×4 wood block or something similar to place at the point of the bend & apply gentle pressure above & below the block to straighten the bent section. Again, if you apply too much pressure, you can permanently kink the frame & end up with a wavy screen door that’s impossible to fix. I have successfully fixed mine several times over the years. But it can take a lot of playing with it to be successful.

3 years ago

The door on our motorhome is slightly bent out at the bottom and while noise and draft are not factors I would like it straightened. No suggestion on how to straighten was given by Chris and I’m wondering if anyone might offer some insight on the easiest way to straighten.

Guy George
6 years ago

Regarding “Bent motorhome door fazes RVer”:

I have the same issue, but it wasn’t a bent door as
I first thought.
The gas shock is at the bottom of the door pushes the
lower part of the door out. I repositioned the shock so
it places less pressure on the door when closing.

Not much more can be done without eliminating the shock

3 years ago
Reply to  Guy George

Update on my bent motorhome door. Removing the lower shock was not the problem. I finally corrected the door by placing a door stopper in the tight area of the door seam, and forcing the door closed. I gradually increased the thickness till the door was sprung back into place. I even let it sit overnight with the wedge in place.

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