Sunday, December 9, 2018

Ready to travel, almost!

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    Louise Fierro

    Hubby and I have been “living”  winters in our RV for almost 3 years, keeping our “home” in a colder climate for summers. Sadly, I became a widow this summer and now I have to change all our plans and remake my life. Now, I can travel and do what we both wanted to do for so  many years but were unable because of his deteriorating health. The house is sold, stuff in storage and I need to get a small class c ( I think!) and go somewhere! It’s interesting to see how the family has reacted, from horror at my being so bold alone to cheering me on. Things just seem to be moving so slowly in this transition, which is not at all a bad thing. Day by day seems to be the best thing. Hoping to get out there and do the “RV” thing by next spring!

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    Douglas Craw

    Sorry for your loss.  There are a few groups in the RV community that cater to singles.  The Escapees RV club has a group called “Solos” and there is another group called “LOWS” – – Loners on Wheels.  Look them up and they will be happy to assist you in following your dream.  BTW: a small Class C makes sense for you, unless you already own a truck that can pull a travel trailer.

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