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Change and flush brake fluid F53- 2016

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    The op manual specs a brake fluid change for our 2016 26000 lb F53 chassis every 2 years. So just undertook the job myself. Not a really difficult job. I learned 2 things though. The distance from the master cylinder reservoir back to the right rear and left rear bleeder valves on the rig is so far that the powered vacuum pump would not do the job- so had to manually pump the pedal.

    The second thing that surprised me was the quantity and high cost of the required 5.1 fluid. I actually found the lowest cost 5.1 fluid (Motorcraft)from the local Ford dealer at around $17 a pint for fluid that met Ford specs for brake fluid. I have used 7 pints so far in the flush project. (That’s a big reservoir!)

    Does anyone know of another lower cost source for a 5.1 brake fluid that meets Ford specs?

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