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Maintenance & Repair

RV’s absorption refrigerator is not cooling. How about a residential fridge?

Dear Dave,  My freezer freezes pretty well all year long. However, my absorption refrigerator has trouble staying below 38 degrees in the hot summer in...

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Just for Fun

The world’s oldest surfer is…

Seiichi Sano is truly inspiring. At age 89 he...

Gear & Gadgets

Most used accessory: Camco’s flat folding step stool for RVs

This little gadget is one of my most used RV accessories. The Camco folding step stool folds flat to be neatly tucked away into...

RV Reviews

Editorials & Opinion

Is Massachusetts ripping off out-of-state visitors?

By Chuck Woodbury I just returned from three weeks on the East Coast, most of the time in Massachusetts. Gail and I left our motorhome...

Reader Polls

How likely would you be to stay more than one night at a location with no internet access of any kind?

How important is having access to the internet where you camp? Is it a “must have” or an “I don’t care” proposition? Some RVers are...

Are you mostly left-handed or right-handed?

We know some people have the ability to do things left-handed even if they’re right-handed, and vice versa, but most people can't do this....

When sleeping with a partner, do you prefer sleeping on the right or left side of the bed?

For those of you that are married or in relationships, or, perhaps have a special someone you occasionally spend the night with (hey, could...

What time do you usually eat dinner?

Have you ever met up with friends for dinner and their dinner time is way, way different from yours? If you usually eat dinner...

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RV Videos

Mountain lion safety tips: How to handle a mountain lion encounter

By Cheri Sicard As more and more civilization encroaches on wilderness, wildlife encounters are becoming more frequent. In the video below, Dixie from Homemade Wanderlust,...


Does your slang change as you RV around the U.S.?

I remember when we had a foreign exchange student come and spend about six months with our family. It was several months into his...

Full-Time RVing

Full-Time RVer Newsletter #57, June 7, 2023

Volume 2. Issue 57 Welcome to the Full-Time RVer Newsletter, published every other Wednesday by Here you’ll find helpful RV-related and full-time RV living...

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