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This 2024 motorhome, made in the USA, can be yours for a mere $3 million!

By Chuck Woodbury
COBURG, Ore. – Here you go, uber rich RVers with mucho dinero to spend. Marathon Coach, the world’s largest bus converter (so it says), has announced that it is the first motorcoach company to present a luxury RV on the newly redesigned Prevost H3-45 bus chassis.

And, it’ll only cost you $2,989,929 plus tax and license and other stuff. Tax alone where I live would be about $290,000, plus or minus some change, putting this mansion on wheels with some extras probably around $3.5 million. I am pretty darn sure Cousin Eddy will not be rolling across America in this baby!

Now, ‘That There Is An RV,’ Cousin Eddy might say.

“Marathon’s beautiful and innovative double-slide coach #1375 represents the newest chapter in Prevost’s long history of creating the premier platform for bus conversions, and paired with Marathon Coach’s never-ending quest for excellence, this coach reaches new heights in the world of luxury RVs,” said the press release announcing the RV.

The release continued, “The pinnacle of Prevost conversions, Marathon coach #1375 integrates the most desired features from top-of-the-line personal automobiles into an absolutely stunning motorcoach. A newly designed dash with brand new controls and components brings driver comfort to the forefront, making the journey just as wonderful as the destination.

The coach that sings

“From the icy blue exterior to the shimmering tile in the shower, this coach sings to the senses from the moment you set eyes on it. The rest of the interior sings just as sweetly, with a light and airy color palate in a contemporary and modern design.”

Pretty nice!
Camp in comfort in this bedroom!

“Using an innovative floorplan with a perfect blend of form to function, coach #1375 is the culmination of all of Marathon’s achievements from the last 40 years,” the release concluded.

I think I will buy one. I pulled out my calculator and did a little figuring. If I come up with a 10% down payment, and finance the coach at 5 percent interest for 15 years, I’m only looking at monthly payments of roughly $23,000. Hey, not bad.

Now, “That There Is An RV,” Cousin Eddy might say.




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1 month ago

Coming out of Missoula heading west at a light to I -90. There were two new Entegras on our right, I pointed them out to Joyce as we were sitting in our 1988 Winnie S. Chief…Do you think we should get one of those?…Smart lady, “No we are happy with Lucy.”

1 month ago

Living in Colorado I couldn’t afford to put tags on this baby let alone purchase it!

1 month ago

Different strokes for different folks. I guess my tastes just never grew up.

Clem Fandango
1 month ago

Does it come with a driver at that price? And it’s fugly inside. Like living in a nail salon.

Last edited 1 month ago by Clem Fandango
Thomas D
1 month ago

I assume #1375 was ordered, not built on speck.
I don’t care for the gray, which is what everyother house is painted with interiorly.
Some people have too much money

1 month ago

Just shows that there is always a buyer for anything. This looks like something a C&W Star would take on the road for a concert tour.

Ron Yanuszewski
1 month ago

I’ve seen, at least, just as nice for 400K. and definitely some under 1 mill.

W Rattrey
1 month ago

3 million and only two slide. What are they thinking!

David Crymes
1 month ago

I don’t care what others buy but for me, I would surely lose some friends as they would correctly assume I was pretentious if I did. Our RV fits the bill nicely but for us, our two cats give us more joy and contentment than any RV or expensive toy could. We couldn’t pay the sales tax on that motorhome but view ourselves as the richest people on the planet.

1 month ago
Reply to  David Crymes

No sales tax, made in Oregon

1 month ago

There is a market for them or Marathon would cease to exist. You can find a small portion of the clientele on the infield at Daytona next week.

Marie Beschen
1 month ago

Money aside, 45′ is not something you “camp” in, or even travel that much in. It’s more of a “go to a luxury park and stay at” RV. A “home-away-from-home” type if you please. Most of us here are using our RVs as travel vehicles to see the country and have new experiences. We are talking “apples & oranges” here people. All good, just different.

1 month ago

Very small market for that price range. Most who can afford this aren’t really interested in RV’ing, but I’m sure it will be bought by someone needing the depreciation.

1 month ago

Color pallet? Lol, black and white is not a “color” pallet.

1 month ago

I’ll take 2!

Last edited 1 month ago by bull
1 month ago

I’m seeing a trend in your recent articles about high-priced RVs & campgrounds. I have two smart, hard-working, siblings who could afford that stuff. I don’t begrudge their success. I saw how hard they worked and the sacrifices they made to get where they are. One is an MD & helps people every day. The other is a contractor who has lost everything twice during economic downturns, but worked really hard to build his business back so he could provide for his family. The tone of your articles seems to be it’s an evil thing to have money to spend. I disagree. If you have worked hard, then enjoy your success.

1 month ago
Reply to  Suru

I have a different perspective. I found nothing condescending nor envious in the article.

1 month ago
Reply to  Suru

Just the facts ma’am. Just the facts. (Dragnet theme song playing in the background)

Stay safe, Joe

Donald Fleming
1 month ago

So I’m parked in Branson Mo. right now next to a brand new for sale Newell 2.5 million beautiful coach but wow that price. The driver told me they have a 2 year waiting list but I could buy that one today if I wanted it. If anyone wants it I’ll give you my offer lol. I’ll just keep driving my Dynasty.

Roger V
1 month ago

It truly amazes me that there is a market – enough willing buyers – for such things. If I had that kind of money, I would definitely not buy into the hassles associated with RVs. Of course, if I had that kind of money, I suppose I’d have a staff to take care of those hassles! Still, I’d prefer my own jet, pilot, chauffeurs and five star hotels to any RV – including this one.

Last edited 1 month ago by Roger V
1 month ago
Reply to  Roger V

Totally agree, although a small private jet will cost a lot more to maintain and pilot! Ha!

Don H
1 month ago

I don’t even like the paint scheme. But even though this is a “only when I win the lottery” rig, I would have liked to see a few more photos, Chuck. Electrons, unlike Marathon Coaches, are cheap…

1 month ago

Are there any used ones? I’d rather someone else pay the depreciation please, then I can get it for one million! No wait, I really can’t get it then either!

Neal Davis
1 month ago

I guess this is a spec coach, given the interior choices. Surely if someone had ordered it, then it would look remotely homey, which it doesn’t in my opinion. I wonder if the potential owner would even drive it. Perhaps they’d hire a driver to move it distances of hundreds of miles and the owners fly between the two locations. Maybe they’d also hire a car to be taken between the nearest airport and the RV. I’ve met one or two people that can possibly afford this RV, but I certainly do not know them well. You have piqued my interest enough to visit Marathon’s website to see more pictures. However, I’ll make do with the RV we bought last summer. 😉 Thank you, Chuck!

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