Saturday, December 3, 2022


73-foot RV even has an elevator


Last week we posted two photos of very, very long RVs. We asked you if you’d ever seen anything longer. See the original two photos from the last issue.

But here are two more candidates, sent to us by our friend Andy Zipser, owner of the Walnut Hills Campground & RV Park in Staunton, Virginia.

Andy wrote: This is a 73′ combination that stayed with us in 2013, en route to Watkins Glen in upstate New York for MG races. The trailer has an elevator, so it can transport four of the little cars at one time. We have the photo posted in our office to show to campers who complain that our roads are too narrow and curvy – the driver not only whipped through the campground without any problems, but actually took a site on top of our hill that required navigating almost the entire property.

Andy also sent this photo, with a note that it had stayed at his park just recently.

Have you seen a really, really long RV? Submit it here.


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2 years ago

These are not rare units. I see them all the time at races, and once in while on the highways.
What caught my attention, is the campground operator indicating to complainers that the 73 footer negotiates the campground with ease. My take is well known. The guy or gal running that 73 footer is not a recreational driver. They’ll be a trained act ,believe me. I’ve seen people make a complete fool of themselves a mess of the campground and their unit with rigs half as long, simply because they have no training to guide them down the road. No training because it isn’t required (unless air brakes are involved which they will be with a rig this large) Short statement, Everyone towing over 16 feet, regardless what they’re towing needs a dedicated license to haul. That license would require training to safely backup and handle large rigs in every situation imaginable. That is not being done, and the fact the failures do not make the evening news often does not mean in anyway shape or form there is not problem. I stay clear if possible.

2 years ago

I sent you one that was 120 feet long, The Powerhouse Coach. Or that one doesn’t count?

RV Staff(@rvstaff)
2 years ago

Sorry, livingboondockingmexico. It was an unintentional oversight. 🙁 —Diane at

Mel Daley
2 years ago

Liked seeing the photo of the 73ft. RV. However, I have a total of 76ft. with my F350 pulling my 40ft. 5th wheel trailer which pulls my 14ft. Utility trailer with my Can Am SxS UTV! Prior to this I had a 45ft. Travel Supreme Motor Home and pulled a 36ft. Double Stacker Car Hauler Trailer! Only problem was and still is, is that some states don’t allow anymore than a total of 70-74ft total length on 2 lane highways if your pulling a 5th wheel and no more than 60-65ft. if your pulling a standard trailer behind a truck!

Donald N Wright
2 years ago

I can understand an elevator or a wheelchair lift. Many of the trailers or motorhomes are built on heavy frames, entrance stairs are four to five steps to enter the cabin. I wish they would install wider doors too…

Phyllis Hudson
2 years ago

Our friend has a similar rig for his race car. He has a dragster and works the circuit. He camps where we do for the summer in Upstate NY. They carry the race car and a car they use for running around.

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