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My top 5 favorite RV hacks and tips

I see them everywhere: RV tips and hacks. Well, I’m throwing in my two cents’ worth! Here are my personal favorite RV tips and hacks.

RV tip: Post a To-Do list

This is a whiteboard I’ve mounted right inside our RV’s entry door. Whenever we think of or see something that needs to be done, it gets written on the list. So many items are noted on this list during a campground stay. It might be an RV maintenance job that needs doing or a reminder to fix the squeaky cabinet door. Sometimes a fellow camper suggests a hiking trail. That goes on the list, too.

Each morning as we begin to plan our day, we check our To-Do list. We can often perform a quick maintenance chore while waiting for everyone to finish breakfast. We also can better remember activity suggestions and plan them into our day. I think you’ll find that a To-Do list like ours will be a beneficial RV tip for your family, too!

You can find a ton of whiteboard options available on Amazon.

RV hack: Add motion-activated LED lights

Every RV has them. Those deep, dark areas that are so difficult to use because you simply can’t see inside! Here’s the perfect RV hack for your closet, cupboards, and even under-the-bed storage. Mount motion-activated lights inside. The bright LED bulbs lighten up even the darkest spaces. That allows you to make use of every nook and cranny in the RV. Here are the lights we use. Go ahead and try this RV hack. You’ll be glad you did.

RV tips for moving day

Moving day is so much easier when you have everything fastened down. I no longer need to remove pictures from our RV walls, strip tabletops, or worry about knick-knacks falling off the RV shelves as we travel down the road. With this RV tip, you’ll be ready to pull in the slides before your better half has the water lines disconnected.

I use Velcro to hold our TV remotes. The “sticky side” resides on the wall nearest the television. Each remote has the Velcro’s “fuzzy side” attached to the back. Whenever the TV is turned off, the remotes are “stuck” back into place. The same goes for pictures on our RV’s walls. I use Velcro on the back of the photo frames and on the wall. We haven’t lost a picture yet. They stick tight!

Museum putty keeps knick-knacks, small lamps, and small framed photos securely on the end table and shelves. This is what I use. Museum putty also comes in handy for keeping the kitchen utensil holder and napkin keeper safely in place. I save so much time and effort with this RV tip. It makes moving days much, much easier!

RV hack: Install a high-pressure shower head

This is my husband’s favorite RV hack. He replaced our RV’s original shower head with this one. Even when the campground has low water pressure (don’t they all?), you’ll still enjoy a great shower.

RV tip: Take stock for next time

I laugh when I think back to our first RV trips. I packed so many, many things! And I used very few of the items I’d packed. Now, every time we near the end of an extended trip, I take stock. I look through the closet and cupboards to identify the things I really used and the items I could do without next time. This RV tip has honed my packing skills to almost “expert level.”

My husband also checks the tools and accessories packed along for the trip. He determines the necessities and those things that may well be left at home next time. This RV tip has helped reduce our rig’s overall weight, improved our ease in packing and unpacking, and increased available storage space, too.

Do you have favorite RV tips or hacks to share? Go ahead and tell us in the comments below.


Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh
Gail Marsh is an avid RVer and occasional work camper. Retired from 30+ years in the field of education as an author and educator, she now enjoys sharing tips and tricks that make RVing easier and more enjoyable.


  1. Put a conspicuously, brightly marked envelope with a health summary (chronic illnesses, surgeries, allergies and medications taken) and emergency contacts inside. Place it on your refrigerator door. Hopefully you’ll never need it but it will be there to assist in case a critical situation arises.

  2. Another fave tip: purchase clear plastic self adhesive wall corner protection strips and apply this protection to all your cupboard shelf edges, etc. this is practically invisible and keeps you shelving looking new.

  3. I paint (model paint or nail polish) the correct link to use with my weight distributing hitch, once I figure it out. Seems like the set up changes over the years whenever I change tow vehicles or trade trailers. This helps a lot when hooking up the hitch.

  4. My number 1 hack was to paint a coat of Dollar store red fingernail polish on the motion activated lights so their brilliant white didn’t keep waking my husband up when I get up at night. Still tons of light for safety.

  5. Been RVing 24 yrs, I tell all newbies that ask. ” Put everything you think you need on the floor in your house, then put 1/2 of it back where you found it.”

  6. Moving day – gather up all the pillows & cram them in the cupboards to keep dishes and foodstuffs from shifting in transit

  7. I keep a white board near my pillow with the name of the campground and site number on it. In case of emergency, there everything is.

  8. I’m good at remembering maint stuff. The list I make each we go out is the one we use to replenish supplies used up. Typically I have 4 or 5 items there each time. Things like napkins, coffee, paper towels, and some food items.

  9. Whiteboard Hack. I have a Dometic fridge with top freezer. I got a cheap whiteboard from box store and took out the thin metal white part. I cut it to fit, and it slides right into the freezer door after you pop off the top trim.

  10. I prefer and use the rechargeable lights, so much more efficient, as you notice the light getting dim simply remove it and plug it into its USB cable and 2-3 hrs later bright light again, also less weight than carrying spare batteries.

    • I agree. I’m tired of always buying and carrying batteries, and having to replace when the crud forms on the contacts. I still carry some batteries for alarms, etc. Even my flashlights are solar charged. My led strip lights have 3 settings, which include motion sensors, and attach with magnetic strips, easy to remove to charge. A must for boondocking!.

    • Our favorite is a Luci (Lucy?) light…USB rechargeable or solar-charged with a flexible handle thingy that lets you hang it, stand it up, or wrap around your head as a head lamp. 3 levels of brightness + flashers. About $15 on Amazon


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