Monday, December 4, 2023


5 crazy, ‘ouch’ RV fails

By Cheri Sicard
RVing can be rewarding and fun. But it can also be challenging, to say the least. The RV fails compilation video below highlights five of the most common yet epic RV fails.

I sincerely hope that nobody reading this will experience any of these problems. But sometimes it’s important to see what can happen so you are sure to avoid similar fates. And to be sure, some of these would be easy to do if you weren’t being careful.

So what RV fails are covered?

The importance of stabilizers: The first clip of a popup camper shows what can happen without stabilizers under your RV. It’s all about balance!

RV goes swimming: In this clip, a Class A motorhome is launching a boat. However, for some reason, it does not stop and ends up in the drink. One of the comments under the video claims that the RVer’s dog knocked the coach into reverse. Not sure if that is true; but for whatever reason, this was a big RV fail.

Clearance issues: The video begins with several clips of RVs passing under bridges. They were close, but as they say, close only counts in horseshoes. An inch or two can be the difference between safe passage and slicing off your rooftop air conditioner like a hot knife through warm butter. Of course, this is an RV fails video, so you can guess which is portrayed here.

Flattened toad: The next fail shows a toad that, unbeknown to the driver, had a flat tire. No matter, the RVer drags it along anyway.

Waterlogged: The RV in this clip miscalculated the length and depth of the water crossing he was attempting. Oops!

The descriptions don’t do these clips justice so be sure to watch the short video.




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Cecilia (@guest_217236)
10 months ago

I saw the original video of the flat on the toad. The guy filming told the RV guy about it and he didn’t care. He said I don’t have far to go. You can’t fix stupid.

Thomas D (@guest_217224)
10 months ago

Then they expect the insurance to pay for their dumb a$$ mistakes
The first clip couple hasn’t a clue!
The last one motor home thought he was driving his jeep!
The railroad bridge has cost thousands of dollars and no one has come up with a solution except to put cameras on the problem
Signage far enough back so the problem is seen and bring down the yellow bar so it’s obvious YOU AIN’T GOING TO MAKE IT
been very close to same situation GPS routings but I look ahead, beyond the hood ornament

Cecilia (@guest_217237)
10 months ago
Reply to  Thomas D

They did more than that. They raised the rail bed and put up the giant yellow bar.

Bob M (@guest_217167)
10 months ago

I knew a guy who owned an excavation business and for about 40 years he drove under a two lane train bridge and never hit it with his equipment. Then one day he left the excavator boom up too much. When he went under the bridge he hit it and moved it slightly. Later a train went over the bridge and it was enough to jar the train around. A few miles down the road I’m sitting in a bar enjoying their wing and clam special sipping on my beer. The train stopped across from the bar. Then the workers on the train ran in to the bar and had a couple drinks to calm their nerves down. Though it wasn’t a funny situation, it was comical. Luckily the train didn’t derail.

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