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Best, Cheapest GPS system

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    Georgie Bahler

    I have a Minnie Winnie, and am new to RVing. I travel by myself most of the time, so it is imperative that I have a GPS system that is reliable. I have been using a WAZE application on my phone, but my carrier, T-Mobile doesn’t have good coverage everywhere. Any suggestions out there?

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    Steven St Germain

    Copilot for RV’s works real good. I use it all the time. Can set RV height etc.

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    We use Co-Pilot on an Android tablet.  For $9.99 via the Google Play Store, it’s a very inexpensive GPS tool.  The best part is the fact that the maps are stored in the device thereby negating the need for an Internet connection.  There are some quirks that we don’t particularly like; however, for the price it’s is hard to beat.  We have used it for several years and have yet to find ourselves unexpectedly off the beat track.  There is a version for Apple devices as well.

    Good Luck with your research.

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    Ken Summer

    We have a Garmin 760LMT and are very happy with it. That being said, we did have a trip where it tried to put us on a road which was not fit for a motorhome. Thankfully a local came by. He said his pick-up truck wouldn’t even fit on the road the GPS was sending us and gave us directions to get back to a major road. Yes, I did contact Garmin and notified them of the problem. Lessons learned!! Don’t trust your GPS as your only source to get you there!! We use the GPS as a guide, then check the maps (old school) and follow the directions given on the campgrounds website.

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    Tom Gutzke

    Found vehicle GPS does not consider height or weight of RV. I use Rand McNally RV GPS. Takes me on roads where I can safely travel. Truck GPS takes me to places I can’t go. Suggest you get a GPS designed for RV use. Others are out there besides Rand McNally.

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    Steven St Germain

    I have the Rand McNally built in on our Winnebago. It works great. Also have used the Copilot App for Ipad and Iphone. That works Great too. I don’t care for the Garmin Products.

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    Jim Gregory

    Garmin 2797; large screen, 4 Free annual mapping updates.  What the previous poster said about the need to be aware of the route is true, but applies to all mapping systems.

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    Glenn Shindler

    Rcmd do not buy any GPS without taking the opportunity to program a trip and see if it meets your needs.  I recently bought a Magellan with a nice large screen but it didn’t provide a summary of the programmed route – only gave the immediate next command.  I was able to return it but had to reimburse the “free shipping” plus a 20% restocking fee.  Best Buy usually has some demo models set up that you can try.


    I have two TomTom XL’s – one permanently mounted in the RV and the other rides along loose as a backup and for use in the car.  They only have 4” screens but are most satisfactory for my programming needs and cost less than $100 each.  You need the ability to look at a route and tell it, “No, I will not be driving through Kansas City during rush hour.  Take me through ______ instead.”

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    Joel Lefkowitz

    In my experience any brand of GPS device you find will probably work fine. I have a stand alone Garmin Nuvi 1390 that has been updated regularly, a TomTom based GPS built into my SUV and a Rand Mcnally RV GPS built in to my RV. All of them have gotten me into trouble at one time or the other. None are perfect. I am partial to the Garmin, probably because I have had it the longest, but could live with any of them. I would go for one that will give you up to the minute traffic conditions with re-routing if necessary and lifetime map updating.  My Garmin does that but not sure of the other two. Supplement the GPS device with your phone and WAZE and you will be fine.

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