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March 13, 2021

Editor’s corner

With Chuck Woodbury

The big news this week is that an extensive study of RVers has revealed that there are now a whopping 11.2 million RV-owning households in America. That’s 62 percent more than 20 years ago. Those of us who have been RVing all that time definitely have noticed. I’ll take a wild guess and say there are no more campsites today than 2001. There are likely more RV parks, but hundreds, maybe a thousand or more public campgrounds have been closed.

The new survey reveals that the age of today’s RVers is roughly split between over 55 and younger than 55. The 18-34 year old group now makes up 22 percent of the market. And here’s a little something to chew on: An astonishing 9.6 million households intend to buy an RV within the next five years.

“I did the math and that comes out to 5,260 new RVing households a day!”

I don’t know about you, but I am not looking forward to competing with all those newbies for a campsite. If you think finding an available campsite today without a reservation is difficult, it’ll seem like child’s play when those roughly 20 million people head out in search of peace and quiet, and, of course, Wi-Fi access and jumping pillows for the kids.

RVs are flying off dealer lots as fast as they appear. A scene like this is far less common than even a year ago.

What really rubs me wrong about all this is that the short-sighted RV industry – the people who manufacture RVs and the association, RVIA, that promotes them – is not paying attention. What they care about is selling RVs, and who cares what the people who buy them do with them or whether they can find a place to stay? Hey, there’s always a Walmart parking lot. The RVIA must begin aggressively promoting the creation of more campgrounds and they must start now!

If you have been following me for a decade or more (many of you have), you know I have talked about this before, but more often lately. I do not know anymore what the word “camping” even means. An old definition of camping was getting away from the comforts of home to “rough it” – to be with nature, to escape the busy world. Now, with our modern RVs, the idea is to take as many comforts of home with you even when traveling with an itty, bitty teardrop trailer, many of which these days have an air conditioner, microwave, built-in stereo system and high-definition TV.

Even this tiny trailer has a TV, air conditioner and stereo system. Roughing it?

We will be writing extensively about this in the weeks and months ahead, trying to make sense of what it means to you and me and all the other RVers out there – full-timers, snowbirds, weekenders, work campers, entrepreneurs who choose to work remotely, traveling nurses, pipeline and wind machine workers, and, of course, families who simply want to “camp” in an old-fashioned way (who don’t need the internet to post their “see how much fun I’m having that you are not!” messages on Facebook).

We are beefing up our news staff (announcements coming soon), and adding a weekly podcast, where we will explore RVing in all its forms. We will continue to promote the creation of new “overnight”-only campgrounds to aid RVers who prefer to travel freely, without a strict itinerary – those like me who prefer to “go where they want, when they want,” which was possible even 10 years ago. The RV industry still promotes that slogan, but it’s a lie.

Frankly, I should be retired now that I am approaching the age of dirt, but I am fascinated by how we now live our lives – including in mobile ways (RVs). I need to stick around to explore what it means.


P.S. We will have another, more detailed story about the new study of RVers in tomorrow’s newsletter.

ALSO: I hope you will read this short essay that I stumbled upon. It’s a brief, sad story, but I hope you will read it anyway: It’s a reminder of something very important. Read it here.

Stories in tomorrow’s newsletter

• More about the new study of RVers
• The RV show doesn’t go on – and it’s not a COVID cancellation
• RV dealer provides rare insider information to RVers
• Gasoline shortages in Texas from February storms; New England may also be affected
• One city is one hearing away from banning construction of any future gas stations
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Clintoons • By Clint Norrell

COPYRIGHT 2021 by Clint Norrell

See some of Clint’s recent cartoons. They’re wonderful!

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Brain Teaser

As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with 7 wives. Each wife had 7 sacks. In each sack were 7 cats. Each cat had 7 kittens. Kits, cats, sacks and wives – How many were going to St. Ives?

(Answer in tomorrow’s Sunday News newsletter.)

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New technology gives 360º tours of campgrounds, pick the perfect site

CampgroundViews.com, a popular website where you can view photos of individual sites in many campgrounds across the country, has brought the process of finding a campsite into the 21st century. Using 360 videos with an augmented information layer, the company will allow campers to virtually tour a campground, see the roads, see the sites, get information on a site of interest and click to book that site. Continue reading.

