Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Long term RVers

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    Douglas Craw

    My wife & I have been RVing for 32 years now and have owned 7 motorhomes during that time.  We actually began RVing by renting motorhomes back in the 70s but didn’t buy our 1st MH until 10 years later.

    We full timed for 11 years (1995-2006) before settling down in an RV community in southern AL. We sold our home there earlier this year and are now again residents of the state of Michigan where we retired from and raised our 2 children.

    Now we’re mostly short term travelers attending Escapee RV Club Chapter rallies and National Escapades.

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    Steve Boggs

    Began RVing in 2007 as a way to “get out of Dodge” on weekends.  Joined a membership park about 3 miles from where we lived.  Membership included two weeks in, one week out, repeat (for no additional charge).  Summers found us using the park all summer long (May thru Sept).  We thought… Why not do the same thing longer?


    We started full timing on a 5 year plan in 2012, then get a S&B and settle down.  We are in year 7 of of the 5 year plan and have plans on full timing for another 2-3 years — assuming the bodies hold out.

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