Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mynarepairs intro


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    Kevin Byrd

    Hello forum members.

    My screen name is from my home repair and remodeling business.

    My experience with RVs isn’t long or distinguished. However if you are familiar with trying to drink from a fire hose….welcome to my world.

    I have owned 4 RVs

    A hail damaged 60’s Airstream, known as the Dimpled Hyatt.

    My long term “Project”  A 2001 Thor Tahoe Transport 33TB

    A 98 Shasta Class C

    finally 2005 Salem bunk house with 2 slides.

    Each came with their own list of problems. Some easily fixed, some , The Dimpled Hyatt , just too much for my experience and or motivation level at the time.

    I’m currently in the RV Repair business. Mostly Roofs, and water damage repairs. We also work on older RVs. Canned ham, Airstream, Avion etc. We use a RVIA certified tech for more complex repairs.

    As for actual camping, most trips were less than 5 days. The distance traveled only a few hundred miles. We recently returned from a Trial by fire, 4000 + mile trip.

    More on that in another post.


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