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Long Time RVer

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    Good morning. I’m Dennis Charpentier. My wife Pat and I camp in a 2012 Fleetwood Bounder (33′) housed in Warwick, Rhode Island. I am a former aircraft mechanic and school principal My wife is a former special educator.
    We have progressed through the camping spectrum from tents, to a pop-up, a couple of class C’s, and two class A’s. I have always accomplished most of my own RV repairs except those too difficult or impossible to do in my driveway.
    We have had two incidents on the road that we could not handle ourselves: a blown tire and a blown engine. The flat tire was handled by RV Roadhelp. I would not travel without this type of coverage. The blown engine was a bit more difficult. RV Roadhelp towed us off the highway but of course dealers did not want to tackle this type of problem. I was referred by the tow truck driver to a mechanic shop in Wilson, North Carolina. This man, Dale, and his friends replaced that engine in our Chevy class C in a day and a half for an unbelievably reasonable price. We then continued on our way to a great Myrtle Beach vacation.
    We have always traveled far and wide; one reason being that my wife’s family is spread out across the nation. This necessitates long-distance travel of significant duration. Since retiring seven years ago, our trip duration has become even longer.
    As with military aircraft, I have found that problems with RV’s are to be expected. An airplane seldom flies a sortie with any squawks. The pounding received by these units on our highways is significant and also causes breakage and wear. If you have traveled in a motor home you know what I mean. My toolbox is my constant companion. I believe in fixing a problem rather than letting it linger and become more severe. The regular tightening of screws, rivets, staples is a habit of mind with me. I also try to upgrade elements of my RV as those parts become available…ie. LED light bulbs, solar power, replacing staples with screws.
    I keep track of the repairs accomplished to my RV either by me or others and believe in regular routine maintenance.

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