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2023 “two-story” 5th wheel is enormous, but design is disappointing

The front living room includes two sleeper sofas and two recliners plus an electric fireplace and 55-inch TV.

The kitchen is functional, but not roomy. The fridge is 12-volt so runs off batteries when not hooked up to shore power. A 200-watt solar panel on the roof helps keep them charged.

For such a large RV, the bedroom is tiny. The king bed occupies most of the space and leaves no room for shelves alongside the bed, so no place for electric blanket controls, a CPAP machine or phone. A queen bed with shelves would make more sense. The plugs are inconveniently located. The clothes closet is small. Altogether, this bedroom is very poorly designed.

The modest size bathroom is adequate. The toilet paper holder is across the room from the toilet: kids, and small adults might have to rise up to grab the paper, a wacky setup. How could the designers let that happen?

The “second story” is a loft reached by stairs with a three-foot high ceiling and twin beds. It would be a great place for kids, but not so good for adults.

The MSRP is just shy of $100,000.

This coach is okay, but leaves much to be desired. But, maybe it’s right for you. Watch the video below to learn more.



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Ken S
1 month ago

What are important data like CCC, Axle weight capacities, tire weight ratings, fresh and waste water capacities?
Would like to know if 4- season capable, are cabinets and fabrics high quality?
What is your impression of build quality?

captain gort
1 month ago

This is truly a “Mobile Home”. Its NOT an “RV”….so please stop confusing the definition.

John schreffler
1 month ago

I have a forrest river .I and unfortunately I wish I would have bought another brand. Definitely not happy with the build.

1 month ago

Forest River designers / engineers truley need to do their homework. This summer we were set to buy a front living toyhauler model that they make. Unfortunately, the garage space is 11 feet, what a joke. Get with the times, do your homework and research what “toys” people are putting in the garages of these.

What I’m getting at is we have a 2 seater Polaris side by side that requires nothing less than a 12 foot garage. The trailer is physically 44 feet long, spare a couple feet from the living and build a functional garage. People put more than motorcycles in these rigs.

Just my 2 cents

Last edited 1 month ago by Sean
1 month ago

I am shocked at the tank sizes! Ours is 30 feet long and our blank tank holds double the volume as this trailer. Same with our gray tanks. Unbelievable! Bedroom is ridiculous and there appears to be no pantry in the kitchen. No thanks.

2 months ago

Not enough storage for bedroom love the living room layout

Rusty darby
2 months ago

I have a similar floor plan (no loft) and we love it. The author is wrong about the king bed…. it’s awesome! A queen would suck. 6 ft charging cords are cheap on Amazon. Overall, it’s a great floor plan…. haven’t seen one I’d rather have. Oh, by the way, I don’t live in mine.

2 months ago

What did you expect, Heritage Glen and Salem Hemisphere are garbage rvs.

2 months ago

Opened a 356qb for 4 years. The build quality was abysmal. Not one interior door was hung correctly. 25 staples for every foot of woodwork. Putty handprints everywhere. Dealer fixed so bad that Forest River extended the warranty and shipped me the parts directly. Not that it matters because those were junk. The longer I had it, the more things I found. And that was after 4 pages of issues that I wanted fix before I bought it. I was dumb enough to think that once they fix this, I’m good to go.

Regardless, I can’t imagine spending $100k on a Forest River after my experience. And that was before COVID and build with went further downhill, which I didn’t think was possible.

2 months ago

If you’re physically challenged those dump valves are bad. “city water” and “fresh water”? Many rv’s today are designed without night stands- pretty dumb, and the answer is not a queen bed but a better design- with the bed on a solid wall instead of in a slide. This rig might appeal to somebody but it’s hard to imagine that. I watched with the sound off- people sleeping.

David F.
2 months ago

Didn’t watch video, I prefer to read the information.

Caren Kelly
2 months ago

Why do they put the kids beds above the parents? I guess you have to have the TV on if you want to get some loving.

2 months ago
Reply to  Caren Kelly


Bob p
2 months ago

I’d hate to be the grandparent changing the sheets in the loft.

2 months ago

Barely 2,000 lbs cargo capacity? Yuck, just waiting to be overloaded. Thanks, but no thanks. I will keep my 35′ Monty.

Bob M
2 months ago

Glad to see daily RV reviews may be back.

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