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Sunday, February 21, 2021
Members edition

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Are you about to pay more to stay in RV parks?

By Russ and Tiña De Maris
Planning your RV trips for this year? You might add a little more money for RV park fees. We say this as we’ve been reading with interest (and trepidation) an article appearing in trade journal Woodall’s Campground Management. The readership of WCG is largely made up of RV park owners and managers. In a recent article in the journal, Moore: Are You Sure the Price is Right at Your Park?, writer Michael Moore recommends that RV park owners seriously consider jacking up their site fees this year. Continue reading.

Will new movie fuel interest in RV van life and “nomad” living?

A new movie starring Oscar-winning actor Frances McDormand, “Nomadland,” debuted Friday on Hulu and in some movie theaters. After losing everything in the Great Recession, McDormand’s character, Fern, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. Because of all the media attention, and because the movie is essentially about RVing, will it attract even more people to the RV lifestyle? Read more and see the film’s trailer.

It was bound to happen: With some RVs sporting up to 5 slide outs, it’s no surprise that one manufacturer is now offering an RV – a Class C motorhome in this case – that slides up. And, get this: It even has an elevator to travel between floors. We’ll tell you more next weekend.

Today’s RV review…

In today’s review, industry insider Tony Barthel looks at the Luxe LH48FB Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler. Tony writes, “One of the more unusual things about Luxe fifth wheels is that you get them factory-direct, which means if you choose to have paint that matches your truck or want certain interior colors or whatever it is, there is a lot of flexibility. You can get your own custom model in about four-five months – which isn’t a horribly long wait nowadays.” Check it out.

Yesterday’s review: ProLite E-Volt All-Electric Travel Trailer

Last week’s reviews:
Palomino Revolve EV-2 Travel Trailer2021 Leisure Travel Vans Unity FX Class CTiger Adventure Vehicles, The BengalEarth Traveler T300 – It’s made from chicken feathers. Really! • TrailManor Convertible Trailers

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That was the RV week that was

February 14–20, 2021

Some residents in Lakeland Hills, Washington, got off easy on February 6 when fire broke out in their garage. By the time firefighters could arrive, they had managed to put out the fire on their own. The cause? Something went badly when they tried “transferring propane between two small tanks.”

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

Carbon monoxide poisoning cases have kept emergency personnel in Clackamas County, Oregon, busy. Last Sunday, personnel found an unconscious RVer in his rig. Investigators say the LP-fired heating source had apparently malfunctioned. However, they note his LP[sic] detector did not, and its noisy alert summoned a neighbor, who called for help. Sadly, both the RVer and his dog died from the odorless, colorless gas exposure. The next day, two more people died in an RV with a malfunctioning LP heater. The area has been subject to power outages due to winter weather, and authorities say they’ve handled at least 18 calls related to carbon monoxide issues. Many involved sticks-and-bricks dwellers who’ve fallen victim to unsafe practices, like burning charcoal briquettes inside their homes. Again, be sure your RV is equipped with a functional “in date” LP detector as well as a carbon monoxide detector, or a combination CO and LP detector. (A CO detector can’t detect LP gas.) If they sound off, DON’T IGNORE THEM.

You’ve probably noticed the jump in prices of RV fuel. Diesel went up 7.5 cents per gallon across the country to an average $2.876 per gallon last week. Gasoline went up about 4 cents to $2.501. Diesel prices were especially painful in the Midwest and Northeastern areas. Analysts blame the pain on cold weather demands for diesel’s close kin, home heating fuel. But here’s the scary part: With Texas plunged into the deep-freeze and many of the Lone Star State’s refineries offline, one would expect to see it reflected in an upward fuel price jump. Most of last week’s statistics were gathered BEFORE the Texas cold crisis.