The 1973 Ford Explorer pickup – A wacky RV concept!

By Tony Barthel
The 1970s were an interesting time for the RV world. RV sales were starting to really take off and even the auto industry took note, culminating in GM’s introducing the GMC Motorhome in 1973. The concept Ford Explorer, which was shown at the Chicago Auto Show in 1973, had a tent as part of the design. Therefore, it could be argued that it was a nod to the RV industry. Read more.

Make-ahead foil packet meals. Warning: You’ll drool

By Gail Marsh
Okay, so that title’s a bit of a mouthful. What’s a better mouthful is eating make-ahead foil packet meals. Yummy! What I like best about foil packet meals is that you can prepare them ahead of time. Once they’re prepared, store them in the fridge, and then cook them on the grill or in your RV oven. Options, people! And did I mention yummy? You’ll want to try these easy and delicious recipes, for sure!

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5 important RV spring checks. Is your RV ready for the road?

Mark J. Polk, RV Education 101
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This tip from Mark Polk ran in our weekday RV Daily Tips Newsletter this past week, but for those of you who don’t subscribe (why not?), here it is again:

The top 5 trailer towing mistakes owners make


Spring has sprung, along with campground pedestal dangers

Dear Readers,
I can tell that spring has nearly sprung because I’m getting a lot of chatter on my various groups and forums about campground pedestals that are shutting off RV Advanced/EMS surge protectors. Many of you know that they’re only doing their job and protecting your RV from incorrect pedestal wiring and voltage. But they’re also there to protect you and your family from open grounds that can lead to dangerous hot-skin voltage. Here’s a quick review of what can go wrong with pedestal power, and why I believe that an Advanced/EMS Surge Protector should be used by everyone, every time. Continue reading.

RVelectricity: Ask the Expert with Will Russell from SmartPlug

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This week’s J.A.M. (Just Ask Mike) Session

Geeks having fun with arcs and sparks…

A reader asked Mike Sokol: “This is a generic question – the difference between an arc and a spark. Seems like multiple conflicting definitions.”

Dear Generic,
Just in case you don’t think that electrical geeks have fun – here are a bunch of answers to that question that were posted on my RVelectricity Facebook Group. …

Continue reading Mike’s truly fun and heavily illustrated answer here.

RV Tire Safety

Adjusting tire pressure in heated garage in cold weather

By Roger Marble
I found a chart that covers how to adjust tire pressure when you are inflating tires inside a heated garage (heated to 65° F) when the truck or RV will be moved to a very cold location. I am hoping that when you study the adjustment you will better understand what, if any, adjustment is to be made with your vehicle’s tires under these conditions. Continue reading.

The RV Kitchen

Meal-in-a-skillet Meat Patty Pie

Skillet patty pan pie. It’s easy to shape the giant patty for this meal-in-a-skillet Meat Patty Pie in the skillet with the help of plastic wrap. The patties are the “crusts” for this tasty pie. Use any vegetables in the filling. As it cooks, the rich, beefy flavor floats through the filling. It’s a whole meal from one skillet. Get the recipe.

Readers’ Pet of the Day

“Jalama and her three siblings were dropped off in a cardboard box at the Santa Barbara Humane Society at four days old. Our friend and her foster mom named the four puppies after local beaches. Since we camp regularly at our local campground, Jalama Beach, we believe we were destined to be together, especially when we’re camping!” —Diane Lawrence

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French scientists have an out-of-this-world plan. At the European Space Agency’s planned Moon Village, they say astronauts can enjoy fresh seafood – farmed fish using live eggs shipped from Earth and water from the lunar surface. Scientists have determined that the fish could survive the trip, offering hope that astronauts can enjoy more appetizing meals than pre-packaged food from Earth.

Joke of the Week

What do you call a number that can’t sit still? A roamin’ numeral!

Leave with a song from the past

Here’s an oldie but goodie from 1964 – the Seekers performing their #1 hit “I’ll Never Find Another You.”

