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Dometic Removable Freezer Fridge

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    George Osborne

    Has anyone had experience finding parts for a Dometic refrigerator with a removable freezer compartment?  If so, where can they be found.

    The only ones have found (shelf, door, hinge, and spring) cast almost as much as a new refrigerator.

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    Hi George. Have you looked up your frig on the Dometic web page? I now with my NorCold I was able to go into the parts diagrams and find what I needed.

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    George Osborne

    Yes, I checked Dometic’s web page.  I also called them and got prices for the parts.  Yes, parts, plural.  The total for the 4 plastic(one metal spring) was over $500.00.  Yep, almost as much as a new fridge.  It is true, RV, as in RV parts, means Real Valuable $$$$$$.

    I am still looking for a more economically sensible solution.

    Thanks for the suggestion.  Any others would be appreciated.

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    Charlotte Lloyd

    Not sure where you live, but if you are near Quartzsite, AZ, there is a guy that sells a whole variety of used RV parts. That is where in 2010 we were able to find handles for our bays that matched our paint. I think the name is ”Gamblers’. Might give him a call.

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    A Pseudonym

    Good day.

    National RV Refrigeration,, is amazing!  I needed some shelving for my Dometic fridge, and they had some at an unbelievable price for minimally used pieces.  Shipped them right away, and I had them in less than a week.

    To say I’m impressed with Leon Herschberger would be an understatement…



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