Airstream is going into the tree-growing business. Well, sort of. The luxury RV manufacturer says it will make a big donation to the National Forest Foundation to have it plant trees. The trees, 118,405, are said to be enough to offset all carbon emissions for all the motorhomes and trailers it sells this year. New rig buyers can now feel comfortable that at least in 2021, their emissions are covered. Airstream is also selling “carbon reduction kits” to customers. The least expensive kit costs $50 and includes a decal to post on the rig, and a donation will be made to the forest foundation to plant 50 trees. Max out your “kit” at $250 and you’ll get a flag to fly, and 250 trees will be planted.

Can “Winter Texans” – non-resident seasonal visitors – get COVID-19 vaccines while in Texas? It depends on who you ask. Texas Governor Greg Abbot has made it clear that non-residents aren’t welcome to the jab. “Texas vaccines are for Texas residents,” Abbot declared in a late-January news conference. “And it is true that you can be from Comal County and come to Bexar County to get a vaccine and that’s just the way the process works. But you must be a Texas resident to receive a vaccine in Texas.” On the other hand, reader and Wisconsin resident Kenneth Pier tells us his experience says otherwise. Week before last, Pier was listening to the local news at his Texas winter-over locale. The announcement was made that vouchers would be handed out for vaccinations. Wisconsinite Pier not only got the voucher, he got the shot. He hasn’t got the T-shirt to prove it – but he does have the vaccination card. Kenneth says he had no initial reaction to the shot and had “very minimal pain” the day after his jab.

Seattle PD

Reporting on police chasing people in RVs is on the upward climb, but this is a new one for us: Seattle, Washington, police arrested a 47-year-old man after chasing him in a motorhome – in reverse! On Monday afternoon police tried to pull over a Class C motorhome for blowing a red light. The driver initially stopped – but then took off, in reverse, down a steep sloped street. Along the way the rig came close to clobbering a patrol car, hit an SUV, crossed an intersection, and sideswiped a tanker truck. The next victim was a 79-year-old pedestrian who was hit and hospitalized with serious injuries. The RV continued backward, finally stopping when it crashed into a building. The driver jumped out, ran, and was promptly captured and booked. In addition to an existing felony warrant for vehicle theft, reckless endangerment and assault, Brent D. Comer will add suspicion of vehicular assault, hit and run, and illegal possession of narcotics.

If the disproportionately low number of Black RV owners is any indicator, then it’s likely there are far fewer RV parks owned by Black people. Nathan and Alicia Lawson are bucking the trend. The couple is developing Time Away RV Resort just a short walk away from the NASCAR Talladega Speedway in Lincoln, Alabama. Nathan, an Army veteran, and Alicia, a pharmaceutical industry rep, have been joined by their adult children in designing and building the new park. It will feature 100 pull-though sites in a high-end facility. The park will open in time for the 2021 NASCAR season.

An RV campground in Central Park? Before you begin imagining a campground host with a Brooklyn accent, we’ll clarify: Central Park in Crookston, Minnesota, is the potential site of a 40-site campground with full hookups. The $1.79 million project would be covered with a $1.35 million state grant, the balance being the city’s match for a construction of a new bath house/storm shelter. Interestingly, the area is prone to flooding, so the plans include a special “quick disconnect” system to remove power pedestals to prevent expensive flood-damage costs.

It’s a fast change in Mesa, Arizona. Last November, Mesa Sunset RV Resort held a “soft opening” of what family owners described as “a wonderful place to call home while living on wheels.” The family had earlier purchased a bankrupted, rundown park, and had breathed new life into it. On January 17, with much fanfare and the participation of the local mayor and chamber officials, a ribbon-cutting grand opening was held. “When you call or come into the office, you speak directly to the owner, not just some employee,” crowed Jessie Keith, the park’s sales manager. Apparently that’s not the case now. Private equity holding company The Carlyle Group has snatched up the 178-site Mesa Sunset RV Resort for $7.75 million. It’s the same firm that laid out a whopping $88 million for the cross-town Superstition Sunrise RV Resort last September.