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John Skinner (@guest_118675)
2 years ago

Your article “Five things to know about towing” was o.k., but I zoomed in on the tire part. I’ve had many RV’s and the trailers were almost always equipped with the cheapest, weakest tire possible. On the last RV trailer I had the factory equipped tires were rated for a whopping 20 lbs. per tire over the gross vehicle weight. That means if I overloaded it 80 lbs. (four tires) the tires were overloaded. Best bet is to buy good 6 or 8 ply tires and give yourself plenty of extra load carrying capacity. Ever see what a tire losing its tread does to an RV? Enough said.

rvgrandma (@guest_118644)
2 years ago

Interesting about the increase in RV sales. I live in Richland, WA. We currently have people here who had to drive from Portland/Vancouver area because dealers say they won’t have RVs to sell them until summer. They come over here to buy them.

Suru (@guest_118481)
2 years ago

Unfortunately, I don’t think we can count on the RVIA to promote an increase in campgrounds. I think it will be up to the 11.2 million people who own RVs to fix the problem. The previous administration passed the Great American Outdoors Act last year that earmarked 1.9 billion dollars for critical maintenance and infrastructure repairs at existing national forests, parks, wilderness areas, etc. Can we lobby the existing administration to pass a bill that will create new camping areas at these facilities? I personally would have no problem paying fees for these new areas. I don’t know anything about lobbying, but I would certainly support any organization that would like to take this on.

chris (@guest_118465)
2 years ago

I’m a mostly dry camper. I’ve noticed very little change in demand for no-hookup camping. 99% of new RVers are reservation/hookup folks, so that’s just fine with me.

Last edited 2 years ago by chris
Tom R (@guest_118459)
2 years ago

My grand children certainly know the answer to the brain teaser. I read it to them many times from a children’s book of poems.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_118441)
2 years ago

I still think the increase in RV sales, which I suppose adds fuel to the fire of ‘diminishing camping sites available’, will find these new RV’ers wondering if they did the right thing (as their RV’s sit in storage lots, or even next to the house). If all they know is making reservations to use their new toy, and they find they can’t make reservations because someone has booked them all, way in advance, their enthusiasm will wane. This means trying to sell out of frustration, or the RV’s just stay put wherever they park them. While it may be tough to make reservations currently, I think the problem will somewhat decrease as people lose interest due to un-usability. IMHO that is.  🤔 

John Crawford (@guest_118992)
2 years ago
Reply to  Tommy Molnar

I agree and I believe that the business to be in right now is rv storage facility.

Tommy Molnar (@guest_119012)
2 years ago
Reply to  John Crawford

You are absolutely right, John. The ones around here are bulging at the seams! A local utility trailer dealer has gotten rid of his trailer sales business and now offers RV and boat storage in his big lot. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for his lot to be “bulging at the seams” with his new business.

Dana D (@guest_118434)
2 years ago

It upsets me when I see dog owners allowing their dogs to ride with their heads out a window (Pet of the Day). Would a human ride with their head out the window! NO! Think about the bugs you see splattered on your windshield, especially in the summer time. Have you ever had a rock or other road debris hit you windshield, and maybe crack it. How would you feel if a bug or road debris hit your dog’s eye and took out his eye! You should be arrested for animal cruelty! STOP ALLOWING DOGS TO RIDE WITH THEIR HEADS OUT A WINDOW!

Richard (@guest_118503)
2 years ago
Reply to  Dana D

I’m not sure that dog owners force their dogs to put their head out of the window. Some dogs have more sense than their owners, if they didn’t enjoy it they wouldn’t do it. We are all free to have an opinion but you could try and get a driver arrested if you feel that strongly. What was the response you received that last time you asked a dog owner to stop allowing their dog to do it or have you never been that bothered until now ?

Duane Russell (@guest_118422)
2 years ago


In your Editor’s Corner, you comment about how we are not “roughing it” anymore, or how some people claim to be roughing it while in a full-featured RV. I don’t think most of us claim to be roughing it anymore. I used to camp under tarps, then in pup-tents, then larger tents. I quit roughing it when I got our first pop-up, even though the pop-up had no bathroom, heater, or water heater. We pumped the faucet to get cold water. We go glamping to get away from the city, and to see nature, not to claim we are roughing it.

Also, when you give the number of new RVs being sold, and state the people who say they will be getting into RVing in the next 5 years, it would be good to have an idea of how many folks will be getting out of RVing in that timeframe, also. Many folks get too old to continue to RV, so that number needs to be part of the equation.

