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2022 Truck Preview: No name yet, but Ford Maverick likely

By James Raia
It could be called the Ford Maverick, Courier or Ranchero. All are well-known vehicle names among enthusiasts of Ford offerings of yesteryear. And one is likely the name of the automaker’s return to offering a compact pickup truck.

The automaker won’t reveal the name, but it has announced the new unibody vehicle. Spy images have been viewed and Maverick seems to the betting favorites’ choice.

A rendering of the 2022 Ford Maverick or whatever the carmaker's new compact pickup truck will be called.
A rendering of the 2022 Ford Maverick – or whatever the carmaker’s new compact pickup truck will be called.

By any given name, the base model will use a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, according to several automotive website reports. The engine is also featured in the Transit Connect model and generates 162 horsepower and 144 lb-ft of torque.

Ford Maverick on the horizon?

Slotted below the Ford Ranger, the Maverick, Courier or Ranchero (or maybe another name) will have a similar look to the Honda Ridgeline. It will be a four-door-only vehicle.

A 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine will be optional, with 181 horsepower and 190 lb-ft of torque, and with all-wheel optional. Some reports have suggested a manual transmission may also be available.

The new Ford will also be fuel-efficient with reports of a combined 30 miles per gallon rating.

And the new truck will also be economical. The base model manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is estimated at $20,000.

Sales of the 2022 Ford Maverick are expected to start by early spring 2021.

Ford hasn’t announced where the Maverick will be built. But reports detail its headquarters will either be at the brand’s facility in Monterrey or Cuautitlan, Mexico.

If the new truck is called a Courier, it will extend Ford’s fondness for the name. The Courier (a delivery sedan) was made from 1952-1960. The name was also used for the manufacturer’s compact pickup (1972-2007), compact panel van (1991-2002) and coupe utility (1998-2013).

If Ford uses the name Maverick, it will be the second time. The Maverick was a Ford compact sedan, available in the United States from 1970–1977.

The Ford Ranchero was a utility coupe produced between 1957–1979. It was adapted from a two-door station wagon platform. The cab and cargo bed were integrated into the body.

James Raia, a syndicated columnist in Sacramento, California, publishes a free weekly automotive podcast and electronic newsletter. Sign-ups are available on his website, He can be reached via email:



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Wayne Caldwell
1 year ago

After reading the various contradicting comments below, I did a Google Search for “Ford Courier History” and copied this information:

1952–1960 1971–2013
Model years
1952–1960 (sedan delivery) 1972–2007 (compact pickup) 1991–2002 (compact panel van) 1998–2013 (coupe utility)
Ford Transit Courier (Europe) Ford Transit Connect (Europe) Ford Ranger Ford Ranger (T6) (Europe and Brazil).
Being almost 70 years old, I remember the Ford 2-door station wagon ‘sedan delivery’ being named ‘Courier’. With the above copied information, it looks like the article’s author was correct.

Randy Stracener
1 year ago

What about Sport Trac. That’s what they called it for years. We had one. Gas mileage was terrible.

1 year ago

I can’t blame Ford for trying to capitalize on their success but naming it “Maverick” doesn’t make sense. That car was a small sedan- having no resemblance to a truck at all. Also, for years Ford made the Sport Trak- a truck on the Explorer frame that had 4 doors and a small bed…very like what they are going to produce again.

Bob P
1 year ago

Your year numbers are way off on the Courier production, it was made from 1972-1982 when it was replaced by the Ranger. This is what happens when the school systems quit teaching history, people just grab info out of thin air air post it on line thinking no one else knows anything so nobody will know I’m stupid.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob P

The Courier nameplate was used internationally for many years after the Mazda clone was replaced by the Ranger. History?

Scott R. Ellis
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob P

Really? You think it’s up to public schools to teach Ford model name trivia as “history”?

1 year ago
Reply to  Scott R. Ellis

No, but they should teach how to do research and fact checking.