Visitors to Montana’s Glacier National Park may face a few challenges this year. On the park’s east side, St. Mary’s, Rising Sun, and Cut Bank campgrounds will be shut down due to “staffing issues,” according to the park’s superintendent. Many Glacier and Two Medicine campgrounds will be operational, and the same will be true for most campsites on the park’s west side. Road construction may be a headache for visitors as Many Glacier Road repairs will continue. Even bigger construction delays can be expected along Highway 2 between Essex and Hungry Horse. Expect delays and pilot car escorts most of the summer.

Police patience was severely tested at a Somerville, Massachusetts, Dunkin’ Donuts. On February 11, the round-cake store manager called, complaining about a motorhome in the store parking lot. Police found a motorhome with a steer-tire wheel off the rig, blocking four parking spots. Responding officers had met the rig’s two occupants, Candall Smith and Damion Kirksey, earlier there when the shop owner had called for a tow truck to drag the rig away. The two simply refused the get out of the rig, and police talked the manager into allowing the two more time to fix the tire. When that didn’t happen, a tow truck was again called, with Smith and Kirksey adamantly refusing to leave the RV. The cops again tried to come to a solution, but in response, Smith fired up the rig and drove away – sans steer tire. She nearly clobbered a bicyclist and some cars. When the motorhome finally stopped, police were forced to break out windows to retrieve the recalcitrant pair. Even then, Smith clung to her dog’s leash to the point of choking the hapless canine. Smith was arrested and charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle, trespassing and resisting arrest, and on a warrant charge of receiving a stolen motor vehicle. She’s additionally up on animal cruelty charges.

Annabella Nowtash via

Eighty-three-year-old Robert Maxwell of Vancouver, B.C., hit on hard times a couple of years ago. He managed to move into a motorhome and was getting by – until last week. Maxwell was driving his motorhome in West Vancouver on February 9th and had stopped to make a left turn. It was then he heard frantic banging on his door – a passerby spotted flames shooting out of this rig. The octogenarian was able to get out of the rig – with only his wallet, cellphone and clothes on his back. Everything else went up in smoke. A GoFundMe campaign was set up to try and help the gentleman with a goal of $15,000. By the fourth day, it had hit $19,590. Maxwell’s relatives are amazed at people’s generosity and kindness.

Darlene Engelking Nearly News via

An enterprising couple who’re developing a new 30-site RV park in Ponca City, Oklahoma, have alternative income plans. Steve and Misti Hamm hope to have their new “Hammbone RV Park” open this May. The sites are all on concrete pads, and are pull-throughs. In addition to metered electric, the Hamms are also thinking over other financial matters as well. The park will be surrounded with chain-link fencing, and the couple is now offering local businesses the ground-floor opportunity to advertise on banners on the outside of their fence. After all, they say about 100,000 vehicles pass by the site every month.

Canada’s federal government just got a bill for $25,000 for failure to care for a man’s RV and other items. The RCMP had seized Daniel Joseph Innocente’s property, including a travel trailer, after they accused him of conspiracy to traffic drugs back in 1996. The property has been held by the government while the case against Innocente dragged its way through the justice system – and finally thrown out some four years later. Eventually Innocente’s property was returned, but the travel trailer, having been stored outdoors, suffered water damage. Innocente filed a civil suit, represented himself in court and asked for damage. He got $17,500 for the travel trailer damages, worth $18,000 when seized. The other $500? Innocente said he’d since sold the rig for $500.

blmurch on

Is it time to update your dictionary? Hall County, Georgia, officials have been hit by at least two parties exploring the potential of developing “glamping” sites there. “We do not have any sort of camping designation currently within our zoning regulations,” Hall Planning Director Sarah McQuade told The Gainesville Times. “The closest classification is for a mobile home/travel trailer park, which, while close, it still does not address the request for temporary occupancy of a non-permanent structure.” One of the potential developers told county officials they planned on having “luxurious outhouses.” Is this, perhaps, a two-seater equipped with cushions for your behind? Nope! They’d be equipped with traditional plumbing fixtures.