I do agree that more campgrounds are needed.

Thanks for the newsletter!

Wayne c (@guest_118440)
2 years ago
Reply to  Duane Russell

Also, included could be the number of RVs going to the scrap yard.

Bill T (@guest_118505)
2 years ago
Reply to  Duane Russell

Agreed. Reliable stats showing an entire RV picture would provide a much better overview for the RV consumer. Thanks to firefly below, for adding to my question about using “households” as a statistic for percentage increase. Limited data parameters can easily skew any narrative.

David Onder (@guest_118649)
2 years ago
Reply to  Duane Russell

I have never claimed to rough it. We go camping in our trailer so that we have our own space and comfortable bed. We did tent camping for years but I am done with that. I still like to go camping at KOA type campgrounds as well as beach parks (small and large). The camper gives us a nice beach house on wheels.

Jim (@guest_118421)
2 years ago

RV Manufacturers have no more interest in RV park availability than automobile manufacturers have in roadway infrastructure. It’s all about making a profit, and like it or not, that’s the American way.

wanderer (@guest_118427)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

The American Way right now is to listen only to business interests, so it actually would be helpful to them as well as us, if that industry would pressure government to provide a level of parks and recreation that actually matched the booming demand of people for affordable camping of all kinds.

Most government agencies act like it’s just fine that our public parks are locked in to 1960s levels, and zoning and codes put so many burdens on new private campgrounds that they will only step up if they can charge ‘luxury’ prices. It’s almost as if we should invest in our own public spaces.

John Crawford (@guest_118994)
2 years ago
Reply to  Jim

Henry Ford was responsible for getting congress to start building a national Hwy system.

Bob P (@guest_118396)
2 years ago

I guess I’d all ready converted to Country music by the time this song came out. When the Beatles came to America I said that was the end of rock n roll as I knew it and as I had just married a girl from TN I converted to Country and never looked back.

Brad G. Hancock NH (@guest_118395)
2 years ago

If any of you have an interest in VINTAGE RV’s, I’d like to recommend 2 books:

  2. TRAILERAMA by Phil Noyes.

I recently purchased both on Amazon and they are both high quality, printed on glossy paper with 100’s of colored photographs. The Field Guide is a paper back. Trailerama is a hard cover.

Donald N Wright (@guest_118381)
2 years ago

“The Seekers” song, thank you Chuck.

Joe & Helen (@guest_118486)
2 years ago

Great song brought back lots of Memories

Bob P (@guest_118379)
2 years ago


Kaeleen Buckingham (@guest_118411)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob P


Richard (@guest_118504)
2 years ago


Timothy Nowak (@guest_118376)
2 years ago

I welcome all the new real RV enthusiasts and am sure that a large number of families buying new RV’s will only use them 2 or 3 times a year and most likely give up after a year or two.

Ken W (@guest_118383)
2 years ago
Reply to  Timothy Nowak

Timothy. Another America Rescue Plan will help in three years, to help with those RV loan payments that the young Americans have signed for 20 years of payments. Or, perhaps, a “cash for clunkers” to get the pre-2000 RV models off the road? America’s building. America’s buying.

Bill T (@guest_118375)
2 years ago

Hi Chuck. Great newsletter as always. Question reference your article above. “The big news this week is that an extensive study of RVers has revealed that there are now a whopping 11.2 million RV-owning households in America. That’s 62 percent more than 20 years ago”. That’s works out to be about a 3% a year increase. Is that an unusual increase given the actual increased number of households in America? I’m trying to get a better picture of the RV household vs the RV population ratio. Likewise, will RV campgrounds really spend the money on increasing the number of parks and sites to accommodate “the COVID bubble of RV buyers” or just wait it out for the progression of RV owners/travelers to return to normal?

Firefly (@guest_118387)
2 years ago
Reply to  Bill T

Excellent question. Census Bureau estimates 128.5 million households in 2020 and 104.7 million in 2000. So total US households have increased by 23% in those 20 years.

Tom (@guest_118369)
2 years ago

Good looking dog. I hope the other three found just as great owners.

Thomas Champagne (@guest_118366)
2 years ago

Like me, They’d be in their 70 by now. Of course I love the music !