Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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Teresa Weaver

I did not find introduction area but hubby and I are new to the RV lifestyle.  We have been retired for a couple of years and have had our RV for almost a year.  We have gone for a week or two per month since Spring.  We have been home 3 weeks and I pulled the RV home and started cleaning and organizing and got the fever to take off again!  LOL.  Our dogs went missing and we found them on the steps of the RV waiting to GO!!!  It is sweet that they love it as much or more than we do.   (Especially since they do not have to do any of the work!)  So far 10 hours away from home base is as far as week have made it.  Have our sights set on making it to Washington State, doing a Lighthouse tour of the US and even going to Alaska!  Glad to meet you all!