Speaking of outhouses… Did you hear the one about the gal in Alaska who got bit in the butt by a bear as she was sitting on the toilet in an outhouse? Yep. Shannon Stevens was staying at her brother, Erik’s, yurt with him and his girlfriend in the backcountry (accessible by snowmobile) about 20 miles from Haines, Alaska, last week. She went to use the outhouse, about 150 feet from the yurt. When she sat down she got bit and jumped up and screamed. Erik came running with a headlamp. They thought maybe she got bit by something small like a squirrel or a mink. But, nope. He shined the headlamp down in the hole, and there was a bear looking up at him! “I just shut the lid as fast as I could. I said, ‘There’s a bear down there, we got to get out of here now,’” he said. “And we ran back to the yurt as fast as we could.” They treated Shannon’s wound but “it wasn’t super bad.” It looked more like scratches than a bite. They figure the bear got inside the outhouse through an opening at the bottom of the back door. “I expect it’s probably not that bad of a little den in the winter,” Shannon said. Judging by the tracks, and by other sightings nearby, they suspect it was a black bear. Source:

Looking for a Northern California roost? The Bureau of Land Management needs campground hosts along the Trinity River, west of Redding. Campgrounds needing hosts include Douglas City, Steel Bridge, and Junction City. Hosts are needed for the usual meet-and-greet and light maintenance assignments. You’ll have a site for your RV which could include a variety of hookups: water, septic, phone and power connections, depending on the site. In addition to the free site, the BLM provides allowances for some expenses. Hosts are needed from May to November. Go here: then enter the site that interests you. Or call the Redding Field Office, 530-224-2110 or email

MorrowBay RV sites

Morro Bay, California’s Harbor Department needs money. They need to replace lifeguard towers. They’re buying a used patrol boat. It costs money to rescue paddle boarders when they tip over. What’s a cash-strapped city to do? They got permission from coastal authorities to create small, “temporary” RV parks in the harbor. A total of 19 RV sites were created at three locations, pulling in $32,000 in just three months – until COVID-19 restrictions put a crimp on the plan. Now residents are up in arms, calling the plan “paying to pollute,” and that it “degrades the spirit and environment of the Morro Bay community.” City councilors could understand the sensitivities of residents. But money is money, and they voted to extend the pilot program through the end of September.

It’s never a good idea to tailgate with an RV. Well, at least in the sense of “following too close.” It’s especially unwise to tailgate when your motorhome is loaded with 190 pounds of marijuana. Jerremy Manuel (39) and Whitney Short (29) found that out when police stopped them for a traffic violation and found the pot stashed away in “odor-locked” bags throughout the rig. It all unraveled for them in Lincoln, Nebraska, on February 12.

Ron Garcia had parked his fifth wheel in a Trinidad, Colorado, Walmart parking lot. On coming back from an errand on February 5, he noticed a small box under the rig. Curiosity and a screwdriver got the box open – with a boom. Garcia ended up with a razor blade, part of a bomb, embedded in his face. At first, he didn’t report the incident to police, but he worried, “What if a kid had picked up that box?” He reported the matter, police investigated, and seemingly nothing happened – until three days later when, across town, another man found a similar box in a parking lot at his apartment. He didn’t get off so easily, and is hospitalized in critical condition. Police and ATF officials have arrested Jonathan Armijo in connection with both explosions. Turns out Garcia knows Armijo. He owed the latter money and, earlier, Armijo had come looking for a payment which, at the time, Garcia couldn’t give him.

Helper Utah Fire

Wear your seat belts! Advice worth repeating, underscored by dramatic photos provided by the Helper, Utah, Fire Department. The “photo shoot” came from an accident scene in Price Canyon, Utah, taken on February 13, when a Class A motorhome left the roadway and came to grief among a bunch of trees. First responders say all onboard were wearing seat belts and sustained only minor injuries.


Stolen from a Camping World lot in Coburg, Oregon. It’s a 2020 Heartland Fuel 265 toy hauler. Owner says it was dropped off at the dealer last week, and they just got a call from CW, announcing that the rig wasn’t there. Oregon license plate R960242. Distinctive feature? It was equipped with a Trump bumper sticker. Contact Coburg, Oregon, police at 541-682-4150.

