Monday, July 4, 2022


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RV Review: Adventure Truck celebrates independence

On this day that we celebrate our independence as a country, I thought we might look at an RV that offered a similar feel...

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Honda debuts new Super Quiet EU Series portable generator

This is a lightly edited press release Leading into the height of the 2022 summer vacation, recreational vehicle (RV) and outdoor recreation season, Honda Power...

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With boondocking freedom comes responsibility

By Bob Difley If you don't boondock, you might think that when you are truly boondocking—camping out away from any hookups or other amenities, not...

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Low-income people turning to RVs, while RV parks change with the times

By Andy Zipser Two unrelated developments this past week affecting two RV parks, one in New Jersey and one in North Carolina, illustrate two trends...

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Are you doing something special today for the 4th of July?

What are your plans for tonight? Will you sit at home just like any other night, or are you headed out to a big...

How many times have you ‘boondocked’ on public lands for a week or more outside a designated campground?

How many times have you “boondocked” on public lands for more than a week outside a designated campground? That's today's question. So, to be clear,...

Have you ever had to pay extra for a pet at an RV park?

Hotels do it — charge extra if you stay with a pet. Our publisher recently paid $30 a night at one hotel for his...

Have you canceled any camping reservations due to high fuel prices?

You may be tired of hearing about gas prices (and we know you're tired of seeing high gas prices at the pump), but it's important...

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Full-Time RVer Newsletter #32, June 22, 2022

Volume 2. Issue 32 Welcome to the Full-Time RVer Newsletter, published every other Wednesday (sorry we're late this week) by Here you’ll find helpful...

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