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RV Electricity

RV Electricity – No~Shock~Zone by Mike Sokol – Issue 11

Issue 11 • September 30, 2018 MIKE SOKOL, editor Brought to you as a public service by RVtravel.com. Support comes from our sponsors, advertisers and...

Thief steals RVs from storage lot and sells them out of state

This guy got caught, but his modus operandi seems to demonstrate a very simple way for crooks to make off with your stored RV....

Can “permitting” solve Berkeley’s homeless RV dweller problem?

The city of Berkeley is no different than dozens of other urban areas as they wrestle with the growing homeless RV dweller problem. The...

Road Signs – The good old days?

Road Signs By Mike SokolSo, when was the best music recorded by the best artists and what kind of foods do you gravitate...