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RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: Things to consider when purchasing an air compressor

By Roger Marble Here are some things to consider before purchasing an air compressor for your RV. Look for maximum pressure capability When making a purchase decision...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: How “strong” of a tire do I need, and what’s Load...

By Roger Marble I found a discussion on Load Range in a Forum where the question "How strong of a tire do I need?" was...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: How to avoid potential valve stem problems

By Roger Marble Sometimes my wife accuses me of being too negative because I seem to always come up with something negative about almost any...

Newmar recalls some motorhomes for tire stem danger

Newmar Corporation (Newmar) is recalling more than 350 model year 2021 Canyon Star and 2018-2019 Ventana motorhomes built on chassis supplied by Daimler Trucks...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: What tire inflation should I run? It depends…

By Roger Marble The question as asked is simple but, of course, I have to make the answer complex. Not really. However, there are two different...

Thor recalls some 2018-21 motorhomes for tire failure risk

Thor Motor Coach (TMC) is recalling more than 1,600 model year 2018-2021 Aria, Palazzo, Tuscany, and Venetian motorhomes built on a Daimler Trucks (DTNA)...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: What does RV “weight creep” have to do with tire safety?

By Roger Marble I have covered the importance of knowing your actual RV weight, as that has a direct impact on your tire loading, which...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: Rules of thumb regarding tire inflation

By Roger Marble Don't get your shorts in a bunch about tire inflation – BUT you still should consult the inflation tables. I talked about this...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: What is the “10% safety margin” for tire inflation referring to?

By Roger Marble Roger: "When you refer to a 10% safety factor, is the tire any safer at 10% over its rated load psi? If...
RV Tire Safety

RV Tire Safety: Tires are more than just round black things

By Roger Marble A question came up about the maximum speed recommendation as published by Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone for tires in RV use. To...

Recall: Tread on common pickup truck tires may separate

Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group Rubber (Shaanxi) is recalling all Duraturn Travia A/T tires, sizes LT225/75R16, LT235/75R15, LT235/80R17, LT235/85R16, LT245/75R16, LT245/75R17, LT265/70R17, LT265/75R16, LT285/70R17, LT285/75R16...

This video could save you from danger during a tire blowout

Chad and Tara of Changing Lanes take wonderful care of their tires. They protect them with UV spray, they check to make sure they're...

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