Found on Facebook, from Kylene Bjerke: “We had to drop our camper on the side of Highway 71 on Sunday on our way back from our vacation just east of Bastrop, Texas. We couldn’t safely go any farther with the ice storm. Today (Friday, Feb. 19) was the first day we felt the roads would be safe enough to go check on it and hopefully pick it up. But it was gone. The broken lock was thrown in the grass where we left the trailer. We’ve contacted county and city Sheriffs, TXDot, all the recommended tow companies working that area, etc. Anyone with a connection to the camping world in Texas, please share this post. The Texas tag number is 5ZB 615.”

See and read about other recently stolen RVs. Let’s help find them for their owners and put the crooks who stole them in the slammer.

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Pickup truck news

According to our recent survey, about 80 percent of readers own at least one pickup truck. Recognizing that, we’ll provide the latest news highlights about the vehicles here each week.

One of three 1967 GMC pickup trucks owned by Elvis Presley will he auctioned Feb. 27.
One of three 1967 GMC pickup trucks owned by Elvis Presley will be auctioned Feb. 27.

Elvis lives! One of the King’s rare GMC pickup trucks set for auction

Elvis Presley loved a lot of things, including an intense passion for cars and trucks. The King of Rock and Roll owned a De Tomaso Pantera and a three-wheel Messerschmitt. He also owned three 1967 GMC pickup trucks, purchased new and simultaneously. One of the trucks purchased from Guy Caldwell Motors in Senatobia, Miss., will be up for auction February 27 by GAA Classic Cars in Greensboro, N.C. Continue reading.

Falling Wisconsin pickup truck driver cited for 3 offenses

Richard Oliver, the pickup truck driver who lived after his vehicle plunged 70 feet over a railing on I-94 in Wisconsin, has been cited for three violations. Oliver’s crash, which was filmed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and became a viral video, was controversial. But it also showcased human kindness. Read more.

Metal SunflowersThings to smile about this week

A weekly roundup of news stories that will make you smile (and maybe shed a tear or two…). This week: Alex Trebek’s legacy lives on (in fashion!), money for local businesses, rescued Texas sea turtles, prepaid food tickets, an Amber Alert success, a rockstar 110-year-old, and, of course, several cute animal videos. Click here to smile.

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News briefs

Campground hosts are needed near Vonore, Tennessee. The Indian Boundary Campground in Cherokee National Forest has openings for hosts. Here’s a lift from the official announcement: “Hosts oversee and monitor conditions, clean fire rings and campsites, and post campground reservations. They rotate opening and closing the main campground gate daily with other hosts. They clean and service restrooms daily.” A host is needed from April through November 1. Contact Mary Jane Burnette at 423-397-8413 or email

COVID-19 restrictions which closed Washington’s Crow Butte Park have been rescinded. Reservations for the camping season of March 15 to October 15 are now being taken with a new online system at RVers will be hit with a $40 per night rate, while tenters get away on $20 per night.

Grand Junction, Colorado, is getting grander for RVers. A new RV resort, Canyon View RV Resort, “hopes” to open on May 1st. Each site of the 156-site park features full hookup, a fire pit, concrete patio, and a patch of lawn.

Planning on using any of the 570 miles of the New York State Thruway? Here’s a reminder (brought to our attention by a reader): The first of the year marked a change for Thruway users. Those who aren’t equipped with an E-ZPass® transponder will get a bill in the mail when using the toll route. But in addition to paying a $2 per bill administrative fee, they’ll also pay 30% more for the toll than those using the E-ZPass system. Got an E-ZPass transponder – don’t relax too much. Non-New Yorker E-ZPass holders still pay more than residents.

davidpinter on

The battle over a proposed Arizona “glamping site” has sent the developer into retreat. Locals and Native American tribes bristled with objections when California developer AutoCamp said it wanted to bring 85 Airstream trailers in to populate an 18-acre site at the foot of Bear Mountain in the majestic Sedona, Arizona, area. AutoCamp has formally notified Yavapai County officials it’s withdrawing its application for the development, but indicates it may come back again in the future.

Camping World has announced two new locations in the Northeast – in Hamburg, PA, and Albany, NY, both through the acquisition of Boat-N-RV Superstores. “We are committed to two things: locations in all 48 contiguous states and accelerating our goal of increasing market share,” said Marcus Lemonis, CEO and Chairman of Camping World Holdings.

The Pennsylvania Recreation Vehicle and Camping Association has published its 2021 magazine, EXPLORE Pennsylvania. The 52-page publication features a directory of its members’ campgrounds and RV parks. Order your FREE copy by contacting PRVCA by email at or view the digital version at

COVID-19 hasn’t stopped all the RV shows. February 12 through 14 saw the 45th Annual Arkansas RV Show run at Little Rock, Arkansas’ Statehouse Convention Center. There was no mention in promotional materials regarding masks or social distancing.

Campground and RV Park News

Developments in places where we stay across the USA

Janet Groene reports each week on developments at RV parks and campgrounds across the USA and Canada. There’s a lot of good information here that you can use to plan your travels. Read the current installment of “Campground and RV Park News” here.

RV recalls posted since our last newsletter
Bigfoot travel trailers recalled for gas leak possibility

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If so, stories you missed:
10 of the most irritating campground rules
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Their propane “froze”! Wait … Can propane freeze?
Power to the people! Portable power inverter for camping
Campground Crowding: Is camping becoming a “luxury” item?
RVelectricity: Ask the Expert webcast on SoftStartRV, and future webcasts
Improper trailer hitch extension – A disaster in the making
RV Tire Safety: Could the information on your tire sidewalls be worth free tires?
Building an RV Park: The RV pads are graded!
Edible or lethal? These 5 apps identify the plants around you
Inexpensive device stops dangerous RV propane leaks
She’s collected 90,000 postcards. These trailer postcards will make you smile
and much more

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Latest fuel prices

Here are the latest U.S. average prices per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel as of February 15, 2021:
Regular unleaded gasoline: $2.50 [Calif.: $3.35]
Change from week before: Up 4 cents; Change from year before: Up 7 cents.
Diesel: $2.88 [Calif.: $3.64]
Change from week before: Up 8 cents; Change from year before: Down 1 cent.

Upcoming RV shows

Most of the RV shows in the early part of 2021 have been canceled. We will restart our show directory feature here as shows begin again. In the meantime, see the frequently updated schedule here.

Free and bargain camping


North Dakota Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, Washburn, ND
Overnight parking is allowed and permission is not required. Park in the east part of lot with trucks. The lot is level, well-lit, and appears safe. Should be quiet unless trucks are also parked here. Restrooms, potable water, telephone, Free Wi-Fi. Click here for details.

Bass Pro Shops, Bristol, TN
FREE! Overnight RV parking is allowed! Permission from the customer service desk or manager is required. Park in one of seven marked long-vehicle spaces at north end of lot. RVer says these spaces aren’t level, but we don’t know how far off level they are. Well-lit, quiet, and appears safe. Restaurant and bowling alley in store. At least 15-20 restaurants in this large shopping complex, but may be too far for a comfortable walk. Click here for details.

Overnight RV Parking, with more than 14,000 locations listed, is the largest and best resource for locating free and inexpensive places to spend a night in an RV. For membership information and a demo of the site, click here. A modest membership fee required, but try the free demo. Watch a video about

Other resources:
• Two excellent guides to free campgrounds. The West edition and the Heartland edition.
Harvest Hosts: Members can stay free overnight at farms & wineries.

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All four cars made right turns.

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Betty Danet (@guest_116102)
2 years ago

Absolutely love the Things to Smile About and the Today in History. Thank you.

Thomas D (@guest_116059)
2 years ago

There’s a big difference between propane detector and CO 2 detector.
Best to have both and test them OFTEN

chris (@guest_116062)
2 years ago
Reply to  Thomas D

CO detector.

Roger Marble (@guest_116053)
2 years ago

RE Fauci Ouchi. While it is true that each state has its own guidelines on who and when people can get their jab, it also appears true that there is significant variation within some states on who can get what. I do wonder about the concept of not wanting as many people as possible to have received the vaccine whether they are in-state residents or not. I haven’t heard of any instances where the virus has recognized state borders when it comes to who can get infected. The pandemic is a worldwide problem and until there is a worldwide vaccination program no one is safe.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

Very true. Thank you, Roger. Stay healthy, and have a great day! 😀 —Diane at

Bruce McDonald (@guest_116194)
2 years ago
Reply to  Roger Marble

And it is the Federal Government that is paying for the vaccine.

chris (@guest_116036)
2 years ago

“in addition to an existing felony warrant for vehicle theft, reckless endangerment and assault, Brent D. Comer will add suspicion of vehicular assault, hit and run, and illegal possession of narcotics.” LOL. Yeah, don’t forget the possession of narcotics. That’s like saying someone is guilty of murder, and jaywalking.

Sink Jaxon (@guest_116005)
2 years ago

Re; Brain Teaser…first thing I thought about, “round about” or traffic circle!

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Sink Jaxon

Me too, Sink. But this says they had four-way stop signs, which they don’t have at a roundabout. So then I pretty quickly figured it out. Have a great day! 😀 —Diane at

Bobkat (@guest_116135)
2 years ago
Reply to  RV Staff

I have seen a roundabout with stop signs. Why? I have no idea but it did.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Bobkat

Huh! I haven’t seen them with stop signs. Here’s something from the Washington state DOT: “A modern roundabout is a circular intersection where drivers travel counterclockwise around a center island. There are no traffic signals or stop signs in a modern roundabout.” Also, “Traffic circles, or rotaries, are much larger than modern roundabouts. … Traffic circles often have stop signs or traffic signals within the circular intersection.” And then there are: “Neighborhood traffic calming circles [which] are much smaller than modern roundabouts and often replace stop signs at four-way intersections.”
And here’s something from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: “Because of the higher speeds in older traffic circles, many are equipped with traffic signals or stop signs to help reduce potential crashes.”
So I guess that’s why I haven’t seen stop signs, etc., at roundabouts, because ours in Washington state are newer.
I learned something new today! Thanks, Bobkat! Take care. 🙂 —Diane at

Retired Firefighter Tom (@guest_116426)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bobkat

Probably because a lot of people think “YIELD” means other traffic in the circle must yield to them, not the other way around. Had it happen to me more than once.

Diane Mc (@guest_115975)
2 years ago

Just FYI….it’s Morro Bay….no “w”. Beautiful place with the famous Morro Rock, a volcanic “plug” near the harbor.

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Diane Mc

Thank you, Diane! It’s been corrected! Have a great day. 😀 —The “other” Diane Mc – at

Ralph Pinney (@guest_115965)
2 years ago

I had a similar experience as Kenneth regarding getting the vaccine while in Texas. I provided the address to the RV park where we are staying over winter. I registered at multiple vaccine provider’s web sites, including multiple county sites. Never had to show proof of Texas residence nor was I asked.

Ran (@guest_115964)
2 years ago

Morrow Bay, California is misspelled! It is MORRO BAY. Just an FYI. We’re all human here.!

RV Staff
2 years ago
Reply to  Ran

Thanks, Ran. It’s been corrected. Take care. 😀 —Diane at

Donald N Wright (@guest_115962)
2 years ago

I have seen home built RV’s with slides that go up, and RV campground owners talk about a double decker bus outfitted as a RV. My thoughts are about side winds and tree branches.

Richard Hughes (@guest_115947)
2 years ago

Had to chuckle at the Sunday Funny. Here in Tucson it never got really cold, but the other morning it did get near freezing. People were still out walking. I saw one guy in a stocking cap, heavy gloves, quilted winter coat and shorts trudging along the walking path.